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I’m Tor and my wonderful husband to be is Chris….. (I feel so grown up saying husband to be – I’m 28 so probably should have grown up already… but hey!) I am a Science teacher from the South East (standard, slightly nerdy, very sensible) and Chris is a musician from the South West (much more glamorous!).
We met in the summer of 2014 when I went on holiday with my Mum….. to a couple’s hotel (super awkward) and there was a superbly tanned, polite and handsome Turkish man serving pre-dinner cocktails. My mum even commented on the perfect English that he spoke…..

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Well, that was Chris and the slight twang that we heard in his accent was more of a West Country/ Wurzels lilt! He was working as a singer and musician for some very snazzy hotels, travelling the world and generally having a bit of a party. In contrast, I was a sensible teacher in a full time job with a pension and a long-term plan!
Despite how different we were, I can honestly say that I have never felt more comfortable with another human being than I did with him. We both knew that whatever there was between us; friendship or otherwise – it was very special.


We kept in touch every day after my holiday, until Chris invited me to stay with him in the last week of his contract. So…… I flew to Turkey. On my own. In a thunderstorm. Chris had nervous insomnia for two days. To meet with someone that we had only spent few hours with face to face with……


Best decision ever.


The Proposal


We will get married three years to the day – 21st October 2017.


Which is also a year to the day that Chris proposed! We were in Venice for a little city break and Chris asked me to marry him, just as we pulled out to the Grand Canal on our gondola! We then rode under the Bridge of Sighs at sunset. Perfect timing, perfect man! I am biased though…..


It did then all started to make sense as to why Chris insisted on bringing a VERY festive bum bag on our day out….. he spent an awfully long time justifying the pros of it, all the while concealing my amazing ring!



Our Plans


We have very little plans for our day so far, but we’re excited! We are buying our first house in three weeks and that is taking up most of our thoughts.


…….So although it may be dangerous, and it will probably receive gasps from the much more prepared brides out there – we are going to plan it all in 5 months *hides eyes in shame!*


We have however, secured our venue in the last two weeks – the beautiful Bisham Abbey! They have been amazing so far in being flexible and developing a bespoke package. Our photographer (Harry J Michael) is awesome. He is fun, young and colourful and promised to make me look like a supermodel – so I love him!
I love WWW. I love seeing the happy faces of the people in the photos. They have just had the best and most important day of their lives and we get to be a part of it. I especially love that it provides a beacon of joy, in a world full of things much less joyful. It is an escape and allows people to experience the wonderful feelings that the bride and groom must have felt. I also love how supportive all the readers and Brides are – genuine happiness for others is the beating heart of the blog.
I’ve never even thought about ‘blogging’…. but this has been fun and I think I kind of love it!


The kids at school would totally cringe at my level of un-coolness, which in my book, means it’s not too shabby!



The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog Planning Journal


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