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It’s the little details that your guests will notice at your wedding, and your wedding table names are no exception. You could make things easy and stick with simple numbers or you could have fun and really represent yourselves as a couple.

Wedding Table Names Hayley Baxter PhotographyImage: Hayley Baxter Photography via Sperry Tent Wedding


Unique Table Names Ideas For Your Wedding

Your wedding table names could even be an icebreaker and spark conversation between your guests. You could let your guests get to know you know as a couple even more or perhaps you could create a fun game with your wedding table names.

Once you have chosen your wedding table names, then you can have a lot of fun deciding how to display your wedding table plan and wedding table names. Go all out and really let loose.

Without further ado, to help start you off below is a round-up of 50 fun wedding table name ideas.


Simple Wedding Table Name Ideas

Keeping your table names simple and sweet can be a good way to go. It means potentially less organisation, saving time and hopefully some money if you’re planning a budget wedding.

1. Numbers

It’s a classic, but using numbers is a simple, fuss-free and logical option for your table names.

2. Letters

Use letters of the alphabet, with perhaps hidden personal meaning. They could stand for your initials or private sentimental ideas.

3. Cities

Choose cities that mean something to you or your loved ones. Or perhaps just your favourite cities or ones you plan to visit.

4. Bands

Love music, gigs and live bands? Why not get musical and name your tables after your fave bands?

5. Books

Literary fans, name your tables after your favourite books, or perhaps from books that share a hidden meaning. Maybe a couple of your books are from your wedding readings?

Wedding Table Name Naomi Jane PhotographyPhoto: Naomi Jane Photography via DIY Literary Wedding


6. Colours

If you are a colour-lover, go all-out and name your tables after the colours of the rainbow. You can tie in the colours and create a colourful table plan too.

7. Holidays

Have awesome memories from holidays? From childhood trips to your future honeymoon? Use the destinations as inspiration.

Travel Theme Table Names Wedding Livvy Hukins PhotographyPhoto: Livvy Hukins via Travel Theme Wedding


8. Films

If you’re keen movie buffs and love the cinema, use titles from films that resonate with you. Flick through your IMDB account or DVD collection for ideas.

9. Firsts

This is the cutest table name idea! Think about your firsts; first date, first kiss, first holiday or first argument (maybe not that one!), but you get the gist. It’s such a personal table name idea and your guests will be loving finding out more about you during dinner.

10. Transport

If you love transport you could name your tables after different modes of transport or different car brands. Go wild be super personal with your choices.

11. Songs

Songs can have great meaning and impact on our lives but aren’t always suited to a first dance song or wedding ceremony song. However, they could be perfect for your table names.

12. Symbols

Ditch the alphabet and use symbols, they could be from the periodic table or simple emojis. Get creative and think about how you’d like to convey your wedding story.

13. Sports

If you love sport, it’s a great chance to incorporate teams, team colours or nods to your love for sport in your table names.

Wedding Table Name Sport Georgia RachaelPhoto: Georgia Rachael via Fishley Hall Wedding


Foodie Table Name Inspiration

If you’re foodies, think about table names that represent that. It’s all about representing your story as a couple on your wedding, and what better way than with your love of food and drink?

14. Pubs

Love a boozer? Perhaps you are fans of a pub crawl or have had epic dates in local pubs? Then why not name your tables after them?

15. Restaurants

Maybe you love eating out at special restaurants, or have a bucket list of restaurants you want to eat at? This is a great opportunity to weave them into your wedding day.

16. Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Use flavours as table names and think of the cute illustrations and colours you could use too.

17. Cake

Fan of the Great British Bake Off? Put your cake knowledge to good use and name your tables after different sweet treats. Yum.

18. Beer

If you’re a beer connoisseur you could choose beers to name your tables, use beer mats for an extra special touch too!

Wedding Table Names Inspiration Sally T PhotographyImage: Sally T Photography via Newcastle Wedding


19. Cocktails

Your cocktails are infamous at your parties, so why not add them to your wedding day in your wedding table names?

20. Puddings

Give a hint of your desserts for later with a secret message via your table names!

21. Dinners

Maybe you have a famous dish or have favourite foods, share them and have a giggle with your guests. You could even share breakfast and lunch for a bit more fun.

22. Sweets

Sweets would be a colourful and playful table name idea, you could even have the sweets named on each table as an extra treat.


Personal Wedding Table Names

Keeping elements of your wedding personal is going to make your day unique to you and all the more special. It may raise a laugh, a tear or spark conversation during the day too.

23. A Term of Disbelief

Tounge in cheek and fun terms of disbelief like, ‘Well push my peddles and call me a bike’ is a table name idea I’ve featured before. Think about funny things you say.

24. Personal Sayings

Do you have sayings that everyone knows you for? Or perhaps members of your wedding party too, this is a cute way to incorporate them.

Wedding Table Names Honeydew MomentsPhoto: Honeydew Moments via Treehouse Wedding


25. Numbers with Meaning

You could use numbers that mean something to you, such as the number of dates you’ve been on or how many trips you’ve been on together. Be sure to add an explanation for your guests too, it’s such a romantic idea.

26. Famous Couples

Just for fun, use famous couples and their photos as your table names. Perhaps they are fictional, or celebrities from past or present. You could even use couples from your family you look up too, that’d be a lovely touch.

27. TV Episodes

Episode names from your favourite TV shows, such as Friends, is a really fun idea. You could even build a quiz around them to entertain your guests later on too.

28. Film Series

How about films with a series, such as James Bond or Harry Potter, perfect for a really unique table name.

Wedding Tables Name Will PatrickPhoto Will Patrick via Bonhams Barn Wedding


29. City Locations

How about sightseeing destinations in your favourite city? You could use train stations or even street names for a really personal touch.

30. Trainers

Big trainer fan? Name your tables after them, you could even take photos to display them proudly on the day.

31. Legendary People

Do you have icons or legends that have influenced you? Take inspiration from them and declare what they mean to you on your wedding day.

Table Name Ideas Wedding Maureen Du PreezPhoto: Maureen du Preez via South Ayrshire Wedding


32. Festivals

If during the summer you are usually found at a festival, how about names of popular festivals or stages?

33. Characters

You could even choose your favourite characters from a film like Back to the Future or Lord of the Rings. Be ready for debates on said films during your wedding breakfast!

34. University Colleges

If you meet at uni or have been to multiple colleges or work in a university, then naming your tables after universities can be a lovely touch.

35. Special Dates

Do you have milestone dates you could use as table names? Perhaps anniversaries, birthdays or days that are special to you that would be ideal for your table names.

Table Names Wedding Stevie Jay PhotographyPhoto: Stevie Jay Photography via Arches Dean Clough Wedding


36. Cartoons

Cartoons can be a fun table name and also will make for a striking display using the animations.

37. TV Shows

Maybe you are a Netflix fan or love a box set. Honour your love of TV with your table names.

Table Name Ideas Wedding Holly Collings PhotographyImage: Holly Collings Photography via Coombe Lodge Wedding


38. Wedding Party

Show how much your wedding party mean to you, by naming your tables after your family and friends. The look on their faces will be priceless!

39. Crafting

Do you enjoy a spot of craft in your spare time? You could use this in your table names, naming them after favourite crafts or even materials.

40. Cameras

If you are a keen photographer you could name your tables after your favourite cameras and even display them for an added decor idea.

41. Computer Games

Nintendo, PC, Playstation or Xbox, whatever your fave is why not use your games as inspiration for naming your tables?

Table Name Ideas Wedding Janine Kirkwood PhotographyImage: Janine Kirkwood Photography via Family Farm Wedding


Nature Wedding Table Names

If you love nature and animals, now is your perfect opportunity to share that passion with your guests.

42. Flowers

Flower names are not only pretty, but you can also use flower images or illustrations to show your table name. If you really want to go all-in, why not use the same flower in your centrepiece?

43. Trees

Using tree names is a lovely way to show your love of nature and the planet.

44. Birds

There are so many birds, from native UK species to more tropical birds found in locations such as rainforests. You can really go to town with your bird-inspired names.

Wedding Table Name Idea Thyme Lane PhotographyPhoto: Thyme Lane Photography via Eco Garden Wedding


45. Woodland Animals

Perhaps you love being in the woods and have a fondness for UK woodland animals? You could even add animal decor as an extra touch to your tables.

46. Pets

If your fur baby can’t be with you on the day, show them you care by naming your tables after your pets.

Table Name Wedding Bloom WeddingsPhoto: Bloom Weddings via Animal Lovers Wedding


47. Postcards

Using postcards will not only save you money and time, but they can include some lovely, scenic destinations.

48. Celestial

If you love astrology and the night sky, why not think about moon phases, stars and star signs as potential options?

Table Names Wedding Limelight EntertainmentPhoto: Limelight Entertainment via Witchy Wedding


49. Clouds

Cloud formations have unusual names and you could really make this look ever so special as table names.

50. Parks

If you love to frequent parks for picnics, games and gatherings, use your fave ones as your names.

Wedding Table Names Mark Tattersall PhotographyImage: Mark Tattersall Photography via Autumnal Rustic Wedding


So much fun, you really can experiment and enjoy picking your wedding table names. If you are still stuck have a think about the things you love as a couple such as your hobbies and interests.

Or perhaps don’t worry about wedding table names at all. A wedding without a table plan can be super relaxed and informal.


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Wedding Table Names FAQ

Do I need wedding table names?

If you are looking to have a formal seating arrangement at your wedding it’s a good idea to use name tables. This will help your guests to find their place easily and avoid any confusion.

That being said, if you haven’t got a formal plan for your seating, there is no need to name your wedding tables.

How Should I display my table names?

It’s really fun finding ways to style your wedding table names and numbers. A simple piece of card can do the trick, but you may be looking for something a little more unique.

📌 Here are some display ideas:

The options really are endless!

How do you number the tables at a wedding?

If you choose to have table numbers, rather than names, it can be super simple deciding the order in which to number them. Take a look at your seating plan, and see what makes the most sense in terms of number order, so that your guests can easily identify their table.

Often couples start with table one, being their top table. Then the table next to them is number two and the next table three and so on. But there are no rules of the order in which you should number your tables. It’s also worth speaking to your caterers as your waiting staff will need to be clear about the table numbers also.

What should I name my wedding table?

There are no rules when it comes to choosing your table names. It really comes down to personal preference, having fun and showing off your personalities!

Where can I buy wedding table names?

If you don’t fancy DIYing your wedding table names or numbers, you can buy them ready-made once you have your names chosen.

👉 Some great places to find table name stationery or alternative table name displays include:


Did you have wedding table names? Are you having wedding table names? Please do tell all in the comments box below xo Lou


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