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This afternoon I am thrilled to have a chat with WWWs newest sponsor, Artemis Stationery. Artemis Stationery have a flair for art deco stationery designs and also create bespoke designs for their clients.

With an emphasis on quality paper and functional design, there are options to suit every style and budget…



Hi Nathan, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


Me, I run too much, love not only art and design, but photography and science too. Very curious about pretty much everything which makes for a really diverse range of inspiration for the stationery I design. I also like writing and have a stationery blog to compliment my business.



What do you love/dislike about your job?

What do I love about my job? There’s a lot to love. I get to work with great clients; each client’s stationery is a unique project collaborating with a lovely couple which makes my work really interesting and inspiring. Bespoke wedding stationery can make people so happy it’s really a privilege to be a part of a Bride and Groom’s wedding. What do I dislike? All the cold calls I receive from relentless advertising sales people. Some days it’s never ending.



How did you get into Design and into the wedding industry?


I designed and produced the stationery for my brother’s wedding. I was already working a spell as a freelance designer doing various odd bits of work and was looking for a new direction after a large contract. I’ve always had a love of art, design and photography so it made sense.



What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Simply the best I can achieve, something unique and special for each client that they will love. That perfectly sets the tone for my clients’ wedding when their guests receive their invitations or save the dates. While the wedding day stationery should look great it should also be functional, such as Table plans and seating charts helping guests find their tables.


Beach Inside Extra Long Bifold Invite 900

What style is your work?


I think I’m quite eclectic in my bespoke stationery collections. Currently I am exploring illustrated stationery designs. I love working with vectors which can be very clean and crisp and I have a tendency to lean towards Art Deco as really love those types of fonts. I like that all my bespoke collections are designed from scratch making them unique to Artemis Stationery.



Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


Most of the stationery we sell is from our bespoke stationery collections. This is where our clients find a collection they like the look of and then we tailor it or personalise it for. This normally means changing the colours and fonts which can really affect the style of the invitation. We can also change wording and layouts. All our designs are our own so we have complete control over our designs. In the past this has meant we swapped the butterflies in our Naples collection for Lovebirds and have added butterflies to a floral design.

Our bespoke wedding invitations start from around £1.80 but do go up to around £10 an invite for something with a lot of bells and whistles. Although by bells and whistles I really mean Swarovski pearls or crystals, supplementary information cards and boxes for protection through the post.

Our postcard size items are popular as Save the Dates and evening invite cards but also get used as day invites. As much effort is put into these as our more expensive invitations. Our most popular invitations are our cheque book style invitations. I like to think of them as neat and perfectly formed. To make a big visual impression our clients often go for our Trifold and Bifold cards. We do Pocketfold invitations but most people find the former invitations look better and cost less, normally a winning combination!

I would look at our price list as examples of the items we can make and their cost rather than a complete list. It would be a little overwhelming if we listed everything.


Geometry Bifold Cover 900

Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their stationery?


Oooh, advice for selecting suppliers, I wrote an article about that once on my blog. When it comes to stationery keep a look out for what’s not included. Will you have to pay more for extra drafts if the design is being personalised, are you charged for printing guest names. Are there minimum order numbers and if you need extra invites at a later date will they do it and how will it be charged, it can be quite a premium on those even if they’re possible. Artemis Stationery hand makes the majority of our stationery from scratch (only using external printers when it’s something we can’t print) so we can do small extra orders and also include guest name printing as standard in the price. There are no extra charges for draft designs either. An average number of drafts on a cheque book invitation design is 8 or 9 as we normally take the design a step at a time.



Do I make any unusual products?


Well they don’t feel unusual to me, but I do make stretched canvas table plans which I haven’t seen in many places and I was proud to have evolved these myself. I was making canvas pictures for people so it made sense to add to our catalogue of products. They make great keepsakes of the day and come ready to hang, the same as the canvas welcome signs. I did also make some bunting flags from canvas as a table plan for one of my clients. She sent me photos, it looked really great!

I also make magnets, nothing unusual about that but rather than your typical fridge magnet mine are made from the same great card thick and textured card as all of our stationery. They’re double sided though so you can have a design on the front and the important details on the back. The magnet is discretely hidden ;)




How can we get in touch with you?


I keep an eye out for carrier pigeons just in case someone sends one but email seems to be the most popular method of communication with my clients. It works well especially once we get designing as I can do a draft design based on their initial thoughts and then email it to the client. They can then take a look in their own time and email me back their thoughts. Invitations normally have about 8 drafts as we take small steps. I can also be phoned, texted or sent a letter. That does happen occasionally and is always nice, especially when it is a thank you note or card. Most of my clients are from around the UK and sometimes Europe rather than local so although I do meet some of my clients it’s not essential.


Thanks so much Nathan for sharing all about Artemis Stationery. Do pop by the Artemis Stationery site to see even more lovely designs XOXO Lou



*Artemis Stationery is a Whimsical Wonderland Weddings sponsor.

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