Remembering Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

This isn’t the easiest area of wedding planning to think about by any means, but we all have dearest loved ones we want to always remember. So in my book it’s an important and meaningful element of wedding planning to carefully consider. Thinking of ways to remember and incorporate that treasured someone into a wedding is a lovely sentiment. One which will be appreciated by every one of your guests and ensure they remain close to you and in your thoughts on one of the most emotional days of your life. Marking the absence of someone can be done in a physical or intangible way. These ideas will hopefully help you to find the perfect way to honour lost loved ones at your wedding.


Meaningful Accessories


Keep loved ones close by incorporating images, embroidery or names into your outfit. Groom’s could embroider a message in their jacket lining or wear cuff links with meaning. Brides, think about adding an image in a locket to your bouquet or a message in your dress or accessories.


Lost Loved Ones Wedding Remember Honour Ideas Family

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Photo tables are often used at weddings and they can be the perfect place to honour those that can’t be with you on the day. Adding a message or sign ensures your guests know what the photographs symbolise and mean to you and ensure a quiet place of reflection.


Lost Loved Ones Photo Photograph Memory Wedding

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Candles are always a healing and touching way to remember or mark someone dear that’s been lost. Have a memory candle displayed or incorporate a candle lighting into your wedding ceremony. If your venue don’t allow candles, then fairy lights can be a wonderful alternative.


Candle Memory Wedding Loved One Remember

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Sincere Gestures


Subtle and beautiful sincere gestures go a long way. Reserving a place in the ceremony for a dear someone that can’t be there, with either a single flower or sign is so touching.


Lost Loved Ones Wedding Memory Sign Ceremony

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There are also less physical and more private ways to honour someone too. You could chose a reading which is of importance to you or play a special song. I have featured a couple here on the blog that have derived their theme from a lost loved ones favourite book. Choosing that persons favourite flower to incorporate into your arrangements is a wonderful tribute as is incorporating favourite foods or recipes. Make a place for a mention in the speeches, in your order of service booklet or in a toast. Charity donations to a cause close to your heart instead of favours is also a lovely touch.



It’s a really personal choice the way you chose to remember someone special and I hope these ideas have given you a little help today. If you have any other ideas please do help our readers by leaving a comment below xo Lou


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