A Quirky Cool Camden Laundromat Engagement

1532-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR

Melanie and Sam are two super cool cookies. They had their first date in Camden in a kebab shop, so of course they had to head back there for their engagement shoot. Cue a trip to the Laundromat, pub and the market in the cutest attire. I love this fun and personal shoot.

Thanks so much to the fantastic Photo Madly for sharing her images with us today, here is what she had to say about the shoot;

“Melanie & Sam are Londoners, and their first date was at a kebab shop in Camden. So for their engagement shoot, we met up in Camden and revisited the kebab shop, and the guys working there humoured me by letting us borrow a couple of their paper hats. For the rest of the shoot we just wandered around Camden Town, visiting a pub, the market and a laundromat and walking near the river. Their personalities are both quite quirky and fun, so I tried to get a good mix of pictures that showed that side of them in addition to a few that show the romance of getting of being newly engaged.

Sam proposed to Melanie while they were out surfing in the crystal blue waters of Waikiki in Hawaii. They wanted to incorporate this into their wedding so they decided on a Hawaiian / tiki bar theme with a relaxed festival vibe, which worked perfectly with the lush, tropical foliage to be found in Cornwall, where they booked their wedding at an eco-farm called Crasken Farm. Melanie and Sam both work in TV production, and it was when Mel visited Crasken Farm while working on a wedding-related reality show that she fell in love with the venue and knew that it would be the perfect place for her own wedding to Sam. I happened to be planning my own visit to Hawaii before their wedding so I was able to pick up some leis & other tiki decorations for them on my visit and bring them back to England.

I met Sam, funnily enough, when he was working as a cameraman on “How to Take Stunning Pictures” on Channel 5 and I appeared on the show’s wedding photography episode. I wasn’t a wedding photographer back then, just an enthusiast, but that was an experience that eventually helped spur me on to starting my own business. Fast forward a few years, I’d gone into the wedding photography business and Sam got in touch with me when he and Mel needed a photographer for their own wedding. So as you can imagine it was an amazing experience to work for someone so talented who’d been working in photography long before I had even started out in photography – it really felt like a bit of life coming full circle.”


1194-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1203-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1220-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1241-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1246-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1250-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1327-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1337-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1355-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1360-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1380-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1386-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1403-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1487-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1507-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1518-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1534-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1542-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1551-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1560-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1598-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1633-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1645-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1672-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 1677-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR 8977-London Pre-Wedding-Mel&Sam LR

So so fun!! Thanks so much for sharing guys :-) XOXO Lou

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  • Very cool photos, love how vibrant they are. I bet that Melanie and Sams wedding will be amazing!

  • thank you Caroline xx

  • Wow, what amazing photos – I love all of the colours!

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