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How does time just go so quickly?!? Although hugely cliché, it’s true, time really flies! We have just five months to go before we get married!

Most ‘big things’ are done; the date, the venue and the photographer. However, at the moment, there are no guests…


Custom Stamps


We decided against save the dates as our 100+ guests are genuinely family and friends that we have regular contact with, and they all know the date. We do though, have the pressure of ensuring every guest can find accommodation… It’s time to get designing! Otherwise, it will be myself and Chris in the Great Hall of Bisham Abbey, eating and drinking enough for 100 people.

I’ve really enjoyed looking at the designs that many brides on WWW have created, some are so beautiful I could cry! The invitations really need to balance the ‘vision’ of the day and also the important logistics. I am loving the work of House of Airey, I keenly follow the posts on Facebook!

One item I have ordered is a personalised monogram stamp from Bespoke Laser UK, which I just LOVE; my students know how much I love a stamper and a sticker. I can’t help myself! We cannot wait to use it over the seal of the envelope.


The Bride Diaries Invitation Wedding Stamp DIY Stationery


The Dress


I am very excited that I found THE dress! I never thought I’d be picky about choosing a dress and I was right. I like every single wedding dress, it’s quite ridiculous! They are just so amazing. I found it so hard to even decide on a silhouette; let alone a fabric, train, veil, lace or no lace? My indecisiveness was seriously heightened through the process, my Mum almost threatened to toss a coin as it worsened.

So, very luckily we found the wonderful Amy and Steph Miles at the White Lace and Butterflies Bridal Boutique, Great Missenden, just three miles from my house. These wonderful women are amazing, their patience is endless (as is the Prosecco!) and I can honestly say that I was desperate to buy my dress from them. When I finally tried on THE dress, I just couldn’t believe it. There is nothing that I would change about it. It had all the aspects I’d imagined and more, every look in the mirror showed something different and it really felt like me. The best advice I could give is to find something that feels as though you belong in it. Amy and Steph have amazing passion for their work, they even hand-pick a bespoke veil for each of their dresses! They are dedicated to helping their brides, I have no doubt that they are going to be a boutique of choice for many, many years to come. I feel so luckily to be one of ‘their brides’!


White Lace and Butterflies Bridal Boutique Wedding Blog UK

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White Lace and Butterflies Bridal Boutique Wedding Blog UK




Having a venue change in the course of a wedding can be a logistical nightmare, not to mention an expensive one. Our church is a twenty minute drive from our reception venue and although an easy route, we are quite constrained by time, so any wayward guests would be a bit of a problem! Therefore our knights in bus conductor uniforms have been! Chris sent out so many enquires before we made the choice, it’s really important to us to weigh up and be confident in decisions. They are a local company who offered such a great deal, that we couldn’t resist booking the double decker Route Master! We can’t wait to travel with the guests, it’s going to be so much fun!


Routemaster Bus Wedding Transport Wedding UK Blog


So exciting times are ahead! It’s super exciting and not stressful (yet)! In the next couple of weeks I plan to have my awesome army of 6th form students in a production line; folding invites, addressing envelopes and spray painting anything I can get my hands on! We are also attending a few weddings in the next few weeks, for some very special friends and I look forward to picking up their wonderful ideas too!



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