Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas

Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Dried Bouquet

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Flowers are one of my greatest joys in life, so if you’d told me that I wouldn’t be carrying a giant bouquet of fresh blooms down the aisle at my own wedding I would have thought you were crazy! But having two weddings planned, one in Italy and one at home in Sussex 10 days later, the practicalities and costs involved made me look for an alternative. And there are many other reasons that you may find yourself considering an alternative to the norm; be it allergies, budget or the environment. Maybe you just want to break from the traditional or perhaps you just don’t care for flowers that much!

An alternative bouquet also has the advantage of being stable in its form meaning it will not droop or wilt on the day; you can order it ahead of time, giving you one less thing to worry about on your big day and you can keep it afterwards without the need for any extra preservation processes.

For whatever reason you find yourself in this position here are six fabulous alternatives to the traditional fresh flower bridal bouquet.


Paper Flowers


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Paper Bouquet Giant

Image by Jade Lou Sayers


Depending on your level of craftiness you could even give these a go yourself, or there are some amazing paper artists to choose from. You can have your flowers made origami style from your favourite novel or a map of where you met, which will make your bouquet extra personal and brings in an element of eco to your day. Or why not just carry one giant paper bloom for the ultimate impact!


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Paper Bouquet

Images | 1 & 2 We Do It For Love via Coachella Inspired Philippines Wedding | 3  Revival Photography via Whimsical Mountain Cabin Wedding in North Carolina | 4 On Love and Photography via A Lively DIY Village Hall Wedding | 5 Love That Smile Photography via Vintage Inspired Tea Party & Street Food Tipi Wedding |




Now succulents are technically living as oppose to faux but the wonderful thing about these beauties is that they can be incorporated into your bouquet and then be replanted after your wedding when they will happily re-root and keep growing! Succulents come in array of different shapes, sizes and colours and you could even mix them in with some fresh, dry of faux flowers to create something extra special.


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Bouquet Succulents

Images | 1 Shane and Lauren Photography via Whimsical Snow White Garden Fairytale Wedding in California | 2 Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography via Pretty Pink Floral Country Garden Wedding | 3 Jessica Withey Photography via Colourful & Decadent Moroccan Nights Wedding Ideas | 4 Mr & Mrs Boutique Wedding Photography via Quirky Teal & Gold Barn Wedding | 5 Binky Nixon Photography via Creative Colourful Mexican Feel Outdoor Wedding |


Pom Poms


Long gone are the days of wrapping your wool round a loo roll to get your pompoms perfect, you can now get clever pom pom makers that turns this into a fairly straightforward DIY project that even the creatively challenged can manage! You could even incorporate these simple yet effective orbs into your other wedding accessories and decorations. And why not get your bridesmaids involved and have a pompom making evening!


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Pom Poms Wool

Images | 1 Katherine Mager via Crafty Rainbow Crochet & Wool Wedding | 2 Melia Melia Photography via Bright & Fun Multicoloured Wool Pom Pom Crafty Wedding | 3 Brett Symes Photography  via Yellow Local & DIY Budget Barn Wedding | 4 Toast of Leeds via Massive Music Party Festival Feel Wedding with a Street Parade in York | 5 Matilda Rose via Cute & Crafty Budget Polka Dot Village Hall Wedding |


Dried Flowers


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Dried Bouquet

Dried flowers are known to conjure up images of dusty and faded floral displays in your grandma’s spare bedroom, which definitely need not be the case any more! Dried flowers are so versatile and can suit a variety of styles from bohemian and vintage to country garden. There is also now a huge range of preserved foliage’s and flowers that look and feel remarkably fresh but last for months or years with the correct care.  And the best thing is, and the reason why I ended up choosing them for my wedding, is that they are still the real thing!


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Dried Lotus Floral Art

Images Lotus Floral Art


Wrist Corsages


The wrist corsage may be reminiscent of your school prom but they are definitely having a comeback in floral trends. These are super practical as they allow you to wear your flowers rather than carry them, leaving your hands free for hugs, dancing and prosecco. Another huge benefit is that, depending on your choice of flowers, the corsage is likely to be very budget friendly compared to a full on bouquet. You could of course use fresh flowers or a more alternative faux version incorporating any of the other suggestions listed above.


Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Wrist Corsage

Images | 1 Heledd Roberts via Indian Mint Garden Party Wedding | 2 Karolina Kotkiewicz via Natural Fun Handmade Blush Wedding | 3 Georgi Mabee via Amazing Rustic Unintentional Americana Tipi Wedding | 4 Sarah London via Small & Sweet Vintage City Wedding |


Floral Hoops


Maybe more suited to your bridesmaids or flower girls, floral hoops are one of my favourite new trends in wedding florals. The floral hoop looks fab with foliage only bringing them bang on trend for 2017 or if made with dry or faux it can be hung up and kept as a decoration to enjoy after the wedding. The hoop itself can be made to suit a more rustic look by using a natural base like willow or grapevine or something like copper can be used for a more industrial look.



Alternative Wedding Flower Ideas Hoop Wreath

Images | 1 Tiziana Gallo Fotografa via Natural Yellow & Green Lakeside Wedding Ideas in Italy | 2 Katie Hamilton Photography via Pretty Peach Wedding Ideas | 3 Tiree Dawson Photography via Eccentric Flower Fairy Woodland Glitter & Pink Wedding Ideas | 4 Sarah Vivienne Photography via Organic Foliage Rustic Wedding Ideas | 5 Serena Genovese Photography via Outdoor Floral Countryside Wedding in Veneto | 6 Danielle Smith Photography via Luxe Copper & Red Wedding Ideas |


These are just a selection of my favourite ideas but there many more alternatives out there such as felt, feathers, buttons and balloons so hopefully this post has helped you to see that there really should be something out there to suit everyone’s individuality and budget.




“Katie was inspired to start her company Lotus Floral Art after her own wedding planning experience. Katie works closely with each of her clients to make bespoke long lasting florals using dried and preserved flowers and has also created range of eco wedding favours and biodegradable confetti.”


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