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A Dreamy Native American Inspired Pre Bridal Shoot


Happy international Saturday! I hope you have a fun filled weekend planned :-)

Today we are in North Carolina, United States for a stunning pre bridal shoot inspired by the bride to be’s background. Lindsey is a descendant of Pocohontas and so a native American feel was used for the shoot. I so love the delicate, romantic feel of this shoot and that amazing feather crown.

Thanks so much to BPosh Photography for sharing their images with me via Two Bright Lights, here is what they had to day about the shoot;

“This bride-to-be is an actual descendant of Pocohontas! I just had to incorporate that into her boho chic session at this amazing architecture firm downtown. Lindsey’s fiance is working on his PHD in architecture so to combine this setting with her love for all things vintage and simple was a perfect pair. I searched for something to use for the native-american editorial part of the session but nothing felt chic enough so I went the DIY route and created the perfect headdress and dreamcatcher! I’m so glad the bride was just as obsessed with it as I was! It complemented her to-die-for BHLDN dress and anthropologie necklace perfectly.”


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Ivory Flame Beauty ~ A Fashion Bridal Shoot

Oh me oh my…. i fell head over heels for this amazing fashion style bridal shoot that landed in my inbox before Christmas. Incredible images, with the most beautiful flame haired model, who clutches a stunning orange bouquet. I think i have a girl crush…. Holly looks amazing in those boudoir esq shots too and the backdrop of the beautiful Paris House is perfect. No special details or frills required here.

Thanks so much to the fantastic Northamptonshire based wedding photographer, Aaron Storry Photography for sharing his images this afternoon, here is what he had to say about the shoot;

“I’m Aaron and a professional wedding photographer, the model featured in this special series if Holly {aka Ivory Flame}. Holly is a professional model who lives in Aylesbury, Bedfordshire.

Our shoot was on a cold Friday morning in November. We chose the stunning Paris House in Woburn, Bedfordshire as an ideal location to frame our bridal themed shoot.

The vision for the day was to create some simple yet powerful frames. A few weeks before shooting I researched the type of quirky frames I was after, these were a nice blend of candid portrait and posed fashion shots. I like to use a lot of symmetry in my work, I wanted to create some strong balanced images incorporating the beautiful ornate gates, surrounding walls and house itself.

I worked closely with Holly to decide on a range of looks, on the day it was just a matter of putting into practice everything we’d spoken about. I had also got in contact with a florist in Milton Keynes whom I’ve used before. Katie at Daisy Chain Florist in Milton Keynes really understands what I’m looking for, her contribution is the icing on the cake. As is usual with the way in which I work, 2 weeks running up-to a shoot I’ll be keeping an eye out for props, on this occasion I loved the idea of using a traditional lollipop. We also shot a few images with a 120 format camera, but they didn’t work out quite so well.

The Venue is the gorgeous Paris House. Paris House is an award winning restaurant situated in the middle of the Woburn Estate. The grounds cover 22 acres and have deer roaming throughout the day. Paris House is most famous for its fine dining and was very recently voted 54th best restaurant in the UK.”



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A Sexy Britannia Vintage Burlesque Boudoir

You have to love a bit of sauce and sexy on a  bank holiday Monday, and Alex has oodles of it. I love this vintage, Brit feel to the boudoir session, making it that bit different and so totally gorgeous.

Thanks so much to the gorgeous West Midlands based wedding photographer, Haywood Jones Photography for submitting this shoot today, here is what she had to say about the shoot,

“Alex is a a stunning girl so when we decided to do a boudoir shoot together, we really wanted to go for a much more elegant, classic beauty shoot. Getting naked, or even partially naked hasn’t always been as wham bam thank you mam as it often is these days. There can still be subtlety, a splash of elegance and and a helluva lot of sex appeal!

We borrowed an old pub in London for the day and got to work, creating I hope a little slice of old school glamour in the process.”



Boudoir Shoot
A Vintage + Edgy Contrasting Styled Beautiful Boudoir Shoot

When this little beauty of a submission appeared in my inbox, i admit, i let out a little squeal. I don’t feature boudoir shoots very often, but this one was so very beautiful and gorgeously styled i had to share it with you all. Your boudoir shoot can be for your husband to be or just for you, to make you feel special. What a truly gorgeous set of images. I love the contrast between the classically vintage styled shots and the edgier ones… fab!!

Thanks so much to Butterworth Photography for sharing their images, and to the stylist Adore by Chloe, here is what she had to say about the shoot;

“Some gorgeous, well fitted underwear can make a huge difference on your wedding day. Not only does the right bridal underwear work with your dress to ensure you look your best and feel comfortable, but it will also make you feel confident and sexy, knowing you look fabulous out of the dress too ;)

So with this in mind I worked with a fantastic team of suppliers to put together a bridal boudoir photo shoot at The Vicarage Boutique Hotel in Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Our first look was a soft and feminine, vintage inspired look featuring the most beautiful feather head pieces from Tattered Rose.

The second look was a little bit more devious, lots of attitude and ‘rock’ influences, pulled off with the most amazing ‘mohican’ inspired hair do by the very talented Simon from! I’m not exactly a rock chick but our model Georgina looked so good it made me want to be!

A huge thanks to Becky from Butterworth Photography for these gorgeous images, to Lou for featuring them on WWW and to all the other suppliers involved, I’m a very lucky stylist to work with such a lovely, talented people!”


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♥ A Twilight Boudoir ~ {www} Competion Winner ♥

How many of you are Twilight fans? I am a HUGE Twilight fan, and if you are a fan you know just how romantic the love story of Bella and Edward is… how fitting for today of all days :-)

This shoot is very very special, for it has originated from a {www} competition!! So i am super excited to share the results, it actually brought a tear to my eye – how soppy am i?!!

The shoot is amazing, gorgeous images and a gorgeous girl, with some fabulous Twilight hints :-) How much is her husband to be going to love this!?

Beffordshire based wedding photographer Shaneen from Rosewarne Cox Photography, ran a competition with the blog back in August. There was such a fabulous response that we had a runner-up, who was Alex ;-) {the winner is still to have her shoot}.

Here was Alex’s original entry…

“My husband to be is a big bookworm and movie buff and loves all kinds of literature. His favourite books include Alice in Wonderland, the Sherlock Holmes stories and The girl with the dragon tattoo. Some of our shared favourite movies are Indiana Jones and the Twilight Saga.

My idea is to incorporate those loved books and films into the boudoir shoot…

The Twilight Saga:

Fangs… Corsets… Old-fashioned elegance… maybe a soft toy wolf… ‘Bite me’ incredibly sexy feeling for a boudoir shoot and very glam! Many of the characters have lived from the Victorian times so a subtle victoriana theme — lace, pearls and tight corsets :-)”


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