A Surfing Engagement

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I just had to share this touching engagement shoot with you this afternoon. It’s holiday season and i hope this gets you in the spirit.

Abby and Dave got together on a surfing trip they went on with friends, their love blossomed and surfing became a love they shared together also. So they just had to head to the sea for their engagement shoot.

There is something about a couple, soaking wet, and cold on the beach that makes for such romantic imagery. I soooo love this shoot.

Thanks so much to SilverStar Photographic for sharing their images with us this afternoon.


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Abby told me; “Dave and I first met at the Gym where I worked with his sister, Katy. A few weeks into our friendship I realised Katy had a very hot brother! On several occasions I managed to embarrass myself in front of him including blurting out a very loud and stumbly ‘Hi Dave’ as he walked past me not really knowing who I was and then proceeding to act ‘totally cool’ and nonchalant in the gym to the point he thought I was really rude.”


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“I expressed an interest in going surfing to Katy & she invited me along to a trip to Newquay for New Year’s Eve, apparently she quickly text Dave to let him know that, in her words, ‘fit Abby’ was coming for New Years. After an amazing night all dressed up as ‘top Gun’ in Newquay, Dave and I got talking and he asked if he could take me out to dinner when we got home. I was obviously completely stoked and when we got home we went on our first proper date.”


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“2 and half years and many many surf trips later, Dave took me to one of our favourite places, a place we had evaluated and made important plans and decisions for our future the year before. Baggy point, the headland walk that takes you from Putsborough to Croyde, looks out to the most stunning view of miles and miles of ocean with little Lundy island dotted in the middle. Worryingly at first, Dave asked me to follow him down what I thought was the cliffe face but turned out to be a gentle slope to a private patch of grass where he told me I was his best friend, kicked a load of sheep poo out of the way and got down on one knee :)”


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“We were obviously over the moon when Michelle and Rich at Silverstar Photographic agreed to do our eshoot in Woolacombe. We had a fab weekend with them giving us great directions and making us feel completely at ease. We hadn’t really planned what we were going to do apart from we thought it would be nice to get a few shots of us surfing and messing around by the beach. The weather was typically British making it all the more fun!”


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“Everyone thought we would have the wedding by the beach but we decided to keep it local so as not to put any pressure on people to have to spend lots of money through travelling and accommodation. We have however, decided to bring the beach to Warwickshire! We have booked a 1966 split screen campervan, reception nibbles are mini cones of fish and chips followed by a big BBQ wedding breakfast with a cream tea desert. We are hoping the surprise surf simulator will be a big hit along with the pasties and ice cream trike for evening food. The band will create the perfect ambience with jack johnson ‘esque’ music throughout the day and a party music in the evening.

The small details like our wooden beach signs that have already featured on our invites, I hope will add the finishing touches to our relaxed beach themed day.

I am still not sure if I am to expect Dave and the groomsmen to be at the church in shirt, waistcoat, board shorts and flip flops! I will have to wait and see!”


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I can pretty much say i don’t think i would be brave enough to try surfing myself (weak swimmer!) but i sure can admire from afar hehe. Gorgeous!

Thanks so much for sharing your love story Abby and Dave, i hope you have the best wedding day XOXO Lou

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