The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Hair, Make Up & Beauty Regime

WWW resident real bride Amy is back. And this week it’s great to catch up on what she has been up to. I love her thoughts and decisions on her hair, make up and beauty regime too :-) Thanks Amy XOXO Lou




Hello there you lovely lot ☺ I bring you this instalment of Bride Diaries from an office which feels like it’s located somewhere in the Antarctic, seriously freezin’ hell! Autumn has well and truly set in now, bust out the hot water bottles and stock up on the hot chocolate. I personally love this time of year, I think it’s probably my favourite, what with the gorgeous colours, and not having to arm yourself with deodorant every time you leave the house – for me summer = sweaty mess (yeah I went there).

As much as I enjoy the cooler months I still get the urge for some winter sun, or rather a break away from work where sunshine is massively involved, no real requirement for winter. So when Ashley suggested a little trip to Majorca for the end of October, I was very much on board! It was very lovely indeed, sometimes all you want/need is to lay in the sunshine, letting go of all of your stresses, relaxing completely. And that is exactly what we did, literally. We were at the beach every day soaking up the glorious sun (it was only 25°c so no sweaty mess over here), eating a ridiculous amount of food, and guzzling all the wine. I feel no shame for being so lazy, it was just what we needed.


2014-11-19 08.12.05 2014-11-19 08.11.02


I’ve also been spending time with my momma, since moving out and up to Wakefield I don’t really have any quality mother/daughter time with her. We went to see the utterly fabulous Paolo Nutini when he came to Sheffield, he really was incredible that man is so talented, and ladies, oh so sexy! I don’t think I’ve ever referred to a man as being ‘sexy’, always seemed a bit naff and crude to me, but there really is no other word to adequately describe how easy on the eye Mr Paolo is. Sorry Ash!


2014-10-25 20.50.08 (more…)

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Gift Ideas for Beauty Junkies & Alternative Girls. Rosie and Amy’s Christmas Wish Lists.

After Sunday’s wish list from Jess and Holly this afternoon we are window shopping with our two other super lovely real brides, Rosie and Amy. Both of their dream Christmas presents are so different and I just love that. Rosie has a quirky cool style for alternative girls gifts, while Amy’s list is perfect for a total beauty junkie. Plus Amy shares all about her perfect Christmas. Those treats look scrumptious! Thanks girls… Merry Christmas XOXO Lou




Here is my Christmas ‘I would very much like’ list:

Christmas Gifts Presents 2014 Women Girls Girlfriend Fiance

I think this might come in useful for a little event happening sometime in September… Photo Album

My mum, sister and I rave about this stuff to everyone I know. It’s the most beautiful stuff this side of heaven. Moisturiser.

Hmm… One can dream… Bag.

Muddy puddles pose a definite threat when running with my iPhone in my pocket. Ipod.

Muji candles – particularly the Champagne and Elderflower.  (I don’t think they sell them online, but they sell all sorts in the shop!)

I think I think I would look better in these than I actually would… Trousers.

To be wined and dined here -

A little dog from the DogsTrust would be ideal, but as a long working day and a cosy flat won’t allow this, a goat will just have to do. 






So Lou wanted us to tell you all what we’re asking Santa for this year, I’m sure the other gorgeous real brides have some fantastic things they’re lusting after, me, well my list is rather superficial. It is very makeup orientated, as I’m rather obsessed with the beauty world, you will hear more about this in my next post. I also love coffee, I’m a massive coffee snob, so I’ve asked my wonderful husband to be if he would be so kind to buy me this all singing all dancing little number –



Beauty Gift Guide Womens Girls 2014 Christmas


Delonghi Magnifica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine – I’ll start with my most lusted after product.

Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette – Sticking with the blushes, Nars have released this limited edition palette that looks rather fabulous indeed.

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Look in a Box - Now to be honest I wouldn’t say I really needed every product in this box, but for the purpose of this post I felt it was better to use this link, instead of listing every product. Charlotte Tilbury is fast becoming the beauty world’s brand to watch, and for good reason, the quality of the products are second to none. I’m particularly lusting after the matte lipsticks and eye-shadow palette, so dreamy. (more…)

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Christmas Gift Guides for Brides. Jess & Holly’s Christmas Wish Lists.

It’s a Sunday ramble take over this week. As we have a little festive make over courtesy of WWW real brides Jess and Holly.

Those of you who are looking for Christmas present inspiration today, I have some fab ideas for you. From health kick gadgets to cosy PJs, bridal accessories and fun Christmas traditions to bring to your own festivities. Yay. Thanks girls XOXO Lou





Christmas Gifts Girls Womens 2014


Wow I never thought I would be asking for something so healthy for Christmas!  With the wedding now looming in t-minus 6 months, the first item on my list is to kick start the wedding detox diet in January: Nutribullet.

I’m not sure Santa will be treating me to this, but I can dream.  I love everything about this bag, the design, the shape….

With wedding coming and purse strings tightening I would happily settle for this little gem in my stocking: Whistles.

I have a weakness for anything beautiful and impractical for the home and Anthropologie never fails to deliver.  I would be happy if anything from the shop was under the tree but these lovely chess piece vases tick all the boxes.

Finally, Christmas isn’t Christmas without some pyjamas, love these from Gap.





We’re a family that enjoys a good Christmas tradition, and our latest Christmas trend is to give each other gifts costing only £1! We started it a couple of years ago, and it’s quite a good challenge. I’m very proud of some of my £1 gifts, especially decorating a heart-shaped glass corked bottle I bought from Poundland which I filled with bubble bath for my Mum. It’s remained in her bathroom ever since so she must have liked it. Last year, I also made each of my brothers their own sock teddy – here’s a picture of one of them sipping on some mulled wine before I’d gotten a chance to sew his arms and mane on!




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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Rosie’s Getting Organised. The Photographer, Look & Venue.

Afternoon WWWers :-) Real bride Rosie is here this month telling us about their decisions on their photographer, look and venue. It sounds like it is going to be one marvellous party. Thanks so much Rosie XOXO Lou




Any of my family and friends reading this will be surprised to hear my next statement – so those wonderful people, please brace yourselves – I believe that I am over-organised. Yes. Over-organised.

Since writing my first entry, Elliot and I have confirmed three huge steps towards our wedding.

Our photographer


As soon as El and I discussed this, Karolyn’s name sprung to my mind. One of the first people I met at University, Karolyn and I immediately became friends. Since then I’ve always loved following her website I love the way her pictures always feel natural and somehow manages to captures life and movement in the subjects, even when they’re sitting still.

While throwing around some wedding ideas, I voiced this to my mum and she secretly conspired with Karolyn to come over to London from Northern Ireland, to take mine and El’s engagement shots. I was absolutely chuffed. It would give us a perfect opportunity to see how we would react in front of the lens, and would also see how she worked too. It was brilliant because her partner in crime Jess, gave El and I fun games to play while the pictures were being taken. Even on the most stinking hot day in July, Karolyn and Jess managed to make us look and feel as cool as cucumbers. We also didn’t stop laughing.

Here is my favourite…




Karolyn and Jess were (and are) absolutely amazing. Even though we’ve known each other for a long time, Karolyn has been absolutely professional and has never once laughed at the crazy questions I’ve fired at her. I am so incredibly pleased to say that they have agreed to be our photographers for the actual wedding. I couldn’t be more excited for them to be there as professionals and as our guests.

‘The Look’


Someone I work with recently went to a Western-themed wedding. Now, if I was brave enough (and much more decisive), a theme is definitely something I would have convinced Elliot was a great idea. However, listening to him describe what he imagined the décor and layout of the day, it became pretty clear what our ‘look’ was going to be: natural, simple, bright and beautiful. After much researching, I decided that I really didn’t want any props and El came up with the ideas of using fairy lights and tea lights to create a homely atmosphere (come rain or shine). We also thought how cool it would be to use bits of foliage and foraged herbs to decorate the barn and tent.

The vision had started to get a little too ‘earthy’ and we felt like we wanted more pizzazz/colour. My mum came up with the amazing idea of pairing simplicity and light with home-grown dahlias to add fireworks of colours to the décor. My mum, El’s mum, auntie and Grandmother are all in on the act too! This will hopefully bring costs of florists down a little bit, and has also given all the matriarchs some fun things to think about. Goodness only knows what it’s going to look like, (and what will happen if the dahlia crop fails) but we’ll make it work!

Elliot has even designed this amazing stamp so use on the Save the Date, invites and Order of Service. He sorted it all out with the help of What a champ!


Dahlia Stamp (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Kate’s Been Crafting Rustic Wooden Signs & Dress Hangers

It’s time for WWW real bride Kate’s very last bride diary entry. Le sob. I have really enjoyed Kate’s wedding planning blogs and her last one today is a corker. She has been crafting up a storm and just gives us the perfect taster of her day to come. Thank you so so much Kate, I am super excited to see your gorgeous wedding day now XOXO Lou


WWW Real Bride Kate

Image by Carey Sheffield


Here I am again. My last post was all about cat dosso this time I am getting back on track with wedding, wedding, wedding. The big day is 15 days, 16 hours and 4 minutes away according to my countdown app, so its getting pretty damn close *excited shriek*. So what have I been doing? Getting stuff organised is the short answer. So we have sorted out the dreaded table plan, a lovely shop from Etsy called idoityourselfhas provided us with an aeroplane style seating plan, we just emailed the information and they collaborated it for us then it was a quick trip to the printers. A top tip from me would be to CHECK YOUR SPELLING as I embarrassingly spelt a family members name wrong throughout the whole process but luckily my Dad caught the error in the time and it didn’t make it to print with the error, phew. We have decided to name our tables after cities that we have visited as we are keen travellers and it is a shared interest of ours. The name cards were also from Etsy and are luggage label style, I then had to cut these to shape once printed, punch a hole in them and string them up on organza ribbon. Although they look fabulous it took a lot more time than I anticipated so I am glad that I have done these now rather than leaving them to the last minute.


 Luggage Tag Travel Place Names WeddingWedding Favours


Another craft project that I have been working on is making signs out of a wooden pallet. Basically one of my friends did this and I thought it was pretty cool. My mum can vouch that pallets are pretty hard to deconstruct as she did the manual labour and I got to do the pretty bit. Once the pallet was taken apart we made some stencils and painted the letters onto the sign. This was then nailed together and I loved it so much I just had to do a second one. The first sign is going to be at the end of the drive at the venue and I thought that it would be cool to have another one in the courtyard rather than send some poor soul down the drive to man handle it back up. So now we have two signs and the latter has some rustic bunting attached to the bottom and even hooks to attach balloons to as we have ordered some K and J balloons as we think they will look pretty cool.


Rustic Wooden Wedding Sign Rustic Wooden Wedding Sign  (more…)

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