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MurrayMe. Beautiful Hand Painted Wedding & Celebration Cakes.

Hand Painted Floral Peach White Wedding Cake MurrayMe

Image by Aphroditenet Photography 


If you are feeling a little peckish this afternoon then you are in for a real treat. It’s all about the cake.

I am thrilled to welcome the brilliant MurrayMe Cakes as one of WWW’s newest sponsors.

MurrayMe Cakes create the most striking pieces of art work painted straight onto scrumptious cake. Perfect for weddings and celebrations, their cakes make a huge impact. Whether you’d like to bake your own cake and get it decorated for you or let MurrayMe Cakes take over the whole bake and design; there is an option for every couple…


Hi Natalie, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


My name’s Natalie and I’m a 29 year old wedding obsessive who’s trained in graphic design and illustration. Alongside running MurrayMe where I design gorgeous hand painted wedding cakes, I continue to work as a freelance graphic designer. I am an all round creative person, and love nothing more than making beautiful things.


I am based near Brighton in Sussex, so spend much of my spare time wandering along the seafront with my lovely hubby and gorgeous new baby boy.


Bird Wedding Cake Painted MurrayMe


What do you love/dislike about your job?


I have the best job in the world. Not only do I work with cake (any girls dream), I also get to use my artistic skills on a daily basis. I simply love painting and drawing – I’m lucky enough to do this and bake as part of my job, so I can’t think of a better way to make my living. My favourite thing about working as a cake designer is seeing the look on a couples face when they see their cake for the first time. It’s a true honour to be able to create a part of someone’s wedding day. I feel so lucky to be doing that.


There really isn’t much I dislike about my job, except maybe missing human interaction every now and then. I can go for days without leaving my computer or kitchen, which probably isn’t too healthy.


Cath Kidston Cake Wedding Party Painted MurrayMe


How did you get into the wedding industry?


I got married a few years ago and being a designer and illustrator, I made practically everything for our big day. It was very much a DIY affair. Once the wedding was over, I was really sad that I would no longer be working on anything wedding-related. So, regardless of already being married, I continued to read the dozens of wedding blogs that had taken up my lunch breaks for the previous 2 years, and one day I came across an article on hand painted wedding cakes. I couldn’t believe that I had never seen these before! I was gutted that I hadn’t stumbled across it earlier as I could have painted my own wedding cake.


As soon as I read the article, I knew instantly that this was the perfect job for me. I’d get to continue working in the amazing world of weddings, creating dream wedding cakes for couples whilst using my creative skills in a completely unique way. I did a lot of research and found only a handful of people that were painting their cakes which didn’t surprise me. After all, it’s quite a specialist skill so I knew that I was onto a winner.


Swallow Rose Wedding Cake Painted MurrayMe


What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Because I offer such a unique service, my number one aim is to create a ‘WOW’ moment when their guests first see the cake. All couples want is to impress their guests, and my cakes certainly provide a talking point at every wedding. (more…)

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T.M Lewin. Wedding Attire For Stylish Grooms.




This afternoon it’s all about the boys as I chat trends and choosing the perfect attire with Anthony Procopi, the Director of Men’s Formal Wear at T.M.Lewin.

T.M.Lewin. has a stylish array of formal ware perfect for the gents in your wedding party, from suits to ties, shirts and accessories, it’s a one stop shop for the whole wedding day ensemble.


Hi Anthony , could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you and your brand?


T.M.Lewin has been designing and making shirts for over 115 years. In fact our founder, Thomas Mayes Lewin, was actually one of the pioneers of the original ‘coat shirt’, the prototype of the classic button-through shirt still worn all over the world today. A century later we’re still crafting shirts the traditional way and we now also create an extensive tailoring range, accessories and casual wear as well as a capsule womenswear collection.


As Director of Men’s Formalwear, my team and I work constantly to keep up with the latest menswear trends, as it’s obviously very important that we consistently produce a really high quality range that will keep our customers interested and inspired.





What do you love about working for T.M Lewin?


I always smile when I go about my day. One of the best things about what I do is that I get to see the results of what we do. People look really great in our clothes; on the train, in the media or very often just walking down the street next to me.


There’s nothing like the feeling of success you have when you know you’re part of a team that’s helped someone not only look good but feel great as well. You are what you wear after all.



How has T.M Lewin naturally evolved to cater for wedding attire?


At T.M.Lewin we focus on creating versatile designs to fit a whole range of different occasions. As far as extra special occasions go, any wedding day is a pretty big one, so it’s always been a major focus for us.


What makes us stand out from the competition is our unique ‘in-between’ sizing across both our shirt and tailoring ranges. Extra size options increase our chances of providing the perfect fit first time, without additional alterations. And the result is that the groom and his party will look like they’re wearing made to measure.



What do you aim to achieve for your customers?


We want to provide the perfect wedding day outfit, of course. But it’s also really important that every customer enjoys the in store experience and walks away completely satisfied. That’s what we really strive towards achieving. (more…)

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Diamond Boutique. Gemstone Jewellery & Engagement Rings. In The Hotseat.

For those of you on the search for the perfect sparkle for your engagement ring finger, the dream wedding band, a gift for your future husband/wife or jewellery to accessorise your wedding day attire then look no further.

Today I have the pleasure of talking to Diamond Boutique, a beautiful boutique which sells a huge range of gorgeous fine jewellery. With near enough every cut, style and colour available you will be spoilt for choice.

Let’s get to know a little more about Diamond Boutique and read their invaluable advice on how choose an engagement ring…



Could you firstly tell www readers a little bit about you?


My name is Pritesh Vegad and I am Founder and CEO of Diamond Boutique. I graduated from Northampton University with a Masters in Business Computing and worked as a senior business consultant for major consultancy organisations over a period of 8 years. I got married to Mira in 2005  and had the opportunity to travel around the world, which we grabbed with both hands. We spent 12 months on the road travelling from Japan to Lao to New Zealand to Easter Island and more. In total we visited 23 countries. I have been married for nine years now and have two beautiful girls, Arya and Aanya, who are my world.



What do you love/dislike about your job?


I love to travel so this is one of the things I really enjoy about my work. As I personally select each and every gem I have to travel to Hong Kong, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, amongst others, to source the most beautiful and rarest of gems. I am extremely passionate about coloured gemstones so having the opportunity to help and guide clients is fantastic and extremely rewarding for me.


How did you get into the wedding industry?


My passion for gemstones and jewellery was ignited when I myself was searching for an engagement ring, all the way back in 2005. I started to read and educate myself in the field of gemmology and slowly developed a real passion and desire for coloured gemstones. It was only in 2012 when I quit my day job and followed my dreams of having my own jewellery business and Diamond Boutique was officially born online.




What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


Quality, confidence and exceptional customer service.

Quality – with coloured gemstones it is all about the colour of the stone. Quality is key if you want a beautiful gemstone with excellent lustre.

Confidence – we give good old fashioned advice. Be honest and respectful of people’s budgets and requirements.

Customer service – we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. We will go above and beyond to make our customers happy.


What style is your work?


Diamond Boutique specialises in high-grade coloured gemstone jewellery, anything which has colour we love! Our style is classic with a modern twist.




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Minna. Eco Luxe Whimsical Wedding Dresses & 15% off for WWW readers.

Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses

Images by Annabelle Dalby from Your Dear Image


Good afternoon lovelies. Today I have the honour of introducing you to one of WWW’s newest sponsors; eco luxe bridal label Minna.

Minna creates dreamy whimsical dresses with a focus on affordability and environmentally friendly UK based production. With dreamy ethereal designs Minna‘s pieces are sure to make every bride feel utterly fabulous. With an amazing friendly service and bespoke options too, dress shopping just got even more fun.

Plus WWW readers get 15% discount in October on standard size dresses. (Excluding alterations charges, be-spoke dresses, children’s clothing, and lace fabrics.) Just use the code WHIMWONDWED at the checkout. WOW.

Let’s get to know Minna and take a peek at her stunning new collection…


Hi Minna, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


I grew up in a beautiful part of Finland near the Russian border. My childhood was very idyllic. Roaming free in the countryside, riding horses, picking up blueberries in the autumn, swimming in lakes and playing basketball. I have always been very outdoorsy and a real tomboy.

I found myself in London when I met my husband in a bar in Helsinki. That was 16 years ago and in the beginning of September, we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. Alongside running my busy business with offices in London, Helsinki and Dorset, I have two gorgeous children, dogs and horses. In my free time, I train for a triathlon and ride my horses.



Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses


What do you love/dislike about your job?


I definitely love receiving the lovely thank you emails and letters we get from happy customers. We feel a real connection with each piece we make. I never got that when we were doing ready to wear collections. Wedding dress is the most important dress a woman will every buy and to be part of that process is amazing! I also love the creative part of the business. Needless to say, I absolutely hate spread sheets and admin!

Despite the fact that the positive bits outweigh the negatives ones, I find it impossible to switch off. Now that I have two kids and house full of animals, my goal is to find a better work/life balance. Something that I have struggled to find for years…


Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses Minna Bridal Wedding Dresses (more…)

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The Bonkers Box. Fun Fancy Dress Wedding Photo Booth. In The Hotseat



Adding personality, fun and entertainment into your wedding is always an essential.

A photo booth can do just that, and I am thrilled to welcome brand new WWW sponsor The Bonkers Box to the blog this afternoon.

Emily from The Bonkers Box provides fun fancy dress, quality photography and a lot of laughs… let’s find out more…


Hi Emily, could you firstly tell WWW readers a little bit about you?


My name’s Emily and I own the Bonkers Box which specialises in fancy dress photo shoots. We go to weddings and parties with a white screen and a whole load of crazy props and encourage guests to get creative and have fun.

I currently live in Harborne, Birmingham with two rather eccentric but loveable house mates.


What do you love/dislike about your job?


What’s not to like? I arrive at weddings just as the party gets started and get to take silly pictures of people for a couple of hours. Clients and guests are always lovely and I always end up having a proper giggle at some of the sillier things people do in the booth.

The dislike part is easy too! It takes me forever to iron my backdrop before I go to a shoot. It’s 8ft square and made of muslin, which creases so easily, I hate it! It’s a small price to pay for an awesome job though, so I don’t mind too much.




How did you get into the wedding industry?


I set up the Bonkers Box about 18 months ago when my sister, Anna Clarke, decided she no longer wanted to offer a fancy dress photo shoot as part of her wedding photography package. As I was becoming interested in photography at the time, I decided to take on her clients who wanted a booth at their weddings, and things progressed from there.




What do you aim to achieve for your clients?


There are lots of companies out there that do photo booths at weddings but I pride myself on providing really high quality photos. Just because they’re silly and light hearted doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look great too! It’s all about creating high quality images with a bizarre twist to them. (more…)

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