Pew Ends & Aisle Decor Ideas

pew end aisle decor ideas

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It’s easy to forget to decorate your wedding ceremony venue. The focus is on the moment, the vows and the walk down the aisle. I think it’s lovely to personalise your ceremony and by adding a few simple decorations you can do just that, setting the tone and atmosphere for the whole day.





Traditionally ceremony venues were swathed in flowers, and they still work beautifully. You can simply tie blooms to chairs or create standing arrangements. Use stong scented blooms like lavender or herbs for a special sensory delight.


wedding ceremony flowersmodern yellow ceremony flowers pew end aisle flowers decor ideas

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Balloons are a fun, colourful and inexpensive way to decorate your venue. I love how balloons can create a real party atmosphere, so why not start by decorating with them at your ceremony.


balloon pew end aisle decorballoon ceremony decor

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Not sure about flowers or balloons? Think outside of the box, you could decorate your aisle with felt hearts, doilies or even wheat. If you get crafty yourself it will help to keep costs down and add a personal touch too.


felt heart pew end aisle decor pew end ideas wheatalternative pew ends aisle wedding

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Jam jars can be used for so many things, and they hold blooms beautifully. The great thing about using jars to hang from chairs or decorate your aisle is that you can easily transport them to your reception.


jar pew ends aisle decor flowers

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Lighting in a wedding can create atmosphere and mood. I think delicate moody lighting using candles or fairy lights is so romantic and intimate. It makes for the most emotional feel.


lights decor ceremony aislecandle wedding ceremony decor aisle

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Ceremony backdrops give a pretty focal point and great background for your photographs. Use an arch with flowers, attach ribbons to a pole or use pom poms to decorate. So fun!


outdoor ceremony backdrop pom pom wedding backdrop arch ribbon wedding backdrop

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There are so many gorgeous options for decorating your pew ends and aisles. How are you decorating yours? I’d love to hear from you below XOXO Lou

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