A Retro Car, Coastal Engagement + A Cinderella Story


Afternoon lovelies :-)

One of my favourite things about being a wedding blogger is hearing from you :-) And today’s lovely bride Liz, did just that;


“My name is Liz and my husband (as of a few weeks ago!) is Stephen. We shot our engagement shoot in April of this year in a bit of a mad rush before our wedding in May. We decided to go for a coastal theme as Stephen had proposed to me on the beach in Wales back in October 2010.

When I asked Stephen for prop ideas he jokingly suggested a retro car and was delighted and shocked when I agreed yes, lets do it! We booked the car and the time off work only to have the worst weather Wales had seen in a while.

On the morning of the shoot we had to change the location a couple of hours before we, and the photographer set off. The weather forecast had promised that our new location would be dry, but when we got there – the rain came down! The shoot was spent running in and out of the car to shelter from the rain, and the temperature was freezing for April!!

Despite the weather challenges we think we got some really cool images and loved the stormy dramatic sky effect. Aga, our photographer got us to stand on the rocks by the sea, not realising how high the tide would splash, and we got soaked!!

We would love it if you would like to include us on your blog because whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com is my favourite wedding blog!”


Awww how lovely is that? Well i was pretty excited as Liz and Stephan’s shoot was by one of my favourite wedding photographers, and the images simple incredible.

I just love Liz’s Cinderella story too. Read on for more :-)

Thanks so much to the amazing Aga Tomaszek for sharing her photographs with us today.


“We have been together about 8 and a half years and have quite a random story of how we met…..

I was walking through Cardiff town centre after leaving a club (a little tipsy!!) and decided to kick a bottle that was in my path…when I did this my shoe flew off my foot into the air and I couldn’t find it anywhere! My friend and I looked everywhere, and asked people around us but no one could see my shoe. I then walked up to a tall dark handsome ;) stranger and asked if he had seen my shoe (I think he thought I was crazy!!). Well anyway…he couldn’t see my shoe either, but he walked me to my friends house (me hobbling on one foot), gave me a kiss on the cheek good night, and we have been together ever since! This all happened late December, and for a xmas present he bought me a bear with one shoe named Cinderella :)

On the wedding day Stephen gave an amazing speech where he convinced the whole room (and me) that on the day after we met, he went back to the street to look for the shoe and happened to find it, in case one day we got married. He brought out a bag from behind the table and I was so shocked and about to cry….when he pulled out…. a timberland boot :| So at least everyone laughed instead of crying! That is just his sense of humor!”



“The venue we picked had three areas; a classic victorian style restaurant for the wedding breakfast, a chic cocktail bar for the evening party and a courtyard marquee for the drinks reception. I loved having the marquee as this was a blank canvas for me to get creative and style as I pleased. In the run up to the wedding I checked your blog nearly everyday for ideas and inspiration as I didn’t want to miss anything!!!

To celebrate losing a shoe, but finding a friend for life we had a huge ice sculpture of a shoe made. We had this set up during the meal and speeches, so when everyone came down for the evening party there was a replica of the missing shoe!”


Ahh Liz and Stephan, i just cannot wait to see your wedding day now :-) what do you think guys?

Congratulations you two!! And thanks so much for sharing your story XOXO Lou

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