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Hey 👋 I’m Lou, happy wedding expert 😄 & founder of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings 🎉

It’s About More Than One Day

I’m a romantic at heart who loves nothing more than a Nicolas Sparks film whilst munching away on Popchips under my duvet with my husband G. Aside from my Popchips addiction (sour cream and onion if you were wondering) and being a mama of two boys, I am lit up by helping couples get hitched.

Day in day out since 2010 I’ve been inspiring thousands (if not millions) of couples through this site and hey, you’re here on it now too. Woo!

The WWW community are believers in your wedding experience being more than about just one day. It starts at your engagement all the way to your honeymoon. This is what makes up the tapestry of your wedding memories. I’m committed to making that as enjoyable as possible for you.

It’s time to live your dream wedding experience in total confidence. So join this Hufflepuff, colour-loving, caravanning, eclectic and friendly soul (AKA yours truly) and let’s get you wed… in happy style.


About Whimsical Wonderland Weddings ✨

I’m so pleased you’ve found me. That means you’re about to discover a whole lot of wedding inspiration, practical wedding advice, super lovely creative wedding suppliers and real-life wedding stories from modern couples. Don’t believe me? Get browsin’ and tell me you can’t find something you love. Honestly, please do!

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings brings wedding ideas and advice to modern, creative couples planning the wedding of their wildest imaginations.

If you’re bored of seeing the same advice or ideas, conveyor-belt weddings, stressful family politics, unwanted opinions, or organisational chaos: fret no more, you’re in the exact right space. I’m here to take you from feeling *meh* about wedmin to shouting from the rooftops, *yeah* about your wedding plans.

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings is all about sweating the small stuff no more — it’s about focusing on the bigger picture. Prioritising the experience, memories and magical atmosphere from your day over matchy-matchy napkins, icky colour themes and stuffy boring traditions that don’t work for you. Say no to the package wedding.

Instead say yes to your personality, caring about the world around you, zero drama and all the fun. It’s time to discover that you don’t have to have what everyone else has had, you make up your own wedding rules and wear them with sass. I love nothing more than transforming couples as if by magic from experiencing wedmin nightmares to creating the calm, exciting and personality-driven wedding experience of their wildest dreams.

Let's Pour A Cuppa ☕️

WWW Totally Transformed My Life 🦄

You see, back in April 2010 I was on maternity leave from a part-time cleaning job, having graduated two years previously from my local university with a Marketing degree.

I wasn’t on the career path I’d hoped, due to crippling anxiety and agoraphobia. However, I had a beautiful 6-month-old baby boy and my wonderful fiancé G by my side. We’d been engaged for just shy of two years and we decided to start planning a wedding on a teeny budget.

Being what felt like trapped indoors, I turned to the internet of course! I found a whole online community of really lovely planning couples and starting discovering remarkable suppliers. I became hooked by the wedding industry, the friends I was making and the emergence of online blogging.

So I decided to start journalling my own wedding plans for fun. Little did I know, this single decision would bring me confidence, independence and a sense of belonging. Finally 🥳

After featuring wedding stories from other couples, WWW grew into a resource followed by couples and suppliers around the world.

Heartbreakingly though we decided to cancel our wedding 6 weeks beforehand due to my worsening anxiety, but I could not bear to say goodbye to Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and the community I had established.

So I continued in my quest to assist and inspire other couples and to promote the amazing UK wedding industry.

It’s my mission to ensure that no other couple experiences the anxiety or stress that I did during wedding planning, to ensure their dream wedding experience is a reality by sharing all my insider advice, real, authentic stories and hooking up couples with lovely suppliers.


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Random Facts About Me

  • I’m a mama to two energetic boys and our Maine Coon fur baby.
  • Cliché, but my husband G has been my best mate since we got together when I was 19, aww.
  • We live in a village and love nothing more than exploring the countryside by foot or bike.
  • We are caravan owners and are trying to explore the UK bit by bit.
  • I have a passion for interiors and have been renovating our colourful 1930s semi-detached home since 2016. It’s been a labour of love!
  • I adore growing vegetables and flowers as well as exploring beautiful gardens for inspiration. Pottering in the garden is my happy space.
  • I spend way too much time watching TV and films.
  • I love a trilogy (hello Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, Divergent, His Dark Materials, LOTR and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to name a few). Ohh and I’m a Hufflepuff BTW 🦡💛
  • I’ll spend way too long in the bath reading if I can get away with it. Sorry G!
  • Rainbows, chocolate and finding a complete bargain, always puts a smile on my face.
  • I adore making and crafting (I’ve dabbled in crochet, drawing, painting & sewing).
  • I have kept a diary since I was a teenager and find writing cathartic, this is what must have sparked my love of blogging.
  • I am a coeliac and live a happy gluten-free life.


BTW I Believe In...

  • Wellness
  • Positive Mindset
  • Experience over stuff
  • Treating each other (and the planet) with kindness
  • Inclusivity - EVERYONE including you is welcome here with open arms, no matter your gender, physical ability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, educational background, national origin, religion or size.

Lou xo

Founder & Editor

Images by Thyme Lane Photography


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