50 Wedding Table Name Ideas

table name ideas

Image by Jo Hastings, wedding here.

It’s the little details that your guests will notice at your wedding, and your table names are no exception. You could make things easy and stick to numbers, or you could have fun and really represent yourselves as a couple.

Your table names could break the ice and start conversation. You could let your guests get to know you know as a couple even more, or perhaps create a fun game with your table names.

Once you have chosen them, then you can have fun deciding how to display your table plan and table names.

To help start you off, i have rounded up 50 table name ideas. If you want to find out more or see images of that wedding’s table names simply click on the link.

Keep It Simple


No Table Plan – like Helena and Mark’s wedding here.

Numbers – like Craig and Erika’s wedding here.

Letters – like Ruth and Max’s wedding here.

Cities – like Katherine and Craig’s wedding here.

Bands – like Jules and Gregg’s wedding here.

Books – like Rachael and Kieran’s wedding here.

Colours – like Bernadette and David’s wedding here.

Holidays – like Anna and Mike’s wedding here.

Films – like Kelly and Leon’s wedding here.

Firsts – like Holly and Tom’s wedding here.

Or how about; Transport, Songs, Symbols or Sports.


table number ideas wedding

Image by Corinne Fudge, wedding here.

utterly scrumptious


Pubs – like Cara and Mike’s wedding here.

Restaurants – like Fiona and Alan’s wedding here.

Ice Creams – like Kieron and Laura’s wedding here.

Cakes – like Oliver and Charlotte’s wedding here.

Beer – like Nicola and Matt’s wedding here.

You could also use; Cocktails, Puddings, Dinners or Sweets.


table name ideas

Image by Lisa Devine, wedding here.

personal & Unique


A Term of Disbelief, eg. ‘Well push my peddles and call me a bike’ – like Cassie and Aston’s wedding here.

Personal Sayings – like Matt and Emma’s wedding here.

Numbers with Meaning – like Rachel and James’ wedding here.

Famous Couples – like Alex and Scott’s wedding here.

Friends Episodes – like Elaine and Alan’s wedding here.

James Bond Films – like Lisa and Greg’s wedding here.

New York Locations – like Lesley and Neil’s wedding here.

Trainers – like Beverley and Chris’s wedding here.

Legendary People – like Tom and Emer’s wedding here.

Latitude Festival Stages – like Chris and Jo’s wedding here.

Back to the Future Characters – like Laura and Daniel’s wedding here.

University Colleges – like Geoff and Kelly’s wedding here.

Not forgetting; Cartoons, TV Shows, The Wedding Party eg bridesmaids names, Crafting,  Cameras or Computer Games.


 table names wedding

Image by Babb Photo, wedding here.

Back to Nature


Flowers – like Sophie and Alex’s wedding here.

Trees – like Marc and Gemma’s wedding here.

Parks – like Rachel and Owen’s wedding here.

Woodland Animals – like Amy and Matt’s wedding here.

Reindeer – like Carli and Ben’s wedding here.

Seaside Postcards – like Maria and John’s wedding here.

Perhaps you could have; Stars, Clouds or Birds.


wedding table names

Image by Vanessa Adams, wedding here.

So fun, you really can experiment and let loose with your table names. If you are still stuck have a think about the things you love as a couple, your hobbies and interests. Or perhaps don’t worry about table names at all, a wedding with no table plan can be super relaxed.

Did you have table names? Are you having table names? Please do tell all in the comments box below XOXO Lou

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