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The Bride Diaries. Amy’s Theme

This week WWW resident real bride Amy is here with her second blog post for us. After getting to know all about Amy last time, today Amy discusses her thoughts on a theme and how they chose theirs. We’d love to hear all about yours too :-) XOXO Lou


Real Bride


What the hell is a theme? I’m sure some of you have cried out in frustration, upon commencing your wedding planning journey. I know I certainly did. When Ashley and I got engaged my wedding knowledge could be summed up in a very simple checklist:

  • Venue – preferably somewhere ultra-romantic, because isn’t that the only option?! (church as well if that’s what takes your fancy – we’re not religious in the slightest so we’d have felt very out of place)
  • Person to take lovely photos – no one told me these people had to be secured as soon as the ring was on your finger, man they get booked up fast.
  • Supplier of pretty flowers
  • The bridal get up – obviously saving the best for last


Like I said, very simple. I had no idea the kind of depths you can get into when wedding planning. Which is why now, when I look back at the first couple of months of our engagement, I think I pretty much jumped into it feet first, not giving anything very much thought at all. So carried away was I with booking things right away, that I didn’t really take a breath and have a look at all the options that there is out there.

So you may ask yourself why you need a theme, and to be quite honest, many of you probably won’t need one. But I’ve found coming up with a wedding theme has kept our planning focused and structured, otherwise I’d still be out there booking circus tents and art deco stationery (literally just made that combination up, though I can see it working, hello Water for Elephants).

I’m pretty sure I’ve told you this, but I’ll reiterate, I am ridiculously indecisive! Like seriously, it’ll take me a good 5-10 mins to think about what drink I want from the bar. I must have changed our colour scheme about 20 times, and I’m still adding to it. Coming up with A Midsummer Night’s Dream/Enchanted Forrest theme (doesn’t that just make sense with our wedding being held at Woodlands Hotel, I know hardly ground breaking, but I’m still giving myself a pat on the back) has really helped give us a fixed idea of what we want our wedding to look like.

I’ve also found it’s really important to stick with all the things you like, so just because we’ve chosen an Enchanted Forrest theme, doesn’t mean we’re going to have all neutral colours – I love both bold and soft romantic tones, therefore I’m making sure our day is filled with just that.

I’m sorry but can we just take a minute to ogle Ashley in all his ‘aawww that is so sweet’ glory.


Real Bride



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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Kate’s ‘Cat Do’ Hen Parties

I do love a hen do and Kate’s ‘Cat Do’s’ sounded pretty epic. A weekend in Brighton and cocktails at the Shard in the capital – amaze. There are some great ideas here if you are still stuck on what to get up to for your hen party. Thanks Kate XOXO Lou


Hen Do


Well here I am again and boy have I been a busy bride to be this month! So what have I been up to you may ask? I have two words and these are Cat Do’… note that I have said Cat and not Hen, this is because I have a completely irrational fear or birds and chickens are high up in the pecking order or birds that I am terrified of. So in truth I was fortunate enough to have two Cat Dos(very lucky). The first was organised by the lovely Lorna, otherwise known as Chief Bridesmaid. She sorted out the most Kateweekend ever. We went down to Brighton and stayed in a fabulous house close to the action, we drank an abundance of prosecco, so much prosecco in fact, all of us involved have had to avoid the substance for a few days to recover. After arriving at the cat hub I was presented with a Gryffindorcape which was pretty amazing and I am still wearing it around the house when I can get away with it. The following day I was informed that we were taking part in Its a knockoutand we were to be kitted out in matching Team Hogwartstee-shirts. To cut a long story short, it was an absolutely hilarious experience and a lot of fun. We did all sorts, from throwing sponges full of water down a convoy system to wearing a giant costume, balancing a pint of water on our heads and crawling over inflatable hurdles and a few other things. We actually came an impressive fourth place out of fourteen teams although we were gutted to miss out on a medal.


Hen Do Hen Do (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Holly Becomes Catwalk Wedding Dress Model

This month bride to be Holly became a wedding dress catwalk model. I loved the story of her experiences on the catwalk and how she came to find her perfect dress :-) XOXO Lou


The Bride Diaries


Since my last wedding blog, I feel like every weekend has been somehow wedding orientated. In short: I’ve been to seven (yes, SEVEN wedding fayres), made our Save the Dates and bought my wedding dress!  I’ve taken quite the U-turn from the girl who was (for a brief period) determined to wear a £12 skirt from Primark in which to get wed. Seriously.


The Bride Diaries


I’m not sure where my fear of wedding dresses came from, but until very recently, I wouldn’t even contemplate the idea of going into a bridal shop. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a ‘normal’ wedding dress. I dismissed the idea completely. It’s not that I didn’t think wedding dresses were beautiful – I’d spend more than a normal amount of time scouring Pinterest and designer websites fawning over dresses, particularly of the Jenny Packham variety, but I just didn’t think it was for me. I couldn’t imagine myself wearing one, plus I was petrified of spending a lot of money because deep down, I knew if I tried on something that I really liked… I’d have to have it, regardless of cost. It was easier to stay away from expensive dresses, as then I couldn’t be tempted. (more…)

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The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries. Introducing Bride to Be Jess

It’s F-f-f-friday!! Yippee. Before you head out of the office for a weekend of fun plans, I have our last blogging real bride to introduce to you :-)

Bride to be Jess is set to marry her beau Robbie in June and has a stonker of a day planned. I am so excited to hear her diary entries as the months go by. Be sure to read on to hear their love story and wedding theme… XOXO Lou


Real Bride


WWW readers what an absolute pleasure to have been selected by the lovely Louise to discuss my wedding plans, ideas, disasters and all! I can’t wait! My grammar is far from good (apologies in advance!) but ideas are literally bursting, so I look forward to sharing with you on the journey to the big day, 13th June 2015 (10 months and counting)


About me and the Groom to be, in November I will have known Robbie for 12 years! (See classic prom picture) We live in London, I work for a well known yellow department store on Oxford Street, doing visual displays in and around the store, generally making things pretty and sparkly. Robbie works for some well-known booze brands, selling cocktails to the masses in and around central London. If anything from my monthly updates I can promise ever changing decorating ideas and many a cocktail concoction! Perfect combination!


Real Bride


I hate mushy romance, but need to accept in telling you how we met that we probably sound like the quintessential Joey and Dawson, right off the creek! We met on the dance floor of the Halloween school disco, ‘time stopped and the crowds parted as we locked eyes’ – not quite! Robbie was dared to ‘pull’ a young unsuspecting girl from the year below and that lucky lady was me! Fast-forward to December 2013, Robbie nervously walking me round our childhood country park trying desperately to find the lake where we’d had many heartbreaking teenage moments. When we finally got to the lake and shook off the unsuspecting dog walker, he dropped to one knee right in mud. You’ll see from pictures; Rob’s utter fear, as this picture was pre-asking and then said muddy knee. Not a hint of cringe, just some mud and a bobby-dazzler of a ring! (more…)

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The Bride Diaries. Kirsty’s Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Part 2

Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding


It’s the perfect way to bring in the weekend – WWW real bride Kirsty’s wedding reception. YAY.

Kirsty and Steve created a wedding full of personality and love. From the tin flower arrangements created by Kirsty to the James Bond details and lawn games; every single detail was super thoughtful. There were happy memories created in the gardens, scrummy ice cream and stylish stationery. All so perfect. And Kirsty’s advice for other couples is spot on.

Thanks so much again to Sue Kwiatkowska for providing the images today.


Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Menu Stationery Pastel Peonies Tin Flowers Homemade Walled Garden Wedding


THE FLOWERS | I had originally planned on doing all the flowers myself but once we saw our venue had a beautiful arch, I knew I couldn’t do it justice! So we had the lovely India Burrill who designed the arch, my bouquet, the bridesmaid’ and buttonholes. I couldn’t have been happier, I loved the flowers so much I barely put my bouquet down and never ended up throwing it as I didn’t want to damage it. It know takes pride of place dried in our living room!

I wanted to do some of the flowers myself as I’ve always enjoyed flower arranging and ended up doing all the table flowers in vintage tins we collected from car boots. It was so nice as on the evening prior to the wedding, practically all the women in my family rallied in the big dining room of the mansion we were staying in to help create the centrepieces I had practised so many times and I wads so pleased with them! Thank you ladies ☺


Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding James Bond Table Names


THE DETAILS & DÉCOR | Along with the James Bond themes seating plan and table packs, we had some garden games to play, a photo corner with props, a tombola for our favours featuring my dad’s homemade lemon vodka!


Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding James Bond Table Plan Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Pastel Homemade Walled Garden Wedding Scrapbook Guestbook (more…)

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