Claire Pettibone ‘Romantique’ Collection 2015

It’s been far too long since I posted images of pretty frocks. Those of you planning your wedding for next year are in for a real treat in the style stakes. Claire Pettibone got in touch with a look at their 2015 Romantique collection and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Ethereal, dreamy dresses for whimsical style brides. I adore the back details on Claire Pettibone dresses, which make for such a gorgeous statement look.

Images courtesy of Claire Pettibone.

“A little Moroccan villa, a touch English garden.

Timeless with a vintage vibe.

Polaroid-soft light and lavender fields.

Graceful, poetic, bohemian wedding gowns priced under $3,000, made with love in Los Angeles.” – Claire Pettibone




Claire Pettibone 2015 adelaide_b Claire Pettibone 2015 adelaide_f




Claire Pettibone 2015 amour_b Claire Pettibone 2015 amour_f




Claire Pettibone 2015 bianca_b Claire Pettibone 2015 bianca_f




Claire Pettibone 2015 casablanca_b2 Claire Pettibone 2015 casablanca_f




Claire Pettibone 2015 ceylon_b Claire Pettibone 2015 ceylon_f




Claire Pettibone 2015 clementine_b Claire Pettibone 2015 clementine_f (more…)

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Alternative Bridesmaid Fashion // Mismatched, Sequin, Floral, Pattern & Multicoloured Looks

Alternative Bridesmaid Ideas Style Fashion

Image | Pete Cranston, full wedding here |


To round off the bridesmaid looks by colour series on WWW,  I have some amazing alternative looks for your maids.  Make your girls dance with joy at your dress choices for them; with sequin, mismatched, pattern or multicolour looks.

Anything goes…


Sequin & Metallic


You cannot go wrong with a touch of sparkle and glamour. Think embellished, sequins, metallic or glitter frocks and accessories.


Sequin Sparkle Silver Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas Sequin Embellished Bridesmaid Ideas Fashion Dresses Gold Sequin Sparkle Bridesmaids Dressses Ideas Gold Sequin Sparkle Bridesmaids Dressses Ideas Sequin Glitter Glamorous Bridesmaid Dress Ideas Fashion Style


Images | Ali Lovegrove, full wedding here | My Fabulous Life Photography, full wedding here | Alexa Loy, full wedding here | Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here|



How about giving your girls different dresses. Each bridesmaid will feel wonderful in a style that suits her and the look comes together for an edgy fun feel.


Mismatched Blue Bridesmaids Mismatched Peach Bridesmaid Dresses Mismatched Pastel Bridesmaids Mismatched Bridesmaids Mismatched Bridesmaids Alternative Mismatched Boho Bridesmaids (more…)

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Fashion, Favourite Finds
Maternity Wedding Guest & Bridesmaid Dresses. Fun, Classic & Gorgeous Fashion Ideas.

I am lucky enough to be a wedding guest this summer at one of our best friends wedding day. I am going to be 9 months pregnant – cue dress panic. I have been searching online for dresses for what feels like ages and I finally made a couple of purchases ready to try before committing to wearing on the day.

I have left it perhaps a little late, but there are some brilliant sale bargains to be had at the moment with plenty of stock still available too. So I thought it may be helpful to those of you expecting or even looking for maternity bridesmaid dresses to share my favourite finds.

I have stayed to the classic dress instead of skirt/trouser/blouse options for simplicity of style. But these can be fabulous attire options too. Dressing for a bump is not easy. You want to feel like ‘you’, being confident and showing off your personality. The highstreet is full of brilliant fashion options and there are also many black tie classic dresses on most of the shops I have sourced these dresses from.




I love a floral frock, add simple accessories and you will look amazing at a country summer wedding.


Maternity Wedding Guest Bridesmaid Fashion Style Ideas


|Maternity blue floral dress Price: £22.00 | Maternity Green Floral Bodycon Dress £19.99 |Cream Rose Print Maternity Summer Dress £39 |Maternity Easy Jersey Dress £69.30 |


Fun & Flirty


Looking for something fun and classic? How about these colour pop choices? You can really go all out on your accessories to make a statement too.


Maternity Wedding Guest Bridesmaid Fashion Style Ideas

| Grey sunray pleated one shoulder maternity dress £120 | Ruched One Shoulder Maternity Dress £80.00 |Green Knot Front Maternity Dress £46 |Cornflower Blue Multiway Maternity Dress £69|


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Bridesmaid Fashion // Black & Grey

Which girl doesn’t feel fabulous in an LBD? Timeless classic and a wardrobe staple, a black dress is so versatile, which is why a black or grey frock could be just perfect for your girls. Team with white bouquets, or colour pop accessories and you will have a gorgeous bridesmaid look.

Lets take a look at some real bridesmaids featured on WWW wearing the most chic of fashion choice hues…


 The Inspiration


Bridesmaids in Black Dresses Monochrome Black Tie Bridesmaids Dresses Ideas Quirky Black Leopard Print Dresses Bridesmaids Black Long Maxi Bridesmaid Dresses Bridesmaids Ideas Black Fashion Style Black Dresses Bridesmaids Inspiration Chic Black White Bridesmaids (more…)

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Bridesmaid Fashion // White

White maids have seen a huge rise at weddings since the Royal wedding and the wedding of style guru Kate Moss. And you can see why below; gorgeous neutral fresh frocks look wonderful with blooms, pops of colour and the hue can suit all skin tones. I love seeing bridesmaids in white…


The Inspiration


White Bridesmaids Ideas Fashion Style White Dresses Bridesmaids Rainbow Long White Dresses Bridesmaids White Bridesmaids Fashion Bridesmaids White Style Ideas White Bridesmaids Dresses Boho in Ivory Cream White (more…)

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