The Bride Diaries. Ruth’s Wedding Rings, DIY Details & Sequins

WWW real bride Ruth has quite possibly crafted up some of the coolest DIY details and decor ever this month. Not to mention commissioned their beautiful wedding rings and plunged into sequin heaven. Ohh I cannot wait to feature their day already xo Lou

The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


Rings, Dress, Sparkly Jacket, Favours Shopping Trolleys, Make-up, Table plans (It’s getting close!)


When we got engaged in January, we were hundreds of miles away from home, on a beach in Bali, cocktails in hand, feeling the most relaxed we’ve ever felt about anything. October in England seemed a million miles away. Right now with 9 weeks to go, it seems pretty blimmin’ close!

I’m still feeling fairly chilled about the whole thing, there have been a few moments where I’ve wondered whether we’ve been a little bit too chilled, but some of our best pals got married this month and it’s really helped me put things into perspective. Their wedding was incredible, and although all the tiny details were spectacular it wasn’t what made the day so breathtaking. It’s made me realise there are only three things that really matter on the day:

Loads of booze

Loads of food

Loads of love

Nevertheless, the bonus stuff is really good fun to mess about with and there’s been lots of stuff to get stuck into lately.

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First off, my hand has felt very naked this month. Every morning since it was given to me putting on my engagement ring has made me do a tiny little happy dance, but I had to part with it this month. The ring went back to the brilliant Mat at MH Goldsmith who made it, he cleaned it up and send it back along with the wedding rings he has made for us. We absolutely love them!


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog
My dress hunt is over… well it never actually started. I have tried on a total of 1 wedding dress. I ordered the vintage dress from eBay for £40 two days after we got engaged. It was a total impulse purchase, but it arrived, I felt dead cool in it and I’ve found a wonderful lady locally who is going to make some adjustments. Job done. Despite having a mega keen mum and future mother in law, and 7 brilliant bridesmaids I have done every bit of sorting the dress on my own. I realise to some this may make me seem like a creepy loner…  I’m OK with that. I’ve always shopped solo, I love clothes, I know what I like, and in the nicest possible way I’m not fussed if anyone else likes it! The thought of the whole bridal shop experience with mums and mates in tow, brought me out in a cold sweat. So I’ve kept it low key and really enjoyed myself. Plus the dress will be a surprise to everyone on the day.

I’ve also bought a sparkly disco jacket, I like the idea of having something to throw on over the dress later on.


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


After last month’s pact to stick with flat shoes I fell in love with this pair of Doc Marten’s Valentine 1461s; only to find out they were totally sold out in my size, but, not to be deterred when true shoe-love was on the line I emailed the good people at Dr Martens who tracked down a pair in my size at a far-away store. I called the store and spoke to a wonderful lady who was also getting married this year, she boxed them up, posted them and me and the shoes will live happily ever after (I’ve been dancing around the house in them making sure they’re broken in ready for the big day).


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


We’ve also put together our table plan. I was rubbish at this. I was over thinking the logistics of who sat where and which friends know each other etc. Tom was much more ruthless and the plan was done in half an hour once he took over. So the label maker had an outing on the lovely place cards my friend designed for us; we bought some picture frames and another thing was ticked off the list.


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


The crafting saga continues too, our house is filling up with paper cranes, tin cans, bits of fabric, card and ribbon. I was looking for an inventive idea for storing cards on the big day and was struggling to come up with anything original…. Then suddenly, like a gift from heaven, in the alley way next to our house appeared a shopping trolley. I bought a whole load of ribbons, some coloured card and thanks to the glue gun (The D.I.Y bride’s best pal BTW) voila! It looks a bit bonkers, but I like it.


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


We’ve also put together some wedding favours, we had some ace button badges from made up by River City Button Horde, I found their shop on eBay and contacted them to see whether they could make us some badges based on our favourite film, Wayne’s World, thankfully they were big fans of the film too and were really excited to help us. I’ve put them in some vintage match boxes I picked up from our local market.


The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog
Phew! There’s loads left to do: hen parties, head dresses and suits to name a few,  but ultimately, If I could marry Tom tomorrow, I would, because all you need is love (and food and booze).


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