Bridesmaid Fashion // Blue

Dark Blue Dresses Bridesmaids

Image | Lisa Devine, full wedding here |


I thought today would be perfect to continue with the bridesmaid mini series, especially as the bank holiday is prime wedding planning time :-)

Today I am looking at bridesmaids in blue.

From duck egg, royal, pastel and navy hues there is a shade to suit every member of your party. You can add pattern, colourful accessories or mismatched dresses for a really unique look.


The Inspiration



Blue Bridesmaids Bridesmaid Dresses Blue Navy Bridesmaid Dresses Duck Egg Blue Bridesmaids Navy Bridesmaids Blue Bridesmaids Navy Blue Bridesmaids Wedding (more…)

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Bridesmaid Fashion // Green

Green Bridesmaids

Image by Kerry Diamond  full wedding here.

It’s time for the next instalment in the bridesmaid series here at WWW. This week we are looking at maids in green; mint, emerald, sage, turquoise and teal hues are on the up. I’ve featured quite a few weddings recently with pretty bridesmaids in these shades and it works gorgeously.

Lets take a look at some of the bridesmaids in green from the Whimsical Wonderland Wedding archives…

 The Inspiration


Green Dresses Bridesmaids Green Ideas Bridesmaids Green Bridesmaids Ideas Teal Emerald Green Bridesmaids Sage Green Bridesmaids (more…)

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Bridesmaid Fashion // Yellow

Yellow Bridesmaids

Emma Kenny Photography & Design, full wedding here


This afternoon is all about bridesmaids in yellow.

Yellow is the perfect hue for Spring/Summer weddings and there are so many shades to chose from. Whether you love a deep mustard, pastel lemon or fun sunshine yellow all can work super well with your wedding decor.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful bridesmaids donning yellow from the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings archives…


The Inspiration


Yellow Bridesmaid Dress Yellow Bridesmaids Yellow Bridesmaids Bridesmaid Dresses Bridesmaid Ideas Yellow Bridesmaids (more…)

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Flower Crown Inspiration

Flower Crown Ideas

Image by Tino & Pip Photography, full wedding here.

I have a long standing love affair with the flower crown. In fact if I were to be an imminent bride I am pretty sure this would be my hair accessory of choice on my wedding day. I am still so wanting to try out a DIY hair wreath too, watch this space.

Today however I thought it would be lovely to look at this gorgeous floral trend, the different blooms that can be used, colour ways and styles.



Flower girls


The little ladies in your wedding party would have their wedding outfit complete with a little floral circlet. Pretty, delicate and sweet, they are sure to look totally adorable.


Flowergirls Floral Headdress Little Girl Floral Halo Flowergirl Flowercrowns Headdress Girls Floral Halo Girls Flower Crown Flower Girl Flower Headdress Flower Girl Headdress Circlet Colourful Bridesmaid Headdress

| Esme Ducker, full wedding here |Anna Hardy, full wedding here |Kari Bellamy, full wedding here | Gemma Williams, full wedding here | James Melia, full wedding here | Matthew Long, full wedding here | Richard Skins, full wedding here | Jo Bradbury, full wedding here |Camilla Rosa, full wedding here Babb Photo, full wedding here |


Pretty Bridal Florals


How about the adults? Whether you want your maids to don floral halos or you yourself want to feel like a bohemian goddess there is a flower headdress for everyone and every season.

From delicate tones and ribbons to large colourful arrangements, why not DIY your own too?


Flower Crown Bride Floral Headdress Bride Flower Halo Bride Flower Crown Wedding Headdress Bride Flower Halo Bride (more…)

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Bridesmaid Fashion // Blush Peach & Orange

Coral Orange Bridesmaids

|Blush and Whimsy | full wedding here |



We started with red bridesmaids dress ideas and to continue with the bridesmaids mini series we move to the next colour in the rainbow… orange.

Orange can be a tricky colour to wear for many skin tones and so dipping into different hues and shades can work really well. Peaches, corals, blushes and nudes all look so very pretty and can be a great neutral feel backdrop to more vibrant pops of colour.

Let’s take a look at how the orange spectrum can look in your wedding party…

The Inspiration


Peach Bridesmaids

| Kari Bellamy | full wedding here |

Blush Bridesmaids

|Joni Bilderback Photography |full wedding here |

Orange Bridesmaids

|Vanessa Adams |full wedding here |

Peach Bridesmaids

| Brighton Photo |full wedding here | (more…)

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