The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Katy’s DIY Wedding Invitations & Disney Hen Do

This week we have the lovely Katy here, sharing all about her ruddy well gorgeous DIY stationery, her fab Disney hen do and to do list. I love the extra celeb guests she has invited to their wedding :-) Oh and I am super jealous of her upcoming holiday, sounds divine. Thanks Katy XOXO Lou


real bride diaries


Firstly I have to apologise for being a rather slack real bride – turns out wedding planning is rather time consuming and I’ve struggled to find the time to actually write down what we’ve been up to! But on the other hand I’ll take this as a positive as it means we’ve actually been sorting lots of things out. And it’s about time too – we only have 6 weeks to go! How has it come around so fast?

I’ll save our crafting for the next post as it’s all still work in progress, but we have been making a lot of sloe gin, jam, pom poms, bunting, tin cans and much more. The one problem with having a shell of a marquee is you have to make sure there is plenty to fill it! We have ordered casks of beer from the local brewery on the farm next to where we are getting married, my Dad is slowly filling up their garage with alcohol, my Mum is deciding how to make the naked cake I’ve always wanted whilst not having to put it together herself on the morning of the wedding and I have been trawling through hair and make up quotes trying to find someone who will be right for our style whilst not charging more money then you could ever imagine!

I HAVE found time to go on my hen do, which was organised as a surprise and was absolutely perfect. My bridesmaids put it all together (extra shout out to Sally who did most of the organising) and we spent a fantastic weekend in a big house in Kingham in the Cotswolds. We had a pool and a steam room, cake, lots of prosecco, Disney fancy dress (they had told me to bring a costume), Mr & Mrs, wedding dresses made of tin foil, minnie ears for everyone, my Mum and her best friend performing the single ladies dance routine (sort of) dressed as Alice in Wonderland and Pocahontas (yes I do have it on video!) and so many more lovely things. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people I love, I actually had the blues for quite a few days after. You only get one hen do and it’s the best, so anyone yet to go on one, make the most of it! I would love to do it all again every year.
Here’s a photo of us all in our Disney fancy dress (the minions thought they were Disney!)


Disney Hen DoDisney Hen Do (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Kate’s Invitations, Make Up Trial & Engagement Shoot

Afternoon lovelies. Kate is back this afternoon to keep us in her wedding planning loop. From the loveliest invitations, to the make up trial and engagement shoot, she has been super busy. Ohh and if you read on you may get a cheeky slip about a project I worked on last month ;-)) Thanks Kate XOXO Lou




Hiya, so again it has been a while since I have had the opportunity to write a bit about my bridal journey. I am currently taking a well-deserved break from the hell that is that otherwise known as the seating plan, I think I need to heed the advice of several other brides before me by grabbing a bottle of wine and taking the plunge ha, hence why I am leaving it until a more acceptable hour of the day before looking at it again.




I left you on tenterhooks last time with the promise of the big reveal of our invitations, I am pleased to announce that we had the assistance of the very lovely Karen at the original wedding tea towel in making our invitation dreams come true. Mr C was hesitant when I first thrust my free tea towel sample (complete with tandem bike image) upon him and may have taken a bit of a persuasion and a “fine you find something better” approach before he agreed but upon reflection he has admitted that they are pretty awesome, wahey high 5 to me. Karen was fabulous in her communication and even designed a RSVP card with menu choice and our evening invitations for us which we printed off at vista print. We had a great response to the towels, although many people have actually confided in us that they are reluctant to use them haha. Luckily we have a few spare so have doled some extras out. Also we have arranged to have one framed so that people can sign around the edge as a guest book as we aspire to having a downstairs loo one day so it will definitely have a home in the future.


image image_4 image_3 image_1
I had the pleasure of being a Bridesmaid for one of my closest friends and my future sister in law in June so have gleaned a lot of Bride tips from these two experiences, I love how in this digital age the photos from the day are available so soon afterwards as I have absolutely loved reliving the moments. The sun was shining on both days so here’s hoping that we are as fortunate with the weather on our day, but if not I have purchased a giant red heart-shaped umbrella so all will not be lost and the show will go on.


image (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
WWW Needs You. Apply To Be A Real Blogging Bride or Groom

Real Bride Blogging

WWW real bride Amy on her wedding day. Full wedding coming soon!!! Image by Neil Jackson.


It’s that time of year again already. The WWW real blogging brides are all getting hitched. It’s been amazing following their journeys and I cannot wait to share their wedding days on WWW. Eekk!  It’s always sad for the real blogging brides to leave the blog, but I cannot wait to meet and get to know some new couples who are planning their wedding days.

Soooo I am on the search again for brides and grooms to be who are super excited about their wedding and who cannot wait to tell all to us here at WWW.


What is Involved?


We will want to hear all about your relationship, your wedding choices and of course to share your engagement and wedding images exclusively on the blog.

Writing a blog at least once per month for WWW, you may need to be a little addicted to your wedding planning ;-)

Chatting with the WWW community and responding to replies on your features.

To be able to start blogging for WWW as soon as possible.

How to apply


Ideally you are getting married in 2015 and are at the first stages of the planning.

If you would like to get involved, please email me at with ‘Real Bride (or Groom) Application’ in the subject box.

I want to get to know your writing style so tell me the story of how you met and your engagement.

I also need a summary of your wedding plans, including the date.

I want to know what type of photographer you are having (it needs to be a super duper brilliant one) and other wedding details/suppliers you have booked/planned.

Share your pinterest boards to help me to get a feel for your day.

Tell me why you read WWW and why you are the perfect fit for the blog.

Applications will close on Friday 8th August 2014.

I cannot wait to hear from you lovelies :-)) XOXO Lou

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Final Countdown

This afternoon I have Amy’s last feature before she tied the knot!! Ekkk, her wedding will be featured oh so soon, and I am super excited. But for now lets take a peek at some of her final choices and crafting… amazing!! XOXO Lou


Real Bride




The final countdown came around so much quicker than expected! And I kept a lot of my DIY projects until the last couple of weeks so I have absolutely loads to talk about. But before that came a final shopping spree so I’ll talk about that first.


I always thought that I’ll probably do my own make-up, and I decided to have a “bridal make-over” on a make-up counter to get some tips on how to do this. I don’t wear much make-up, and I’ve never spent money on it before, so it’s been a real treat getting myself some really good stuff. I was really unhappy with the make-over, they put far too much foundation and various other products on, and despite it being a very upmarket brand I thought I looked pretty awful, but it really helped cement the fact that I want to do my own! I have since had a bit of help from a couple of other brands, and I’m amazed by how good expensive make-up is. I’ve also bought a few nice skincare products, all of which has made me feel like a real grown-up woman! I have a skincare routine! It’s so addictive though, I had no idea how many products I needed! I’m hoping that just by making me feel my best, even if they’re all nonsense and I look no different, I will feel confident and that’s what matters really.


We’ve decided that instead of just having wine on tables we’re going to also have some nice bottled beers, and have ordered our beer choices from our local beer shop called The Curious Hop. We try to shop here rather than the supermarket for beer, so we’re both really pleased to be able to use the shop for the wedding, although their insanely good range made it really difficult to choose! We’ve mostly gone for local stuff, and luckily for us a lot of local brewers have been releasing bicycle themed beers to celebrate the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire in July, so we even have one bottle with a bike on to fit our (very loose) “bicycles and sewing” theme perfectly! Another big purchase has been made: Dan finally has a suit! So we should all look super smart. Speaking of which, I bought an extra dress for dancing in the evening, what a diva.


We’ve also made our final cake order. I mentioned right at the beginning of our planning that we’re using local vegan bakers That Old Chestnut for our cake table, and I’m really really excited for their ideas to spruce up their cakes so that they’re extra special for the wedding. I wont give anything away, but I can’t wait to see them! Both my mum and I are going to bake something each to add to the cake table, so that there’ll be absolutely loads of the stuff to go round all evening. We’ve also ordered some flowers from a really lovely organic flower farm called Ducks and Daffodils. We’re buying a couple of buckets of flowers and then doing our own really basic arrangements in bottles and jars. My attempts to grow my own flowers have been mixed, but I hope to have a few to add to what we’re buying. My main enemy when I first planted the flowers out was my toddler Rose; she found them terribly exciting and pulled up handfuls of defenceless stems, and even smashed two plant pots moving them around! She now understands that they’re not for touching, but has been replaced by a new super enemy: slugs. I hate slugs. I have been out in the rain several times to pluck them from my poor plants, and the record for one evening is 20 slugs. A lot of the plants had no chance against such an onslaught, but against all odds some are still going strong and a few have rather annoyingly even flowered early. I will be so so happy if we have even a small bunch to show for all this hard work!


tablenumber tablenumber2



So, on to all my crafting. I’ve stitched table numbers on a mixture of fabrics to put into frames in the middle of the table. I’m more happy with some of these than others, some were a bit rushed but never mind. I learnt some new embroidery stitches in doing these, and I enjoyed them so much that I think I’ll try to use my new skills to make some new products once I’ve recovered from the wedding.  I’ve also made various other little bits, in fact this has been a bit of a problem for me. I’m really used to making tiny things because of making little brooches , so I’ve struggled a bit to think big. I’ve made some tiny little flags and bunting to stick into cakes, which is cute but wont really do much to decorate the room!





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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Kate’s Cakes, Crafting & Suit Buying

Afternoon you lovely lot :-)

WWW real bride Kate is here to share her latest wedding adventures. The boys are suited and booted, the cakes chosen and Kate has done some gorgeous crafting :-) LOVE XOXO Lou


Real Bride Diary Journal



Well it is exactly 4 months today until I sashay down the aisle in my frock and greet my man in a gorgeous blue suit at the end of it. Yes I said blue suit, this means that we have successfully managed to sort out the third most important outfit of the day (sorry guys but the Brides and Bridesmaids come first hehe). All along Mr C has wanted a blue suit and we originally investigated the hiring options but we quickly realised that most hire places only seem to offer the tails option which isn’t what we were after. After some research we came across a lovely suit in Reiss and just like that the suit mission for the Groom was accomplished as it was absolutely perfect. I also accompanied my Dad shopping and after convincing him to try on a navy suit he admitted that he quite liked it and navy wasn’t that bad after all…you wouldn’t believe how many conversations were had about his dislike of the colour haha. We also managed to secure my mum a lovely cream jacket to go with her gorgeous dress, so the wedding party is slowly shaping up, eeek it is all getting very real.




Also we have had the pleasure of munching on some cake. Sally, a family member has very kindly offered to showcase her baking skills and offered to make us some cupcakes and a larger cake to cut. I discovered her yummy cakes whilst on a hen weekend, check out the photos of the bride, groom and bridesmaid style cakes. She also made red velvet cakes which were a huge success amongst us girls. We have gone for red velvet ourselves as a result of how lovely these cakes were. I am not overly a fan of cake or traditional icing and despite initially being adamant that I wanted a naked cake I realised that this was in fact a tad on the selfish side as some folk just like icing and my hubby to be is quite an icing fan. Long live red velvet cakes :-)



Luggage Tags


So onto crafting, firstly I must apologise as my giant K has not received any TLC as of late, I need to get off of my bum and get covering. I am tempted to try and use fabric as an experiment although that could prove disastrous. But none the less I have still been pretty busy with my crafting endeavours. I have hand stamped some luggage tags to tie onto our invitations (more about those next time as they are top secret for another couple of weeks but I am busting a gut to get them posted) I am pretty pleased with the tags and am hoping to use tags as name places at the wedding… good job as I have 300 of them ooopsie. I have also made some burlap table number flags for one of my BFF’s weddings which is in just over 2 weeks’ time, hopefully that has got me some bridesmaid points ;) . I am so chuffed with how these came out and I can’t wait to see them in situ, she’s having jam jar flowers so hopefully they will be rustic perfection. I am also hoping to knock up some bunting between now and then too.


Hessian Table Number (more…)

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