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Ashley has embarked upon deciding the florals this month, quite possibly my fave wedding topic. She is after seasonal blooms and it sounds as though her florist has some amazing ideas (I am a sucker for Dahlias). Ohh it’s so exciting! Thanks Ashley xo

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Hello WWW readers! I’ve had a busy month this month, lots of decisions regarding flowers have been made, DIY projects are being planned and we’ve even snuck in a little camping trip to Cornwall which was really inspiring! I’m also in the process of planting some lavender in our garden, in the hopes that we can dry it and use it as part of the place settings and also as pew ends. Our wedding folder is starting to to look a bit fuller!

After my complete indecision regarding florists last month, I met with the lovely Emma Hewlett. This almost didn’t happen due to the wonders of technology and emails causing a bit of a communication error between us, but I am so glad I did. I was so indecisive and so worried, but Emma was so lovely. She knew instinctively the kind of look I want to achieve, was able to suggest seasonal flowers (as I am clueless), and she was able to work within our budget! I think my experience of this definitely demonstrates the importance of meeting suppliers, it just completely put my mind at rest.

Emma is so easy to talk to, and it felt more like just having coffee with a friend than meeting with a supplier! I think for the flowers we are going to go for very loose, natural looking arrangements (although it turns out, a lot of arranging is needed to achieve that look!). I love peonies, however they just aren’t in season in September when we are getting married. I want the flowers to be as natural and seasonal as possible, so peonies are out. Keeping the flowers seasonal not only reduces the environmental impact, but also keeps things looking natural. The flowers will incorporate beautiful David Austin roses and massive Dahlias. And ribbon. I want long, trailing ribbons! Emma and I talked about the possibilities for decorating the venue and we decided on urns with wild looking arrangements. I liked the idea of candle wreaths for the centrepieces, but our venue is so large and grand, I was worried smaller arrangements would get lost on the tables, especially since we aren’t having a huge number of guests. Emma and I also talked flower crowns. I never knew there were so many choices around flower crowns, it’s fantastic and definitely has given me some things to consider!

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The Bride Diaries UK Wedding Blog


I have started to turn my thoughts towards creating our save the date cards too. I have decided, after much deliberation to make all of our stationery ourselves. I have spent hours searching the internet, but nobody seems to quite offer what I have in my mind! I am planning to send the save the dates in September, when we have a year to go. So that leaves us with three months to get crafty! I’m hoping because my vision is so clear it will be a fairly simple process, but I’m sure that it won’t be!Will has also been turning his thoughts to DIY projects, and has a whole host of ideas! Whilst camping in Cornwall, we came across some lovely little boutique shops, where I could have bought about a thousand things with the excuse that we could use them for our wedding! Inspired by some of the things we have seen, Will is hoping to create some over sized picture frames which will allow us to display family photographs and maybe even the seating plan. I will be sure to document anything he creates for WWW readers to see!


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