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Claire&Warren from Rob Summers on Vimeo.

I have a deliciously beautiful Christmas snowy winter wedding to share today. Those planning winter wedding’s this is the  inspiration you are looking for :-) The above film by Promofilms is so gorgeous, do spare 10 minutes for a peek :-)

I adore this wedding and the stunning photography. Thanks so much to the amazing Essex wedding photographers, Craig Williams Photography for sharing their work today, here is what they had to say about the day;

“This is the wedding of Claire and Warren, this day started off with a chill in the air and Jack Frost out in all his glory, just covering the ground with a light dusting of his finest frost!

The wedding was on the 18th December it was all about the Christmas, when we got to Claire’s the fire was roaring, the christmas tree lights twinkling and the tea pouring. We got to the venue and captured the Red Bus with everyone arriving feeling happy and festive, and then it was time to head to the church. Claire pulled up in the beautiful Rolls Royce and just as her feet touch the ground the snow started to fall, i cant explain in words how magical this moment was as she walked up to the church with her Dad it was the lovely silent noise you only get when it snows!

Well the snow didn’t stop it kept falling and falling, but this didn’t stop anyone from posing for the big group picture on Layer Marney‘s steps, After the quick picture everyone headed in doors for mulled wine and candy canes surrounded by fairy lights and a huge Christmas Tree! As Claire and Warren pulled up to the front of the venue the snow covered horses looked on and probably wished they were in a stable somewhere warm. The meal was served by guests wearing chefs outfits, which Claire and Warren had sneakily place under their chairs! After the meal Warrens Dad conducted the 12 days of Christmas involving each table for each day, it got very messy but was totally awesome and hilarious!! This wedding went onto be one hell of a party, with Claire’s brother on Drums in the Band ” Vardo and the Boss” We love this wedding and hope you do to!”

The planning process…

In terms of planning, Claire and I did as much as we could ourselves (because we are control freaks). We were very impressed with all the suppliers (aside from the band who didn’t show up although we we can’t really blame them for the weather). Special mention to Bouquet Garni, who pretty much event managed the day and handled the issue of people not being able to get home very well.

Claire and i wrote (separately) an account of the day and it’s now on the homepage of our wedding web site www.claireandwarrenwedding.com. That pretty much tells the story of how we think the day went.

Pretty Paper…

We didn’t include the usual gumf in our inviatations (which i handmade), but instead just had a link with the details to our website with things like the venue direactions, accommodation, rsvp and gift list etc. Because I’m a geek, I built a feature on the website so you could buy “experiences” for our honeymoon direct from the page. Behind the scenes, it just sent a payment and a note to our Paypal account, but I thought it was a bit more creative then just “please give us cash for our honeymoon”.

Getting ready…

The hairdresser and make-up artist rang the doorbell at 8:30 and from this point on the day started to fly. Kate, Craig and Rob arrived at 9:30 and it was brilliant to have them there. At this point they knew my family and friends so well as they had shot both Kim’s and Rachael’s weddings that year.

The rest of the morning was really fun and I felt mostly massive excitement and now again pangs of nervousness about the ceremony, the snow preventing guests arriving and the day ahead.

The journey….

It started to snow halfway through our journey and this magically put me at ease. We arrived at layer Marney ten minutes early and as this had apparently never happened before we pulled up and hid beside the road just before the church. With five minutes to spare my darling auntie Des and Colin and co sped past our car in a taxi waving at us frantically. I knew from that moment on that I had nothing to be nervous about.

The ceremony….

I remember feeling so much love (as corny as it sounds) as Dad and I walked down the aisle and I have truely never felt as happy as that moment. I loved every part of the ceremony and I was amazed that I didn’t cry but I was grinning far to much to shed even one tear. (Warren did that for me anyways!! He he) I only wish that I could’ve watched Helen and Fran play and sing during the signing of the register. It sounded magical.

Pop back later for the stunning reception xoxo

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  • This is one of the best wedding videos I’ve seen in my life. I’m literally stunned/choked with tears/breathless. Impressed is not said enough.

  • Thanks girls isn’t it beautiful Aga – off to watch it again hehe xxx

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