Wedding Weather Woes

Rain Wedding

Image by Kari Bellamy, full wedding here.


The weather is perhaps one aspect of your wedding you just cannot control. I know so many couples worry about the weather on their wedding day, so I thought it would be a good topic to discuss today.

The WWW real brides past and present share their thoughts on wedding weather and how it turned out on the day. Plus I have some helpful tips on planning for all weather possibilities…




“It rained on our Wedding Day and to be honest I didn’t care. I booked a winter wedding so no one would be under any illusions about it being cold/wet/potentially snowing.

I know it’s something some brides fret over and being the control frea…erm enthusiast I am, I am more then sure it’s something towards the end I would have stressed about had we had a summer wedding.”

Wet Wedding

Image by Photos by Zoe, full wedding here.




“I was FRANTIC about it – it was the end of the hottest, sunniest summer in years and the weather broke a few days before. We had a marquee and garden games for the children and lots of lovely fields, and I was so worried I wouldn’t get to use any of it and everyone would just be squished in a damp tent! Someone was smiling on us though as it hammered down the day before and the day after, but we had gorgeous sunshine with just one little shower in the evening.”



Wedding Umbrellas

Image by Matt Bowen, full wedding here.


Laura C


“We got married in Wales where it rains about 95% of the time so a beautiful outdoors summer wedding was never going to be on the cards! In the end we decided to go with it and got married in December, thinking that at least that way we’d know to plan for bad weather and it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to our day. In the end the weather was lovely – obviously it was freezing, but it stayed clear and dry and we were able to make the most of the winter sunshine and have all our photos outdoors, as well as sparklers and toasting marshmallows when it got dark. It really wouldn’t have made a huge amount of difference to the day if it had poured down all day either though, which is just what we had wanted. The only slight wobble I had was about a week before when particularly stormy weather meant lots of travel disruptions across the south west, which is where all my family and friends were travelling from – but even that didn’t cause too much stress since most of our guests came to stay the night before the wedding and so had plenty of time to make other travel arrangements.” (more…)

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Patchwork Present. Alternative Wedding List Service.

This afternoon I have the utter pleasure of sharing a unique and rather wonderful alternative wedding list service with you; Patchwork Present.

Flexibility is key, the possibilities are endless as the service allows you to ask for money from your guests towards the one thing you really want. Whether you would like a dream honeymoon, to create your perfect abode or would like some pretty new items for your home. This is the wedding list for you…



Tell us a bit about you and what you do?


My name’s Olivia Knight and I’m Founder of Patchwork Present. Our site is an alternative wedding list for couples who want to collect cash towards one big gift. Whether it’s a piece of art, a honeymoon or something special for the home, Patchwork Present lets friends and family get together to fund one much-wanted gift, piece by piece.


How did Patchwork Present come about?


I came up with the idea for Patchwork Present when I was getting married a couple of years ago. Me and my partner had been living together with our two kids for ten years so we weren’t exactly nest building and didn’t need a department store list. So I built a very simple site that let us show our friends and family our dream honeymoon and then allowed them to choose which part of the trip they’d like to treat us to. And that’s where it all started.


Caravan honeymoon


Can you explain how the site works?


You can use the site to fund any gift for any occasion. But let’s stick with weddings. Perhaps your one wish is to fund your honeymoon. You simply customise one of our many travel patchworks or create your own from scratch. Then show your guests your ideal adventure broken down into a ‘patchwork’ of pieces so they can choose to buy you whatever piece they want e.g. £200 for a night in a hotel, £50 for a fishing trip or £10 for a couple of cocktails on the beach.

As our site is independent of any retailers, gift money given by friends and family goes directly to your via PayPal account (minus our 3% commission) for you to spend when and where you like.

And when you’ve collected all your funds and are on your honeymoon, you can upload photos to your account to then email thank you notes, along with a picture of you enjoying your experience, to the specific friends who funded each piece.


What trends are you noticing in gift giving?


It seems that most couples getting married these days are already living together. When it comes to gifts, most people don’t want spoons and napkins!

Most couples use our site to fund their honeymoon. But we also have a lot of people using it to fund a deposit for their own home, to do up the kitchen or buy a new car.

I think so many couples are using our site because you can use it to fund anything. You can collect cash from friends all over the world to spend on what you want. It removes the embarrassment of asking for cash, makes giving money meaningful and is a fun, personal, creative experience for both those giving and receiving.


a house of our own (more…)

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Wedding Signs Ideas & Inspiration. From Rustic Wooden Posts to Blackboard Backdrops.

Wedding signs are becoming a must have at weddings across the UK. Whether couples want to keep guests informed and organised or to add a fun statement or backdrop; signs at weddings can provide so many uses.

Not to mention how fun and cute they can look. From rustic homemade wooden signs, to beautiful lettering on blackboards they can add so much pretty to your wedding decor.

Let’s delve into the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings archives and take a look at some wonderful wedding sign ideas.


Little Ones


Your favourite little people, made oh so cuter with a sweet sign. Whether it’s introducing you down the aisle or giving them a voice, its a lovely touch.


Wedding Pageboy Sign Flower Girl Wedding Sign Wedding Bride Sign Here Comes The Bride Sign Wedding Sign Ideas Bridesmaids Wedding Sign Sign Pageboy Sign Weddings Sign Mummy


Images |Stephie Joy Photography, full wedding here | M Studios, full wedding here |Jonathan Ong, full wedding here |Karolina Kotkiewicz, full wedding here |Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here |Closer to Love Photography & Design, full wedding here |Marshal Gray, full wedding here |Grace Photography, full wedding here |Kathryn Edwards, full wedding here |


Point Me In The Right Direction


Are there different areas to your wedding? Make sure guests know where they are going so they don’t miss out on all the activities on offer. Think arrows, rustic wood and fun destinations.


Wedding Sign Inpiration Wedding Direction Sign Rustic Wedding Signs Water Colour Wedding Sign (more…)

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Planning Your Wedding Guest Seating from the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners

The majority of couples still go for a formal seating arrangement and allocate seats to avoid disorganisation. This afternoon I have some tip top planning advice from wedding experts & WWW sponsors the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners about just how to get those seating plans right. Don’t forget you can download the WWW seating plan tool for free to help you get super organised XOXO Lou

Wedding Seating

Image by Pete Cranston, full wedding here.

When you begin your wedding planning, it is a rare bride who realises early on just how hard it can be to plan where to seat her guests.

For a start you will probably have had a variety of experiences yourself, some of which you don’t wish to replicate for your friends and family, plus it suddenly becomes a subject upon which everyone has a view and gives advice, whether or not it is wanted.

Here at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners we have some simple advice, based on many years of experience with wedding clients. We also canvassed our members for their advice for you. So here goes…


Plan your seating


Unless culturally your guests are simply not used to being allocated somewhere to sit, I would urge you to plan. The most intelligent people often act rather like lemmings at weddings, simply because they want to do the right thing for you and therefore hang around somewhat waiting to be told where to go and what’s happening next.

Katrina Otter Weddings say As tempting as it may be, try to resist the urge to share the table plan with your guests before the wedding.  No matter how carefully you think you have considered your seating arrangements you are guaranteed to receive requests from guests who want to change places!”


Planning Seating Wedding

Image by Struve Photography, full wedding here.


It need not be a specific seat


That said, you need not allocate each guest a specific seat. Increasingly many couples are choosing escort cards rather than a traditional table plan: each guest picks up a card with their name on which shows which table they are on, but they can pick which seat they sit in.

This is very useful with last minute changes, as you can simply remove escort cards if guests cannot come, or indeed add if they can. There are also myriad gorgeous ways of displaying them.

The Bespoke Wedding Company explains “We’re fans of the escort/placement card system which can make a beautifully designed seating plan table with flowers and other décor and any last minute changes can be dealt with easily by a quick swap of cards!”


Seating Plan Help

Image by On Love and Photography, full wedding here.


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Brides The Show. This Weekend.



Ohh it’s nearly here, the wedding event of the year. Brides The Show. Are you going along?

There is so much to see and do over the weekend, from catwalk shows to fabulous exhibitors and On The Sofa sessions with wedding experts. Whether you are newly engaged or just about to get hitched there will be so much information and advice available. It’s not to late to buy your tickets here.

What To Do


How about starting with a show tour with wedding planner Bruce Russell? It is the perfect chance to get familiar with the layout of the show and a great opportunity to be introduced to some of the brilliant exhibitors.

If you are still unsure on your bridal beauty look then be sure to make an appointment with Bobbi Brown for fabulous make up lessons, perfect for getting the right look for your big day or any occasion in the run up to your wedding.

Head on down to the Catwalk to see a show and get some must see inspirational fashion ideas.

Have a wander after a spot of lunch at The Laurent-Perrier Champagne Bar by Social Pantry and meet some of the wonderful wedding suppliers on hand to help you. Don’t forget a notepad and pen to jot down all the essentials. To be uber organised go along with a list of everything you need to check off so you don’t forget a single thing.

There are some fantastic workshops and tutorials from the best in the business in the Imagination Room. Have fun and try a spot of crafting. (more…)

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