Decadent Autumn Wedding Flowers You’re Going To Love

Autumn Wedding Flowers Ideas

Image White Stag Wedding Photography via Magical Fairy Lit Autumn Barn Wedding

Autumn weddings are growing in popularity coming after the busy holiday season and before winter kicks in and the awe-inspiring autumnal flower colour palette is so lush, rich and diverse!

Typical colour schemes around this time of year for weddings are usually rich reds, burnt orange, yellow gold with lush greens. But not only are the colours rich and vibrant, the ripeness of autumn also brings wonderful texture with seed heads, foliages, fruit, berries, grasses and lichen covered twig; an autumn wedding can also be ideal for the less ‘traditional’ bride who wants to take full advantage of the wonderful variety of seasonal flowers available.

There is nothing I love more for autumn wedding flowers than to use painted oak leaves, pine cones, seeded eucalyptus, rosehips, textured orange ‘pincushion’ protea, blowsy dahlias, with all-year-round velvet smooth dark red ‘Baccara’ roses, orange ‘Naranga’ with two-tone coral and orange ‘Miss Piggy’ or ‘Mango’ calla lily, including lots of colourful mixed foliage. Some other available flowers in the autumn with their rich and earthy tones, are snow-berries, yellow craspedia, helianthus sunflowers, viburnham berries, astrantia (‘Claret’ is lovely), rosa pumpkin hips, amaranthus (light green but also comes in a wow-factor burgundy red), setaria (‘Red Jewel’), artichoke, brassica (‘Red Crane’), fluffy orange carthamus, physalis (‘Jumbo’) – also known as Chinese Lanterns – and lastly do consider hydrangea ‘Opal Classic’, as the seasons change hydrangeas become more hardy and their colours start to turn more rustic with incredible two-tone shades.


Autumn Wedding Flowers Bouquet


But, just because it’s autumn, wedding flowers don’t only have to be about mixing reds and oranges. Today’s brides are getting more savvy about colour mixes due to the popular Pinterest so ask your wedding florist to use other delightful colour combinations such as burgundy, dark purple and orange or, velvet red, coral, yellow and grey, or, deep raspberry pink with petrol blue viburnum berries look pretty amazing together, not forgetting a colour ‘pop’ of fuchsia pink, deep orange and lime green.
It was hard to choose the best autumn flowers available because there is so much choice, but here are a few unusual autumn favourites!


Chinese Lantern (Botanical Name: Physalis alkekengi)


Chinese Lantern Wedding Bouquet Flowers Autumn

Images 1. Gemma Williams Photography via A Rustic Winter Inspiration Shoot in Herefordshire 2. Andy Li Photography via Eco Organic Farm Handfasting Tipi Wedding

These small bell-shaped flowers resemble lanterns, hence the name and is a vigorous herbaceous perennial, which can grow up to one metre tall. This plant starts off with creamy-yellow bell shaped flowers which develops into the orange lantern-like pod enclosing small red berries. These flowers are ideal for florists as the stems can be cut for drying as the calyces ie. lanterns, begin to colour. Their lantern-shaped pouches like sunny borders but not all-day sunshine, as well as plenty of space or they will not produce lanterns, which is the whole point of having them. They can be very invasive and will strangle other plants if given the chance, so they are ideal for a plot of ground with poor soil where nothing much else will grow. Chinese lanterns are ideal for Halloween weddings, they also remind me a little of miniature orange pumpkins!


Love Lies Bleeding/Tassel Flower/Joseph’s Coat (Botanical Name: Amaranthus)


Amaranthus Wedding Flowers Boquet Autumn

Images 1. Kirsty Mackenzie Photography via Magical Autumn Outdoorsy Woodland Wedding Ideas 2. Nicola Casey Photography via Eclectic & Whimsical Village Hall Wedding 3. Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Ceremony

These wonderful stems are characterised by the soft velvety foxtail like flowers and can certainly add some pizazz to a wedding arrangement. These flowers can measure up to 30cm long, so ideal for large wedding flower arrangements in Grecian-style urns placed at the top of a ceremony aisle. They provide a lasting red or green pigment in the stems and have been a poetic symbol of immortality from the time of ancient Greece. These flowers were once used to decorate tombs and images of gods, the Greeks considered it to be a very sacred plant. Amaranthus can grow up to eight feet in height, and grows best in full sun. It’s interesting to note that the seeds are highly edible by those who are gluten intolerant, because they are not a member of the grass family and therefore contain no gluten.


Pincushion (Botanical name: Leucospermum cordifolium)


Pincushion Wedding Bouquet Flowers Autumn

Images 1. Leentje loves Light  via Moody Dark & Whimsical Fantasy Birds of Prey Wedding Ideas 2. Babb Photo via A DIY, Rustic Orange Tones, Autumnal Wedding 3. Karen Flower Photography via Relaxed Rustic & Woodsy Autumn Barn Wedding

This particular flower is known as the ‘Pincushion’ flower, available in a rich deep orange, it consists of a large number of smaller flowers, and resembles stiff protruding pins, hence the name. Leucospermum is actually a protea, and the amazing variety in the size, colour and shape of the protea was the reason it was named after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his shape at will. The protea family is one of the oldest groups of flowering plants and symbolises diversity and courage; the ancestors of today’s Protea were present 300 million years ago! Protea are best-known as the national flower of South Africa, but are also grown in Australia. Another variety is called King Protea (botanical name: Protea Cynaroides), which is available in a lovely muted pink shade and the flower head itself ranges from a whopping 120mm to 300mm in diameter. This flower is worth a mention as more brides are requesting this in their bouquets and it is starting to overtake the showy peony in its popularity!


Dahlia (Botanical name: Dahlia hortensis)


Dahlia Wedding Bouquet Flowers Autumn

Images 1. Jen Marino via Colourful & Quirky Down To Earth Wedding 2. Suzanne Li Photography via Dreamy & Luxe Autumn Wedding Ideas 3. Rebecca Wedding Photography via Whimsical Woodland Autumn Wedding 4. Alexa Loy via Our Wedding Reception

These flowers are very popular and current within bridal bouquets, also known as ‘Queen of the autumn garden’ and are at their seasonal best from late June and throughout the autumn months until the frost comes. The dahlia is known as a tuberous-rooted tender plant. The national flower of Mexico, and native to South America, the beauty of the dahlia inspired symbolic meaning during the Victorian age and continues to be used today to express personal sentiments. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever, so ideal as a wedding flower! The dahlia is available in a jewel rich combination of burnt oranges, warm yellows, hot pinks, purples and there is also a deep burgundy of which I recommend, ‘Arabian Night’; one of the darkest of all dahlias; which adds a depth and drama to a bouquet like no other flower!


Autumn Wedding Flowers Styling Ideas

Images 1. Kerry Diamond Photography via Enchanting Woodland Boho Wedding 2. Ellie Grace Photography via Industrial Indie Autumn City Wedding 3. Kate McCarthy Photography via Natural Festival Feel Tipi Wedding Ideas 4.  Natalia Ibarra Photography via From Dawn To Eternity Autumnal Wedding Ideas 5. Charlotte White Film and Photography and Jessica.J Photography via Pumpkin Field Autumn Wedding Ideas 6. Karen Flower Photography via Woodland Autumnal Boho Wedding Ideas


There are so many more wonderful autumn flowers available; an autumnal bride really is spoilt for choice! 

Of course, there is also a huge range of décor ideas for an autumn wedding; ranging from hollow pumpkins, a nod to Halloween, with flowers arranged inside (or LED lights) to create atmosphere, mossed table runners with chunky church candles, miniature gourds and squashes, linking to harvest time, which can be dotted along mantelpieces or top tables, bunches of tall curly willow with hanging bauble votives (or autumn leaves attached), mixes of autumnal red and orange petals along the aisle or DIY autumn leafs as wedding place cards, guest names written in gold pen on oak leaves perhaps? Well, there really is no limit to your imagination, so get Pinterest pinning for a perfect autumn wedding!


*This is the third in the flower feature series from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings expert contributor and florist extraordinare Flowers by Suzanne Randell*

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