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DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial

DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial

Image by Carey Sheffield


For the WWW editorial shoot I really wanted to create something a little different for the guest book. The inspiration behind the shoot was nature, woodland and natural materials.

I felt this went hand in hand with a spiritual feel. So catching guests dreams for the married couple I thought would be a lovely sentiment.

Using natural materials I created this rustic dream catcher guest book, which can be used as a lovely keepsake post wedding too :-)

Here’s how to make it…



DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial


What You Need


Bendy branches/stems. I used Hazel foraged from the garden but you can try finding Willow too


Florist wire

Foraged dried seeds & blooms to decorate

Luggage tags or alternative for the notes


DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial


Begin by bending your branch into shape.

I made 2 dream catchers one smaller than the other for a complimentary look. For a natural feel don’t worry about the shape being perfect.


DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial


Secure with florist wire.


DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial


Then cover with twine.


DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial DIY Dream Catcher Wedding Guest Book Tutorial


Next you need to make your dream catching centre.

Begin by tying your twine to your branch. (more…)

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DIY Tutorial. How to Make Botanical Pebble Pressed Flower & Leaf Favour Place Names

DIY Tutorial How To Pebble Stone Dried Flower Leaf Botanical Favours Place Names

Image by Carey Sheffield


To recreate the table look from the WWW Photoshoot – Ethereal Woodland Wedding Ideas yourself, I am here to share with you how I created the botanical pebble favour place names today.

A super simple technique, which will also be fun to make in a large batch. Whether you want to use them as décor, favours or place names they will work really well on your wedding tables.

I chose a muted coloured stone and picked the cow parsley and leaves from the garden, so it can be really cost effective too.


What You Need


Flower Press



PVA Glue


DIY Tutorial How To Pebble Stone Dried Flower Leaf Botanical Favours Place Names


Collect your leaves and flowers and place into the flower press. Follow the instructions included.

If you haven’t got a flower press try using heavy books with paper either side of the flowers.


DIY Tutorial How To Pebble Stone Pressed Flower Leaf Botanical Favours Place Names


Leave them for a couple of weeks, mine were only pressed for a couple of days. And they still turned out great :-)


DIY Tutorial How To Pebble Stone Pressed Flower Leaf Botanical Favours Place Names


Undo your press and check out the results. (more…)

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Zazzle. Personalised Wedding Gifts & Touches. In The Hotseat.



Custom Team Bride tote bags

If you are looking for the final personal touches to your wedding then welcome to Zazzle.

Zazzle is a marketplace where near enough everything is fully customisable. From invitations to pillows and badges you can really make your own stamp. Whether you are looking for favours, fun touches for your hen party or gifts for the bridal party there are so many stylish and fun choices and ideas :-)

I have picked some of my favourites in this feature, but there is soooo much to browse over on the Zazzle site.

Let’s get to know Zazzle a little more…



Hi Lisa, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


I have been at Merchandiser at Zazzle for three years. I have a background in Beauty Merchandise and Marketing and Visual Communications.



I’m getting married pillow


What do you love/dislike about your job?


I love that I get to collaborate with other departments for a variety of projects. It truly is a team effort. What I dislike is that sometimes you don’t get to enjoy holidays because you are always 2-3 months ahead.



Home print


How did you get into the wedding industry?


I’ve always loved to merchandise and once I started Zazzle I began to gravitate more towards the wedding experiences. Now I am responsible for our weddings pages,, where couples and get inspiration and ideas. Also,, an easy page that couples can navigate when searching for invitations.



Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


That I will showcase products with amazing designs that people will want to incorporate into their big day. 



Couples Monogram Pillow (more…)

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26 Wedding Place Names Ideas

Place names are a small detail of your wedding day décor, but can be totally fun and unique. You can really add your personality through even the smallest of touches.

Today I have trawled the WWW archives to bring you some brilliant place name ideas. From luggage tags, pebbles, logs and fruit; there is something to suit any wedding table. Think about your loves and hobbies as a couple and inject those ideas into your decoration…



Luggage Tag


Rustic Natural Fern Linen Place Name Setting

Image | Mitch Maher, full wedding here.


Dried Flowers


Luggage Tag Dried Flowers Place Name Setting

Image | Campbell Photography, full wedding here.


Map Hearts


Heart Map Place Name Setting Wedding

Image | Eleanor Jane, full wedding here.




Polaroid Place Setting Wedding Name Photo

Image | Big Bouquet Photography, full wedding here.




Apple Fruit Place Names Setting Wedding

Image | Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here.




Wedding Place Name Setting Pebble Stone

Image | Philippa James, full wedding here.


Cork Boats


Cork Boat Place Names Setting Wedding Decor

Image | Marc Smith, full wedding here.


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Sell My Wedding. Marketplace for Pre-Loved Wedding Items. In The Hotseat

y Wedding - Ally Byrom Photography.jpg

Image by Ally Byrom Photography 


I just love the concept of Sell My Wedding; an online marketplace for pre loved wedding items. Selling everything from dresses and accessories to reception décor.

The benefit of buying pre loved? You could bag yourself a bargain, save time on DIYing your day and be eco friendly too by recycling. Or if you are a newly-wed then selling on your wedding items will boost your bank balance, free up space and spread the love to another happy couple.

Plus founder Rebecca has a special offer especially for WWW readers, with 20 free accounts worth £10 each for couples to sell their wedding items and 5 wedding vendor accounts worth £100 each up for grabs, read on to find out more…



Hi Rebecca, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


Hello, I am Rebecca Aspin (34) founder of an online marketplace where newlyweds can sell their pre-loved wedding items to brides-to-be. The website re-launched with a new look in January and is helping brides across the UK recycle their weddings – from the dress to the decorations.


My Wedding - Simon Kench Photography (1) My Wedding - Simon Kench PhotographyMy Wedding - Simon Kench Photography (2)

My Wedding. Images by Simon Kench Photography.


What do you love/dislike about your job?


The wedding industry has changed dramatically since I myself got married in 2007. Not only have wedding trends changed but the daily inspiration from wedding blogs mean that brides-to-be have so much inspiration available to them. Already married, I love the fact that I can immerse myself in this beautiful, inspirational and creative industry on a daily basis. I love the interaction with our users, both brides-to be (our buyers) and newlyweds (our sellers) and seeing the fantastic weddings that they have planned or plan to have.


Rebecca Aspin - Ally Byrom Photography Sell My Wedding - Ally Byrom Photography

Images by Ally Byrom Photography 


How did you get into the wedding industry?


Sell My Wedding was established in July 2011 when following my own wedding I was unable to find a UK website where I could recycle my wedding items with another bride.

Three years on, many of the items from my wedding were still in bags and boxes.  It seemed such a waste to banish such beautiful items to the loft, never to be used again.

Whilst there were websites for selling second hand wedding dresses, there was nothing out there where you could literally sell everything to do with your big day.

I thought that such a marketplace would not only help make a wedding more affordable but it would also enable brides-to-be to gain inspiration from newlyweds, who had already done the hard work by trawling websites and shops to find the perfect items.


y Wedding - Ally Byrom Photography.jpg (1) y Wedding - Ally Byrom Photography.jpg (2)


What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Since we launched we have helped hundreds of newlyweds sell their wedding and we are proud to have over 1,000 beautiful pre-loved items currently for sale.

To mark our second birthday the site underwent major investment and development to make it even easier for newlyweds to sell their wedding and for brides-to-be to find their perfect items.

As well as a new look, the sign up process was improved and an internal messaging system introduced to make selling simpler and safer. The search functionality is bigger and better and you can now search for items to hire as well as pre-loved items to buy. We are also now iphone and ipad compatible meaning our users can add items from the convenience of their mobiles or tablets.

We remain passionate about recycling, reusing and re-loving and in order to bring together the largest marketplace of pre-loved wedding items, alongside our private sellers we have opened up our site to wedding businesses and vendors who specialise in pre-loved, vintage, sample or wedding items to hire.


y Wedding - Ally Byrom Photography.jpg (3) (more…)

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