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We are going all high end glamour on the blog today, with an editorial shoot that woudn’t look out of place in a top glossy magazine. And just you wait to see what is on WWW later too ;-)

The images were submitted to me for today by long term WWW sponsor, photographer Fiona Kelly who photographed and organised the editorial shoot alongside Joyce at Brides & Beauty. Joyce told me;

“Art Deco is an era that’s one of my favourites. It spanned from the Roaring 1920’s through to the 1930’s. Styling was very glamorous and slinky! Women wore tea length and full length style dresses. I wanted to recreate this look and just by chance Iattended an event at 54 Millbank along with photographer Fiona Kelly and the dream was born.

45 Millbank still has some of it’s 1930’s styling and interiors from its days as an officers mess and is now part of the Chelsea College of Art and Design. It’s one of London’s best kept wedding venue secrets!

I contacted other wedding suppliers that I knew would fit in with the styling that was needed for the shoot. Rachel Smith and I discussed the sort of detailing I wanted from the hair pieces and jewellery and she created some amazing pieces.

The year before I had met Sabina Motasem at a wedding show and loved her dresses so I knew they would look amazing in the shoot too. Faith Caton-Barber another incredible designer created the dress for the shoot just from a couple of short discussions and I loved it.

I contacted Melissa Woodland about the cake and she loves Art Deco too so was happy to create the beautiful black and silver cake to fit in with the shoot.

Jodie Vigor Florist and owner of Boutique Blooms brought along a beautiful bouquet, parasol and feather fan that look fantastic with the outfits.

The clean simple styling from this shoot captured fabulously by Fiona Kelly photographer who is amazing! Fiona posed the models and made the images come to life!

The videographer of the day was Krishanthi Williams who has made the behind the scenes footage emotional and dreamy!”

I just adore this glamorous Art Deco inspired shoot, with inspiring hair and make up ideas alongside some beautiful bridal fashion. Thanks so much to Fiona Kelly Photography for sharing her photography with us today.


FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-1 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-2 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-11 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-21 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-30 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-34BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-44 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-47 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-54BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-56 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-57 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-60 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-62FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-67BWFKPHOTO_Millbank_style-69 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-72 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-82 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-89 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-94 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-99 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-106 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-111BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-112 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-122 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-125BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-127 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-132BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-136 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-139 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-146BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-147 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-148 FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-152BW FKPHOTO_Millbank_style-154


Credit where credit is due…

Shoot planning & Makeup – Joyce at Brides & Beauty –

Shoot planning & Photography – Fiona Kelly Photography –

Venue – 45 Millbank –

Dresses –

Sabina Motasem –

Faith Caton Barber –

Hair Styling – Hayley at Brides & Beauty –

Accessories – Rachel Smith at Create Jewellery –

Flowers – Jodie at Boutique Blooms –

Cake – The Cake Boutique –

Models – Ancuta & Katarina

Behind the scenes photography & photographic assistant – Krishanthi Williams –


Just stunning. There are some wonderful looks to inspire you girls that have yet to finalise your wedding day choices. Thanks so much to everyone involved for letting me share this shoot on WWW XOXO Lou

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  • One of my favourite shoots! Great teamwork and fantastic models. Thanks for sharing x

  • Thank you so much Lou – what a great day! Love the focus on the beautiful architecture, gowns and bridal looks. Wonderful team to work with too. x

  • thank you so so much everyone :-) xx

  • Great photos made by great team…Thanks all with which I have chance to work…

  • Stunning work ladies!! I particularly love the shots on the staircase, such a glamorous look! Well done xo

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