The Bride Diaries: Kirsty’s DIY Wedding Flowers & Guest Book

Afternoon lovelies. Before you head off for the weekend to make a dent in your wedding to do list, real bride Kirsty is back. This month she has been attending workshops to learn new skills to help her to DIY her wedding flowers. Such a fab idea!

Thanks so much Kirsty. Happy Friday XOXO Lou


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It’s been a month since my first post and I’ve been getting crafty!

Steve’s sister and I have taken it as a challenge to attend as many craft workshops where possible and if there’s not one on we fancy, having a Monday night cr-evening (craft evening)! Steve still refuses to come to one of the flower workshops to protect his manhood (fair enough). So it looks like I’m going to have to rope in as many helpers as possible to help with the table flowers before the big day. Luckily we are hiring out a big house close to the wedding venue for us to stay in with the main wedding party so shouldn’t be short of a few spare hands!

We’ve decided on the table flower arrangements being presented in a selection of old tins and so far we’ve gathered Bisto, Colmans and Chupa Chups tins courtesy of Ebay and local car boots, bring back car boot season!!!

In one of the flower workshops I’ve been to they taught me how to do an arrangement in a ‘container’- cant be much different to a tin, right?!

Here are my efforts:


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I’ve also been to another class that shows you how to do a hand-tied bunch; I’m thinking with a bit of practice I can do the mum’s flowers justice. They also taught us how to put the flowers in an ‘aqua pack’ that the flowers sit in which means they get watered all day, what a great invention! I would really recommend looking for similar classes in your area if you are thinking about doing all or some of your wedding flowers. The florist that taught us even said herself that she’s doing classes now as so many people are doing their wedding flowers themselves!

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Continuing the crafty classes theme, we also went to a bookbinding class which was surprisingly relaxing. We had tea, Christmas biscuits and stollen whilst peacefully sewing paper stacks together and used old maps and wallpaper samples (FREE!) for the outside. I was quite surprised when it all came together at the end and actually looked quite professional!

The group’s finished articles:


bookbinding image


As a result of the success at the bookbinding class, we’ve decided to make a much larger one as the guest book to use at the wedding and add a few extra handmade touches, possibly different papers and photographs; more of a wedding scrapbook than your regular guest book really!

The next thing we’ve been thinking about is invitations that we will probably send out early next year and with Christmas fast approaching it’s time we got a move on! We’ve been looking on Pinterest so much for inspiration and are thinking about doing a ‘bundle’ style held together with bakers twine and some cute tags- I’ve had approval for some teapot ones, yay :) I’ve been trying to think of ways to incorporate some of the stationery into one to save some money. Perhaps having the order of service and menu on one sheet or place setting and menu as one-if anyone has any suggestions they would be more than welcome? I underestimated how much the stationery would cost even when you’re doing them yourselves!

Hopefully we will have our tasting before Christmas as we’ve been looking forward to it so much and it keeps getting put back for various reasons :( but I suppose we’re in no rush with the wedding not until June.

Really looking forward to reading my fellow Bride’s Diaries to see how they are getting on and continuing to see all the creative ideas from the lovely weddings featured on WWW. Until next month, happy planning! x

7 thoughts on “The Bride Diaries: Kirsty’s DIY Wedding Flowers & Guest Book

Kirsty you’re putting my (lack of) crafting to shame! I’m at the need to worry about invites stage too. When you start thinking about all the printed things (invites, order of service, menus…) it’s a bit scary thinking of the costs. Even the stamps are going to add up, especially with one back for the rsvp!
Are you doing your own? I’m still really undecided!

Thanks Diana and Nathan, I’m quite shamelessly disguising my urge to do craft workshops with ‘saving money for the wedding’ projects! haha

Amy, you’re right the costs are mounting up. I never really took into account how much stationery would cost and just assumed if I did it myself then I would save money but I’m not sure we are now!
We’ve invested £40 in getting a printer that actually works on card and we can adjust it to fit size A6 as well so the printing isn’t a problem and we can pick the fonts we want too :)
I managed to do the RSVP cards at the weekend so hopefully I’ll have nearly finished them by my next post and can share some tips!

Oh that is a really gorgeous centerpiece you’ve got over there! It’s good that you can actually make your own and be able to come up with such a beautiful design. You must be very proud of yourself and those guestbooks, they are gorgeous too. You are really creative.

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