A 1920s Downton Abbey Inspired Bridal Shoot


I am a huge fan of the 1920s, the decadence, the glamour. It is perfectly translated into wedding inspiration, with elegant bridal wear and sleek hair and make up looks.

This glorious shoot was inspired by Downton Abbey, a drama i have to say i thoroughly enjoy and while we have a Downton Abbey shaped hole in our lives we can swoon at these wonderful images.

The idea was the brainchild of Eleanor and Angie of Le Glow Cosmetics and Bridal Beauty Wedding Hair and they asked photographer Gemma Williams to capture everything. I love the fact they used real brides as models on the day, they looked beautiful.

Photographer Gemma told me; “This was such a super shoot to work on! I have known hair & makeup duo Eleanor & Angie of Le Glow Cosmetics and Bridal Beauty Wedding Hair for ages, and when they suggested doing a 1920s shoot I was really excited as I knew they would create fantastic vintage looks with a modern twist. Parkfields is a lovely venue, and all the people involved in the shoot are fabulous local wedding suppliers – supporting our local wedding industry! I loved working with the ‘brides’ too, who are all our real brides and brides-to-be, showing that everyone can look stunning on their wedding day!”

Thanks so much to Gemma Williams for sharing her images with us today, and to Eleanor and Angie of Le Glow Cosmetics and Bridal Beauty Wedding Hair for letting me share this shoot with you today, here is what Eleanor had to say;

“I have always loved this period 1920 – Art deco full on glamour! So it was easy to choose the theme Downton (the best show on tv); I could not wait to see what they were wearing and how their hair and make up looked. Full on Decadence, when men were men and ladies were ladies! Both Angie and myself have been planning this shoot for months, collecting images, props, planning every detail searching on the internet for hair and make up for inspiration. There was only one Photographer that we wanted to shoot this! Gemma Williams, who also shared our passion, and we were not disappointed! I contacted Parkfields and they said they would be delighted to host our shoot. Then we contacted a beautiful dress boutique Lily Oliver, and I met the florists and the Jewellery at wedding fairs, and the stationery was created by April of Bluebird Designs, so it all came together beautifully . The models are all real brides and brides-to-be that we have met throughout the year who were only too keen to get involved. We loved everything, and it all went extremely well on the day – very tired but very pleased!!”x


GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_001 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_003 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_005 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_007 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_009 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_015 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_017 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_019 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_023 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_027 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_028 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_030 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_034 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_035 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_039 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_041 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_045 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_047 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_049 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_051 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_055 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_060 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_062 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_065 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_066 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_068 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_069 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_070 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_072 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_073 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_075 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_077 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_081 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_083 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_085 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_087 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_090 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_095 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_096 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_098 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_099 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_100 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_102 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_103 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_104 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_107 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_108 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_109 GemmaWilliamsPhotography_1920Shoot_113

Credit where credit is due…

Location: Parkfields Country House http://parkfields.co.uk/

Photographer: Gemma Williams Photography http://www.gemmawilliamsphotography.co.uk/

Organiser, makeup and hair: Le Glow Beautiful Brides http://www.leglow.co.uk/

Dresses: Lily Oliver Bridal Boutique http://www.lilyoliverbridal.co.uk/

Suit: Bill Child Formal Wear http://www.billchildformalwear.co.uk/

Flowers: Buttercup Flowers http://www.buttercupflowers.co.uk/#/home/4539467431

Jewellery: Quartz Design

Stationery: Bluebird Wedding Stationery http://www.bluebirdweddingstationery.co.uk/

With thanks to John and Rita for the loan of the lovely car.


Just incredible. Thanks so much to everyone involved for letting me share this shoot today XOXO Lou

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