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Ashley is the newest member of the WWW Bride Diaries girls. She is marrying Will in 2017 and they are just the cutest couple ever. Their floral, country, dreamy wedding sounds as though it will be a corker. I cannot wait to follow their journey to the aisle. YAY xo Lou

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Hello everyone! I am Ashley, and my fiancé(!!) is Will! We are both 25 years old and we live in the Dorset countryside with my son, Samson and our dog, Wednesday. I work as an administrator and Will is a finance manager, we love the countryside, baking cakes, travelling and walking the dog. I drink too much coffee, love taking pictures and I am super excited to be a part of Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and am loving everything that goes with being a bride to be! We are getting married on the 28th September 2017, which gives me 18 months of dreaming and planning!


First – How We Met


William and I met in the latter half of 2014, we had known of each other for a while as he had gone to university with one of my best friends (and bridesmaid to be!), Elaine. We were friends on Facebook but not a lot else happened for a long time. After a few drinks one evening, we started chatting to each other, and just didn’t stop! The following Friday evening Will made the 70 mile drive from Bristol down to my house. He ended up staying the whole weekend, and has pretty much never left!


Now – The Proposal


Everyone always asks me if Will’s proposal was a surprise, which is a surprisingly difficult question. Although it was a surprise, we had spoken about the fact that we wanted to get married, and it is something that we felt was right for us. I suppose this made it easier for him, although he still says that he worried that I’d say no!

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Will and I had planned a shopping trip to Bath to get some last minute bits I needed for my friends wedding which was taking place the weekend after. The evening before our planned trip, Will informed me that he was actually planning on taking me to London for a surprise shopping trip. I phoned my mum, and he had even already arranged babysitting with her. I was thrilled. So the next day we made the two and a half hour drive to the city. We spent a lovely morning shopping, wandering and getting very wet in the pouring rain. After half an hour of walking, we ended up in Trafalgar Square, by the fountains, huddled under the umbrella I had hastily purchased from a nearby shop when it started raining.<

It was noisy and busy due to workmen setting up for the Chinese New Year celebrations happening later that day, so when Will started rambling about wanting us to have somewhere that would always be there, I didn’t really pay much attention. Then he just blurted out “will you marry me?”. No ring, not on one knee, in the rain. After I established he wasn’t joking, and had composed myself, I said “YES”. He informed me that I had a one o’clock appointment at Tiffany & Co on Bond Street to choose a ring. I was over the moon, it was absolutely perfect. We trotted off to Tiffany and I got to spend two hours trying on beautiful rings, sipping champagne and feeling very in love. Choosing a ring from Tiffany had been a dream of mine since I was small (too many American rom-coms) so it really was the perfect proposal. It transpired that both of our parents had known for a while and everyone is thrilled for us!


The Wedding


I am so excited to be planning our wedding. I feel like I have a million and one ideas buzzing around my head and not enough ways to let them out! Apparently when Will asked my parents for permission to propose, they warned him to not let me “run away with it” (moi? never!). I have always been a plotter and planner and I love organising things. Trust me, I am in heaven with this!

We have our venue booked, which is a stunning manor house, but I’ll fill you in on that another time. We have also booked our FABULOUS photographers, Ben and Josh of Ben Goode Photography. The photography is really important to us, as we want our day captured perfectly so that’s why it was the second thing we booked. I am off to the Vintage Wedding Fayre in Bristol in a couple of weeks so I am very much looking forward to that too. Given Will’s profession, he can’t help but be conscious of the pennies, so we are trying to keep the costs within a reasonable budget. At the end of the day we are limited by what we are able to save every month as we will be paying for it ourselves.

I have a really clear vision for the day, and I know what I want to achieve with it, although I am finding it hard to put a label or a theme onto it. My plans are very English, very country, floral, a bit dreamy. I am excited to see how my plans for the styling evolve and develop over the next 18 months and to share it all with you guys!


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Dear Ashley,

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