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What a few weeks it’s been! I’ve recently undergone some dental surgery which has been excruciating both physically and mentally. Physically, in terms of the fact that it will never be comfortable having strange, sharp implements making a nuisance of themselves! The added pain came from many of my nearest and dearest doing some serious partying at various festivals and functions- the jealously was far more painful than the teeth issues.

However, being out of action did enable some serious reflection time about what is important for us at our wedding. Weddings can actually be a genuinely tense time. You want to do something special and different to everybody else, meanwhile having the juggling act of keeping every one simultaneously, overwhelmingly happy. It’s a real feat to uphold! Weddings are beautiful events, they happen every day and each is incredibly special, to the couple and their families and friends. However, there is the risk of having just too much… There are so many great ideas available for brides and grooms and it’s a minefield knowing what to select. Pinterest is my best friend and worst enemy for that very reason! I have recently though attended two weddings, for some very dear friends; both of which were incredible.

The first was incredible for its setting. The hotel was on an amazing bay in Protaras, Cyprus and the photos that were taken were stunning. If there are any destination brides reading, have a look at the venue (Pernera Beach Hotel), it is amazing! The beautiful bride was so relaxed on the day and just really enjoyed herself, as did everyone else. The mixture of the sun, sea and all-inclusive cocktails may have been the reason for this!


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The view at Pernera Beach

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Mr and Mrs Avery!


Just yesterday my oldest friend and his gorgeous lady got married and it was, to say the least, emotional! Their love and acceptance of each other, is so lovely and it completely shone through. It just proves what a wedding is about. Two people, making choices, together. Not worrying about the repercussions of the guest list or whether your card box if the perfect shade of ivory!

We have therefore decided as we are in our final months of planning to keep it simple, have fun and not worry about anything. And I could not be more excited!

We have had our tastings at our venue, Bisham Abbey. The food is insane! Even better than we had hoped for. It was somewhat hilarious eating autumn/winter food on the hottest day of the year, but still very enjoyable. We have chosen our food fairly cautiously in order to cater for the masses, but it’s ultimately the food that we would choose anyway!


Bride Blog Diary Journal Planning Simple Fun


The next few weeks will see us properly making sure the invites are out, thanks to the very talented Rachel at House of Airey- she has such creative flair which is something I really lack! We will also be looking forward to our pre-wedding photo shoot, which will mean attempting to make sure our smiles are less Chandler from Friends style, than they normally are!

So cheers, to the happy couples who have got married and cheers, to keeping it simple and enjoying the process!

Tor xxx


Bride Blog Diary Journal Planning Simple Fun Bride Blog Diary Journal Planning Simple Fun


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