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On Love and Photography, full wedding here.


I have spoken before about planning a village hall wedding, barn wedding and marquee wedding on WWW. But tipi weddings are another firm favourite of mine. So today I am sharing all about these beautiful majestic tents and how to create the perfect tipi wedding day…





Tipis create a real cosy romantic atmosphere and are often made from natural materials, which lend themselves perfectly for rustic décor.

Think about cosy rugs, picnic tables, fairy lights, fires and hanging decor such as bunting from the beams…

 Tipi Wedding Decor Ideas Tipi Wedding Decor Ideas Wedding Tipi Fire Cosy Ideas Wedding Tipi Decorations Tipi Tee Pee Wedding Ideas Tipi Wedding Decor Blankets Tipi Wedding Ideas Wedding Inside Tables

Images | Big Bouquet, full wedding here |Andy Li Photography, full wedding here | Carly Bevan, full wedding here |Babb Photo, full wedding here | Vivid Impact Photography, full wedding here |Matt Willis, full wedding here |  HBA Photography, full wedding here |


Blank Canvas


Don’t forget a tipi is a blank canvas and you may need to consider what else you may need.

Toilets, furniture, heating and cutlery are just a few of the essentials you will need to cover.


Wedding Toilets Facilities Tipi Tipi Toilets

Images | Matt Willis, full wedding here |


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Children at Weddings. Ideas & Planning Advice.

Children Kids Family Wedding Ideas Planning Advice Help

Image by Anna Hardy, full wedding here.


Being a nearly mummy of 2, I would definitely go for a child filled family friendly wedding if I were planning my day, and I know many of you are too. So I thought it may be helpful to have a look at some ways to keep the littlest members of your wedding party entertained and happy.





If you have a large amount of children at your wedding ceremony, it will more than likely involve giggling or crying in the background to your vows. Children may wander or get a little bored. But I think the mutter of little voices can really add to a relaxed atmosphere at a ceremony.

Why not get the kiddies involved, ask them to do a reading, sing a song, look after the rings, carry a sign or hand out order of service booklets. Children thrive at being given responsibility and they will love feeling important on the day.


Children Wedding Ceremony Ideas Planning Advice Help Family Children Kids Church Wedding Children Wedding Readings Kid Wedding Reading Ceremony Man Son Child Boy Kids Children Family Wedding Service Children Family Wedding Service Babies Baby Wedding Toddler Wedding Ideas Wedding Pageboy Child Kids Flowergirl Pageboy Wedding Aisle Sign

Images | Anna Hardy, full wedding here | Babb Photo, full wedding here | This Modern Love, full wedding here | Lisa Devine, full wedding here | Mr & Mrs Photography, full wedding here | Marianne Chua, full wedding here | Kerry Morgan, full wedding here | Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here |




At the reception have fun with the favours for children, think of things they can do to keep them entertained during the meal and speeches. Colouring in, stickers, books, bubbles and paper planes are all great ideas.


Kids Wedding Favour Children Wedding Favour Ideas (more…)

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Bespoke Verse. Personalised Poems & Readings for Weddings. In The Hotseat


Creating a wedding ceremony which is personal to you both is so very important. Which is why I am so excited to introduce you to Joanna from Bespoke Verse, who creates personalised wedding readings and speeches, which can be printed and framed to keep forever too.

Joanna also creates brilliant personalised gifts in the form of poems and prints which are stocked on Not On The High Street and John Lewis.

Let’s get to know Joanna a little better…


Hi Joanna , could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


I’m a bespoke poet based in Berkhamsted and I run a company called Bespoke Verse. We are the UK’s leading provider of personalised poems and poetry prints for weddings and special occasions. We write poems, readings and speeches which are closely based on the answers we receive from questionnaires. We also sell lots of generic prints of many subjects from marriage and parents to wine and dogs – we add personalised message to these for lots of customers.

I am a mum of 3 and apart from time with my family, I love our dog Dickens, books, holidays in New Zealand, Bobby Brown Make Up, Prosecco and Game of Thrones!





What do you love/dislike about your job?


I love running my own company and employ a wonderful team of writers and admin assistants. I enjoy working with other wedding suppliers too, but the best part of all is hearing feedback on how the speech or poem we have written has been the best part of a couple’s wedding day. It feels wonderful on a Monday morning to receive orders from people who heard our poems read at weddings over the weekend!

I am rather a workaholic but the downside is that since Bespoke Verse has taken off I don’t have so time to spend with my friends. Luckily, they are very supportive and are happy to lend a hand.





How did you get into the wedding industry?


I began Bespoke Verse after writing a rhyming speech for my own wedding which brought the house down and led to lots of commissions. It soon became apparent there was a market for well -written and witty bespoke wedding poems. We now write over 500 a year and have sold over 10,000 generic prints.





What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Our aim is to create something for brides and grooms that is talked about, reread and watched over and over for years to come.

We want to help our customers bring an element of uniqueness to the words used in a wedding – there’s no need for the same boring old reading! We also aim to help those who struggle with public speaking and writing and allow brides to give the ultimate in personalised gifts to their groom and the wedding party.

Our generic prints make great gifts for the wedding party too, especially parents and bridesmaids. We also provide a service where we can format and frame readings and poems – this came about simply because brides repeatedly asked us to do it!


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Lord Wordsmith’s Emporium of Poems & Rhyming Speech. In The Hotseat

Speeches Poems Wedding


Whether you are looking for a beautiful bespoke gift for the gent in your life or are after the perfect words for that special speech then I may have just the solution this afternoon.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Paul from Lord Wordsmith’s Emporium of Poems and Rhyming Speech, who creates tailored verse, speech and prose, just perfect for weddings. Plus they can be framed as a memento to treasure forever, lets get to know Paul…



Hi Paul, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


My name is Paul, and I am a wordsmith. I have started up a venture called Lord Wordsmith’s Emporium of Poems and Rhyming Speech. I provide a service whereby I will write a poem, rhyming speech or prose to any specifications and for any occasion.

My clients firstly fill out a questionnaire with lots of details about the recipient of the poem or speech, and I form them into a funny, touching or serious printed poem or speech; depending on what tone is needed.

Poems for Stag Do’s, Weddings, Best Man Speeches, a unique gift for the Bride & Groom, Anniversaries, Proposals or any kind of occasion in fact – Birthdays, Sorry, a Thank you…if words are needed then I can do it. It can be framed in a choice of coloured frames and card, or unframed if preferred.

Normally, they can be sent out within two to three weeks of receiving all of the information when ordered.


Speeches Wedding Poems


What do you love/dislike about your job?


I love receiving all the information about the person and building a rhythmic set of words that accurately portray them. There’s always some things that are unique to each person, which gives each poem a truly bespoke feel.

When those lines click into place and the rhythm is right, it really gives me a buzz knowing that it will be enjoyed.

The reaction from people has been incredible, and that gives me so much pleasure.


Wedding Speeches


How did you get into the wedding industry?


I used to have a terrible stutter, and at a young age learned a wider vocabulary to avoid linguistic pitfalls. This meant that I ended up quite wordy, and so I’ve always been asked by friends and family to write poems, many of which have been at weddings. It seemed the natural step to take to offer a service to everyone doing the same.

I love everything about words, and am about to publish my first fiction book in addition to some others scheduled later in 2014 and 2015; so this seemed the perfect venture to set up alongside that.


Wedding Speech Poems


What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


I want each and every client to end up with the perfect gift or speech that will make people laugh, cry and gasp if need be.

The end result should look stunning on any wall or shelf, and if it’s being read out, I want time to stop as people listen intently.

If those things don’t happen, then I’m not doing it right!

Tears or laughter or both – that’s all I want!


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Should You Have an Evening Wedding?

Samantha Birch, author of budget wedding bible The High-Street Bride’s Guide, gives you the lowdown on tying the knot after dark…


Evening Weddings

Image by Terry Li Photography. Full wedding here.


Here in good old Blighty the evening wedding is a pretty newfangled thing: only in the last few years did that the powers-that-be sign off on us putting a ring on it as late as 6pm. Which is partly why when you tell your mum you’re thinking about dusk-ish ‘I do’s you’ll get that face and a hand-wringing talking-to about the ‘best light’ for your photos.

But is there anything in your mum’s insistence that your album will be ruined, and what about what you heard on the grapevine about twilight nuptials saving you money? I’ve done some digging and here it is: the no-holds-barred truth about going from Miss to Mrs later in the day. Whether or not you choose to go for it is up to you…


Your Bottom Line


It’s all true: getting hitched in the PMs could help you save some serious moolah. How? Think of it like this: any suppliers who you tend to pay for the hours they put in—from photographers to bands and even your hair and make-up artist if they hang around—will put in fewer of them since everything’s happening later.

Then there are the food and drink costs—often some of the heftiest of the whole day: you can choose whether to launch into the full trad three-course wedding breakfast after your ceremony, or skip it and go straight to the evening buffet. Either way, at least you won’t be shelling out to feed everybody twice—and that could mean you can afford to add a few extra names to the guest list.

More? How about the venue? If you go for somewhere like a restaurant that expects you to cover the cost of all the meals they would have served to other customers in the time you’re taking up space, an evening wedding means only covering the dinnertime period, and not lunch as well. In this case, be smart and consider going for a Sunday—lunches tend to be more packed than evenings on the last day of the week, so you might even be able to swing a discount.


It’s Official


The one part of the day that could be more expensive if you opt for an evening wedding is your registrar. It varies by council area, but some, such as Manchester, charge a little more for weddings after 4pm. Weigh it up next to all the savings, though, and you’re still likely to be far better off financially than if you kissed the groom earlier in the day.


Right on Time


Remember the opening to Four Weddings—I won’t quote it, this is a classy blog, but you know what I mean—when Hugh Grant and co. wake up late for the first big day? Whether it’s guests or members of the wedding party you’re worried about turning up while you’re walking down the aisle, there’s no excuse when they’ve literally had all day. The same goes for winter-wedding worries about unexpected snow putting people on a go-slow: there’s a much better chance of them making it if they’ve got a few spare hours on their journey. As for on-the-morning supplier panics: breathe, you’ve got plenty of time to get it sorted.


The Sundown Kids


Is there anything more romantic than saying your vows lit by a pink sunset? Yep, I drew a blank too. Six o’ clock might not exactly be sundown in summer, but go for a winter wedding and it’s a real possibility—plus, if you opt for the off-peak colder months, you’re likely to save on the venue, too. (more…)

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