2021 Wedding Trends – What’s Set To Be Hot This Year

Happy new year! We won’t look back too much on last year (perhaps one we’d like to forget and remember in equal measure!) but what we are doing today is looking forward. 2021 is set to be a fantastic year for weddings and I am excited to take a look at the 2021 wedding trends I am predicting from the year ahead.

2021 Wedding Trends Lee Garland Wedding Photography

Image by Lee Garland Wedding Photography

2021 Wedding Trends

Wedding trends come and go, and over the past 10 years here at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings I have seen a lot. Everything from jam jars and luggage tags to afternoon tea and pom poms have had their moment. But what is next on the agenda for wedding trends?

I always like to make sure couples know when wedding planning that they do not need to stick to wedding trends. That they should plan their weddings from their hearts instead. However, we all love to see something new and fresh, so it’s always fun to be creative and have a unique stamp on your wedding. Whether you love keeping up to date with fashion or interiors, you will more than likely be looking to keep ahead of the wedding trends in 2021 too. In fact a top tip from me, is to look into what’s hot in the fashion and interior industries for inspiration on your wedding day style. But without further ado, let me share my top picks for 2021 wedding trends.

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Super Fun Parties

Many couples have already held their wedding ceremonies in 2020 but are awaiting the green light to host their wedding parties. This signals a huge new trend in two part weddings and a lot more wedding receptions and parties will be taking place in 2021.

2021 Wedding Trends Bloom Weddings

Image by Bloom Weddings

Midweek Weddings & Elopements

I really think more couples will consider elopement than ever in 2021 and a swing towards more couples considering this option rather than large scale weddings. After all elopements are so intimate and special. Midweek weddings will be commonplace in 2021 following wedding postponements last year. Midweek weddings can be just as memorable, ensuring hump day a really fun experience. This is one 2021 wedding trend I think will make weddings all the more special going forward.

Wedding Trends 2021 Belle Art Photography

Image by Belle Art Photography

Pantone’s Colour Of The Year – Ultimate Gray & Illuminating

If you haven’t heard about the 2021 Pantone’s colour of the year just yet, it’s been announced as Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Could this set a 2021 wedding trend? We shall see, however many wedding trends have followed the colours picked by Pantone, especially organisers of styled shoots. So expect to see this grey and yellow combo gracing our pages this year.

2021 Wedding Trends Kate Gray Photography

Image by Kate Gray Photography


Orchid wedding flowers have started to have a resurgence and I am loving it. Creative wedding florists have started to use the tropical flower in styled shoots and they work really well. Modern yet whimsical, this is a new wedding trend I am totally on-board with. What’s more you can deck your home in them too, win win.

2021 Wedding Trends Henry Lowther Photographer

Image by Henry Lowther Photographer

Tonal Flowers

Tonal colour palettes used both in flowers and wedding décor, which has an almost ombre appearance has been spotted by myself. Less unstructured, a little more formal and totally swoon-worthy.

2021 Wedding Trends Ruby Walker Photography

Image by Ruby Walker Photography


Terrazzo is having a comeback in the interior world and I think it’s going to prove popular in wedding styling too. Use the pattern for cake texture, in fabrics such as napkins and accessories and as colour inspiration.

2021 Wedding Trends Aurora Grey Photography

Image by Aurora Grey Photography

Ethical Weddings

Sustainable weddings have soared in popularity which is great news, but I think couples are also increasingly thinking about their ethical wedding impact. Thinking about supporting community, charity and helping others as well as being eco-friendly will be higher on the priority list in 2021.

2021 Wedding Trends Emily Tyler Photography

Image by Emily Tyler Photography

Staycation Honeymoons

With travel plans uncertain and many of us holidaying in the UK this year, I think more staycation honeymoons will take place. Those of us in the UK have certainly rediscovered and rekindled our love for the beautiful countryside spots we are blessed with. I think it will make couples reconsider more traditional destinations for 2021 and think about alternative, local honeymoon and mini moon locations.

2021 Wedding Trends Peter Hughes Photography

Image by Peter Hughes Photography

Outdoor Ceremonies & Receptions

Outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions in the UK have been steadily increasing, we’ve featured many here in our real weddings features. But with the COVID19 measures being focused around open air, I believe more couples then ever will choose to marry, dine and dance alfresco in 2021. Open sided marquees and tipis are a great option for keeping sheltered from the elements while allowing fresh air to circulate too.

2021 Wedding Trends Taylor-Hughes Photography

Image by Taylor-Hughes Photography

Curved Wedding Tables & Ceremonies

Gone are the days of only having the choice of a formal top table set up. For something totally different how about a curved table or round ceremony. Simple yet very dramatic, it will give the wow factor for sure.

2021 Wedding Trends Debs Alexander Photography

Image by Debs Alexander Photography

Painted Wedding Backdrops

We’ve had flower arches and moongates as past wedding trends. But in 2021 I am predicting more painted backdrops with a retro feel. Simple to create, totally easy to personalise and transferable from wedding ceremony to reception to use as a photo booth backdrop. It’s a really flexible and statement piece to include. Plus you can find another place for it after your wedding, in your home or garden.

2021 Wedding Trends Golden Hare Wedding Photography

Image by Golden Hare Wedding Photography

Rainbow Colour Palette

I’ve always loved rainbow weddings but rainbows have been everywhere this year as a symbol of thanks to the NHS. I’d love to see more rainbow weddings, injecting colour and vibrancy. It’s given much hope to 2020, so let’s see if couples choose this scheme for their wedding.

2021 Wedding Trends Babb Photo

Image by Babb Photo

Less Detail More Experience

With less experiences having happened in 2020, I think couples will shift from focusing on details to focusing on atmosphere. This will be a key 2021 wedding trend; one that’s not dictated by style or colour, but by heart. Relationships, memories and adventure all round.

2021 Wedding Trends Fabi Rosas Cabo Wedding Photographer

Image by Fabi Rosas

Terracotta Suits

Another 2021 wedding trend I am hoping to see, is for grooms to choose alternative coloured suits. I think terracotta and rusty suits will make way as a classic and neutral tone for groomswear, whilst really making a statement. So very cool.


2021 Wedding Trends Bernadeta Kupiec Photography

Image by Bernadeta Kupiec Photography

And so there you have it, my 2021 wedding trends predictions. What I do really hope for is a year jammed packed with fun experiences, memories and a lot of love. I am so excited to see lots of very special nuptials come to fruition xo Lou

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