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Autumn is my favourite season, it always has been. The crisp early mornings, the colour of the leaves, Halloween, the fireworks and bonfires, it can’t be beaten. It feels extra special now as it was October we got engaged and seeing the leaves turning a familiar gold and amber, brings back floods of memories and I can’t help but smile at the thought of what was to come this time last year, unbeknown to me. Fast forward a year and I am thoroughly enjoying all this wedding preparation and the planning process in general, I almost don’t want it to end but I know just how quickly the next 7 months will go, as I’m struggling to believe we have been engaged a year already… a year!? So, I’m trying to get as organised as possible and all these little projects that are slowly filling up spare spaces are another tick on the list.

I have been thoroughly fuelling my DIY engine, flexing my creative muscles and channelling my carpentry heritage. This month my wedding life has revolved around wood, with the help of my beautiful Mum (a decorators’ daughter!) who is undoubtedly the one to trust when it comes to a spot of DIY.

It all started when I found that my dad has access to an abundance of pallets. I’m one of those annoying people that will bring home random things with the idea of turning them in to something else, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the saying goes! So with a material as versatile as this, I knew that there would be something I could make out of all these unused pallets destined for the fire.


Autumn DIY Projects


Wood Pallet Wedding DIY Blog

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Many Pinterest hours later, I settled on making some giant letters, one for each of our initials. I’m sure you know the sort, there are many ‘light up letters’ available to hire these days, and I decided to make a more rustic and homely attempt from scratch. As an added bonus we will get to keep them forever, and who doesn’t want a couple of giant letters around the house forever? (Said no one ever!)


Wooden Letter DIY Wedding


We have completed one from start to finish and I must admit I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s not perfect, but every time I see it I think of my mum and this little project we have done together, also helped in part by my sister and my fiancé – it was a real team effort! We still have the ‘R’ to do, which admittedly will be more of a challenge with it’s curved edges, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! So far we’ve only had to pay for some plywood as backing and some strip wood for the border. I do love an up-cycling project! I thought about finishing with a simple white wash, but I don’t really think it needs it, though I think some fairy lights will help them stand out on the night.

Another plan in progress is to build a wooden pallet wagon. I’ve scoured for the perfect pallet and sourced some old lawnmower wheels courtesy of Nick’s dad. I just need to call upon some engineering expertise to hatch a plan to botch them altogether somehow; this one’s a working progress but I’m thinking it can be used by our pageboy Alex for various things throughout the day… order of service, confetti, cake distribution and things like that. We’ll let you know how this one turns out!

Finally, to finish my wood themed month, we have found some old tree trunks that we have saved from firewood again. This time we called upon my future father-in-law to slice them up, and then two tree trunks became 10 cake slices, ta-dah! I will need to clean them up and sand them down a bit before the big day but they are pretty much good to go.


Wedding DIY Blog Tree Trunks Wood Logs


It’s safe to say the shed if filling up nicely with our wedding crafts, and when I say the shed, there might just a little bit of overspill in to my dad’s garage! Where would I be with without all the help of both our families? I’m certain that none of the above would have been possible without them so yet again a little wedding prep helps remind you how grateful and lucky you are to be surrounded by such wonderful people. We’re feeling the love that’s for sure!


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