Beautiful Sapphire & Rose Gold Engagement Rings by Eidel Precious

Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Rose Gold


Ever seen something so pretty you couldn’t shake it from your mind? Well I did just that when I came across the sensational ring designs by Eidel Precious. If only I came across these beauties before my own engagement.

The rings designed and made by Eidel Precious are just so very special. Peach sapphires glitter against pretty rose gold settings and sparkly bands. In fact peach stones are not the only colour available by Eidel Precious and if you are looking for something a little more unique for that engagement ring finger you just have to take a look at the vibrant hues in the shop.

Custom orders are available as are matching wedding bands. And wow, they are amazing value for money.

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Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious

How did you start creating engagement rings?


I got into jewellery design after a career in pharmacology – I hold a PhD in pharma biology. My story is a bit of cliché – I wanted to explore my creative side and what better way to express it than jewellery. My trademark ring designs did not come right away, it took years! Finally I decided to concentrate of what I thought was an under-known type of a gem: peach sapphires. I remember not being able to find the right description for the colour at first and looking at the Prismacolor pencil colour palette for the right one. “Peach” and “peach champagne” were the 2 colours I thought fit the most and both terms have spread like wildfire since then – both in usage and popularity.

My biggest challenge is photography. The unique peach shades are hard to capture on camera. I console myself saying that all beauty is elusive ))


Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Rose Gold

What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


I strive to provide breath taking rings for under $4000 and usually under $3000. Simple elegant designs where the setting highlights the stone.



Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious

Why pick a sapphire over the traditional diamond engagement ring? What are the differences between the stones?


They are very similar, sapphire is the next hardest stone to diamond. But sapphires come in so many more colours incl. pink, peach, blue, etc. And they are a lot more affordable!


Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious

What style is your work?


I love to choose unusual stones and set them in beautiful diamond settings. The best word to describe my jewellery would be “delicate”.

I use tiny diamonds for my rings and set them using sophisticated and unusual technique known as “cat`s claw”. It is a very small 4-claw setting where claws are almost invisible and look more like pave. This method is unique and allows diamonds to stand out; you don’t see gold trims, just sparkling diamonds!

I am very fond of sapphires as centre stones, you will notice that the bulk of my products are sapphire engagement rings. Sapphires exist in many hues and I still can`t decide which one is my favourite.


Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Gold Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Rose Gold

Tell us about the quality of your stones.


I use only very clear transparent stones graded VS-SI. My stones are eye-clean, unless specified otherwise. By eye-clean I mean they are transparent, not milky or opaque. Being neither heat-treated, nor clarity-enhanced, they may have natural characteristics that in my opinion do not diminish the overall beauty of these sapphires. I spend a lot of time picking high quality gems with attractive and rare hues that are not available elsewhere.


Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Rose Gold

How can we get in touch with you?


My Etsy store ‘Eidel Precious’.



3.Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Rose Gold

Oh so dreamy. I’d love to see one of these creations in real life.

Also be sure to check out the amazing reviews left by many a happy customer.

Thank you Eidel Precious for sharing your swoon worthy designs with us this afternoon xo Lou


Sapphire Engagement Ring Eidel Precious Gold


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  • I never considered rose gold as a material I would want for my engagement ring, but it looks really beautiful paired with each of these gems. I would definitely consider getting a ring made like one of these. Thank you for sharing and giving me some inspiration!

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