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The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding. The Reception.

Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding


It’s time for part 2 of Daniel and Amy’s wedding day. YAY.

Amy has to be one of the most crafty brides I have ever featured. A crafters dream day, with embroidered, cross stitched and hand sewn details galore. There was a marvellous chalkboard seating plan, reels of cotton, DIY blooms and craft paper stationery. The vegan cake table really was out of this world and there were sweet activities for the children.

Amy found her 1950s vintage wedding dress online which she teamed with mustard shoes and pretty twist hair style. While Daniel opted for a vintage style blue tweed suit from Topman. Oh my.

Thanks so much to Neil Jackson Photographic for providing the beautiful imagery.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Blackboard Table Seating Plan Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Typewriter Guest Book


THE VENUE | After week of trawling websites for somewhere close to home and the right size, I stumbled across a real wedding at Victoria Hall in Saltaire. I’d been to vintage fairs at the hall and knew that it was stunning, so once I’d seen that it was available for hire for weddings I knew it was the one. We used the hall for both the ceremony and the celebrations afterwards, so it had the huge plus that guests who , like us, had small children didn’t have to ferry them between venues. It was also really important to us that we weren’t tied into in-house catering – we knew that we wanted to use a caterer who specialised in vegetarian food and would provide the type of food we love.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Cross Stitch Sign Cards Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Card Box Sign Decor Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Brown Paper Kraft Stationery Vegetrian Menu


BUDGET | We spent more than we’d intended to on the venue, but everything else was done relatively cheaply. We chose a caterer we were really excited about, but because we decided to go for a totally vegetarian menu even this was much cheaper than average.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Kids Children Favour Goodie Bag Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding DIY Blackberry Whisky Favours Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Childrens Play Area Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Top Table Bunting Sign (more…)

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DIY, Real Weddings, The Bride Diaries, Vintage
The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding

Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding


Can you believe the first of the 2014 WWW real brides is a newly wed already! Ekkk, it’s gone so fast and I am so excited to share Amy’s wedding with you all today. First up I have the beautiful ceremony and this afternoon I shall be sharing their super crafty reception.

Daniel and Amy married on the 21st June 2014 at Victoria Hall in Yorkshire. They had a vision of a laid back, kid friendly wedding full of dancing in the evening. There was gorgeous vintage attire, sweet florals and a lot of love.

Thanks goes to Neil Jackson Photographic for sharing his images today.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding


THE PROPOSAL |  We talked about marriage as part of our plan when we decided to have a baby two years ago, I don’t think that either of us had seen marriage as particularly important until we realised how nice it’d be to cement our little family. So after our little girl Rose was born we chose a vintage ring together, and I played the waiting game of when Dan would hand it over. A couple of months after choosing the ring we went on our first family trip away to Edinburgh, and Dan popped the question on a beautiful spring morning at Edinburgh Zoo! Rose was asleep in her pram and we were at a lovely look out spot overlooking the whole city, it was perfect.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding


BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS | I decided to keep in simple and asked my sister to be my bridesmaid alongside my daughter, and I’m really pleased that I did this. We thought about having them in matching dresses, or at least matching colours, but in the end just went with a cute white outfit for Rose and a floral vintage style dress for my sister, they both looked beautiful.


Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding Floral Bridesmaid Flowergirl Crafty Hand Sewn Vintage Wedding (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Introducing Bride to Be Amy

Afternoon WWWers. This week I am thrilled to welcome Amy to the WWW real bride family :-)

Amy is tying the knot with Ashley in August next year. I am so excited to hear all about her planning over the next year. Read all about how they met, the proposal and the beginnings of their wedding planning…. XOXO Lou


Real Bride




Why hello there lovely WWW readers, I must say I’m rather giddy at the thought I’m writing for one of my favourite wedding blogs (a Chandler-esque victory dance may have happened when I found out)! But I’m not going to lie, I am pooping myself a little knowing that my often incoherent ramblings are going to be read by so many people! Just stay cool Amy, no biggie. I’m so happy Lou chose me as one of the Real Bride gang, I now have an outlet for my constant wedding chat – something I’m sure best friend and maid of honour Fay will be very thankful for.

I honestly never imagined I’d be here doing something like this, I wasn’t the girl sat in her bedroom daydreaming of churches and tulle, but as soon as Ashley put that ring on my finger 10 months ago it’s been all I could think of (well, that and my obsession with finding the next great cake to bake – I will no doubt throw a few Great British Bake Off discussions your way, you have been warned).

So I guess it’s time to start at the beginning…….. way back in November 2011, there was a ruggedly handsome NHS professional called Ashley looking for a quick hook up (yep, one of those guys), he thought he’d try his luck in the online dating world. It turned out, he didn’t really have much luck, until one day he stumbled across the profile of socially awkward student Amy. He said ‘Hey, how you doing?’ (or something equally boring and uninspiring), normally Amy wouldn’t entertain such a lacklustre greeting, but the shallow minx in her urged her to respond.

Hardly the opener to a Mills and Boon, but riveting stuff nevertheless!


Real Bride (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Introducing Bride to Be Holly

Firstly a HUGE thank you to all of you that applied to be a real blogging bride/groom for WWW. It was wonderful to hear from so many of you about your wedding plans :-) I wish I had space for you all to blog for me.

This afternoon I am introducing you to the first of 4 brand new blogging brides joining the WWW family. I love the story of how Holly met Jim and the proposal…. thank you so much Holly for sharing your wedding planning journey with us. I cannot wait to read all about your plans over the coming months XOXO Lou


Real Bride


Let me start by saying this: I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have found such a perfect match as Jim. I wish you could all meet him. He really is one of the good ones. I’m sure we all feel the same way about our husbands-to-be but I do feel a little bit mean and selfish that I’ve bagsied him all to myself. Everyone should have a Jim.

I’ve been reading WWW ever since we got engaged (and probably a little bit before – sshh!), so I’m super excited to share our planning with you. Whenever I read WWW, it always makes me marvel at the wonder of what it means to get married. Each and every couple are unique and have their own style and character. It makes me realise that there are no ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ to getting married – as long as you have a certificate and a smile on your face at the end of the day, it’s gone perfectly.

Jim and I met about 6 ½ years ago, and although I don’t believe in love at first sight, he is the only man I’ve ever really fancied from the off. He was a tall, dark and handsome friend-of-a-friend who came in for a drink at the pub where I worked just as I was knocking off my shift. We got chatting and afterwards, when my friend asked if he could give Jim my number, I tried to play it cool and act all nonchalant… but then checked my phone as often as I could to see if he’d gotten in touch! Luckily for me, he did (I remember the text well: “Hi Holly. This is Jim, Sean’s friend. How are you?”), we went for a drink and the rest, as they say, is history.

We’ve just moved into a lovely little house in the midlands, with our cat called Mouse. Jim’s an avid volunteer for the National Trust and loves cycling to work. We’ve been known to run a marathon (or two!) together, which makes it sound like we’re quite sporty, but more often than not, you’ll actually find us slobbing out watching a good TV box set or letting our bums go numb at the theatre.




Jim proposed on my favourite day of the year: Boxing Day. Every year, all my Dad’s side of the family get together to go for a walk up a set of hills near us, followed by a hot meat sandwich in the pub afterwards and some party games and a buffet at someone’s house afterwards. The Clent Hills are just such a special place for me – it’s even where my parents got engaged!    (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Katy’s DIY Wedding Invitations & Disney Hen Do

This week we have the lovely Katy here, sharing all about her ruddy well gorgeous DIY stationery, her fab Disney hen do and to do list. I love the extra celeb guests she has invited to their wedding :-) Oh and I am super jealous of her upcoming holiday, sounds divine. Thanks Katy XOXO Lou


real bride diaries


Firstly I have to apologise for being a rather slack real bride – turns out wedding planning is rather time consuming and I’ve struggled to find the time to actually write down what we’ve been up to! But on the other hand I’ll take this as a positive as it means we’ve actually been sorting lots of things out. And it’s about time too – we only have 6 weeks to go! How has it come around so fast?

I’ll save our crafting for the next post as it’s all still work in progress, but we have been making a lot of sloe gin, jam, pom poms, bunting, tin cans and much more. The one problem with having a shell of a marquee is you have to make sure there is plenty to fill it! We have ordered casks of beer from the local brewery on the farm next to where we are getting married, my Dad is slowly filling up their garage with alcohol, my Mum is deciding how to make the naked cake I’ve always wanted whilst not having to put it together herself on the morning of the wedding and I have been trawling through hair and make up quotes trying to find someone who will be right for our style whilst not charging more money then you could ever imagine!

I HAVE found time to go on my hen do, which was organised as a surprise and was absolutely perfect. My bridesmaids put it all together (extra shout out to Sally who did most of the organising) and we spent a fantastic weekend in a big house in Kingham in the Cotswolds. We had a pool and a steam room, cake, lots of prosecco, Disney fancy dress (they had told me to bring a costume), Mr & Mrs, wedding dresses made of tin foil, minnie ears for everyone, my Mum and her best friend performing the single ladies dance routine (sort of) dressed as Alice in Wonderland and Pocahontas (yes I do have it on video!) and so many more lovely things. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many people I love, I actually had the blues for quite a few days after. You only get one hen do and it’s the best, so anyone yet to go on one, make the most of it! I would love to do it all again every year.
Here’s a photo of us all in our Disney fancy dress (the minions thought they were Disney!)


Disney Hen DoDisney Hen Do (more…)

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