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Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

It doesn’t get much better than gazing at the most beautiful fine jewellery now does it? Pieces which are to be worn a lifetime and have the most sentimental feeling are worth investing in.

Today I am getting to know Joy Everley, an independent jewellery designer who’s boutique in London is definitely worth a visit. Whether you are looking for a bespoke sparkler or gifts for your wedding party, their service and quality is second to none.


Hi Joy, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


My name is Joy Everley and I am an independent British jewellery designer, creating precious pieces for over thirty years. I am the main designer and co-founder of Joy Everley Fine Jewellers; a small boutique on the pretty, cobbled Newburgh Street in London’s Soho which I run with help from my daughter, Yasmin, who now works alongside me in creating new collections. We have a small, close-knit team so we tend to all get involved in the journey of a bespoke piece which creates a very personal experience! I love to travel; in the eighties I explored South East Asia but these days, when I am not in Soho, I tend to escape London to find my creative space in North Wales or Southern Spain.



Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

What type of jewellery do you specialise in?


I have always somewhat selfishly designed pieces that I wanted to wear but could not find anywhere else so the result is a rather eclectic mix. I am inspired by my surroundings so you will find many charms and trinkets taken from the British Countryside (the Running Hare is my current favourite!) but also the Spice Collection where pieces are carved to create true-to-life star anise, cardamoms, cloves and chilli peppers. I have always enjoyed working on unique, bespoke pieces which are handmade in our London workshop but recently I have begun to focus on Sustainable Engagement Rings which minimise environmental impact by using 100% recycled materials.

Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement


What do you love and dislike about your job?


The best and worst thing about running a small family business is that we all do a bit of everything! This means that everyday is different as I will be helping couples choose their wedding bands one minute, then meeting with artists to collaborate on our window displays, then going to personally select stones for a bespoke design. We have a lot of fun but there are endless ‘to-do’ lists so it can be hard to switch off.




How did you get into the wedding industry?


I started out with a tiny stall in Covent Garden selling gold and silver jewellery. It was a bit haphazard at first but I slowly built relationships with the best craftspeople who allow me to realise my designs in fantastic quality which made our little business stand out from the crowd and soon we had a loyal following who would come to us seeking truly individual pieces for weddings and engagements and many still come back to us now for each anniversary!



Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

Tell us about your typical working day.


I don’t think I have a typical working day! These days I have a wonderful team so I do not always need to be at the shop to open in the morning. If I have time I will start the day slowly by reading or doing some Pilates or, if the light is good, I often set up my DIY light tent to do some jewellery photography at home. I love my bus journey into central London, getting to pass many of the city’s sites and I try to work through a lot of my emails before I get to work so I can spend more time with customers. Once I am at the shop, you never know who might come in to visit (even the occasional celebrity)! Running your own business means there is always a lot of admin to work through but it is easy to be distracted when a parcel of loose gemstones arrive to prepare for a viewing or when I receive samples of a new design. I try to spend more time away from the city now so you can follow my daily life on Instagram @diaryofajeweller or see what we are up to at the shop @joyeverley.


Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement


If you could choose another role in the wedding industry what would it be?


Oh, I think I would enjoy being a wedding planner in far-flung exotic locations! My friend specialises in Indian Wedding Photography so we could make a great team.




What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


We aim to provide a bespoke service that is high quality, approachable and personal. We do not cut-corners with quality, sometimes we see pieces that customers have purchased from elsewhere that were created with a band that is simply too fine or a setting that is inappropriate for the stone which quickly become unwearable. We want to create pieces to last so if a customers design looks like it may be too fragile for its purpose we will guide them to a more resilient choice rather than allowing them to leave with a piece that will need constant repair. The beginning of the search for the perfect engagement ring is daunting and for many men their wedding band is the first piece of jewellery they have worn. We want to dispel the cliché of the stuffy jewellers and let our customers take their time asking questions so they can make their own informed choices. We do not expect everyone to know what they are looking for and we can provide for both modest and extravagant budgets! Designing everything in-house means we have the advantage of being able to engage with our customers on a more personal level, working with any budget to create something completely unique and tailored to an individuals personal style.


Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

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How would you describe your style in three words?


Eclectic. British. Joyful!


Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

Could you tell us some information about your packages/prices?


We can work to any budget. Our delightful Sterling Silver charms start from £20 and are a popular choice as bridesmaids gifts and if you have a large number of bridesmaids we can help you find gifts that balance their personal styles and giving a consistent look for the big day! Our most simple diamond bands can be under £1000 whereas more complex bespoke cocktail rings can be as much as £20,000.


Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

Do you have any tips for couples in selecting their wedding rings?


If possible, we recommend coming in to see us near the beginning of your journey so that you can see the jewellery in person. The experience of looking online does not give a true impression of the difference between a 0.3ct diamond a 1ct stone, or whether a rose gold or white gold is better suited to your skin tone. We spend so much time staring at screens these days, it is important to have the real life experience! However, once you have some ideas, we have found that apps like Pinterest can be helpful in gathering images and finding recurring themes in the styles you have selected helping us to guide you in your designs. (



Are you seeing any trends for the year ahead?


Sustainable Diamonds. From choosing fair-trade coffee, to reducing carbon emissions, supporting independent local businesses, or limiting the use of plastic bags. Every decision we make has the potential to an impact on the world we live in. Many couples today recognise the importance of applying these values when choosing the perfect engagement ring. Since launching my Sustainable Engagement Ring service we’ve seen huge interest from clued-up couples who just love the natural beauty of diamonds whilst wanting to make an informed and sustainable choice.


Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

Can you give us a teaser about what you are working on now?


We’re always working on something new, a huge variety of bespoke commissions come in all the time. At the moment I’m working on a bespoke Art Deco inspired rose gold engagement ring with a central diamond in a hexagonal setting. It’s going to look fabulous!



Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement


How can we get in touch with you?


Get in touch by emailing me at [email protected] or calling my shop 0207 287 2792


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Joy Everley Jewellery Wedding Engagement

Wow doesn’t that bespoke creation sound amazing!? I hope we get a peek of that beautiful piece.

Thanks so much Joy for sharing your amazing collection with us here at WWW xo Lou


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