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Homegrown Wedding Flowers. DIY Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 28


So it’s time for the almost conclusion of my home-grown wedding flowers project. All of the flowers in this bouquet are from my garden.

From all of the seedlings and seeds I sowed the Cow Parsley was the only real major success I have had (so far). An important lesson I learned and therefore a big tip from me would be to have a back up plan if you are growing your own blooms. Luckily I have quite a few established plants in the garden that provided the Sweet Peas, Daisies and Thistles.

A fair bit of effort did go into growing the blooms, but the satisfaction of seeing the end result is just wonderful. If you want to grow your own you could always ask a florist if they would be happy to arrange the flowers for you if you aren’t too confident.

Anyway here is my attempt at a pretty relaxed hand tied bridal bouquet….



What You Need |


* A selection of home grown flowers and foliage

* Florist Wire

* Ribbon/Twine

* Scissors


Try to cut and arrange the flowers as close to the wedding as possible. The night before or the morning of the wedding would ensure the blooms stay fresh.


Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 1


Step 1


Be sure to prepare your stems. Take off excess leaves, dunk the ends in boiling water and give them a good drink of cool water too.


Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 2


Step 2


Begin by holding stems in your hand tightly, adding in each stem in turn. Try to work in odds for a natural feel.

For this bouquet I wanted a long informal hand tied feel rather than a structured shape, so I used the Cow Parsley as a backdrop to the other flowers.


Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 3 Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 4 Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 5 Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 6 Homegrown DIY Wedding Bridal Bouquet Tutorial 7 (more…)

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How to Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers // Part 2 // Sowing Outdoors

Grow Your Wedding Flowers



The bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to get out in the garden and tend to your plants. So I thought today would be lovely timing for the green fingered :-)

Following on from part one in the grow your own wedding flower series, today I am sharing how I moved my seedlings outdoors. I am really enjoying this new project and learning about how to garden and grow blooms. I cannot wait to see the results already.


Sweet Peas / Step 1


Firstly I gave my bed a good weed and hoe.


Grow Your Wedding Flowers Grow Your Wedding Flowers Grow Your Wedding Flowers

Step 2


Next I created a structure using canes and twines for my sweet peas. Simply placed in the ground angled inwards and tied at intervals.


Grow Your Wedding Flowers (more…)

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DIY Easter Flower Arrangement

DIY Spring Easter Wedding Flowers Jug Tutorial


Afternoon lovelies, I have some pretty floral inspiration this afternoon.

I created this Easter flower arrangement with some pretty Spring blooms, which is perfect for your dinner table over the bank holiday weekend or for your wedding day flowers.

The whole arrangement cost me £2.50; for the 5 bunches of beautiful daffodils. The vintage jug I already owned and the rest of the foliage and blooms I foraged from the garden. It was super easy to pop together and I really enjoyed sitting in the sun with these sweet smelling florals.

Feel free to mix up the flowers you choose or the colourings. Think about using other vessels such as bottles, vases or tin cans too.


What You Need:


Flowers & Foliage (I used Daffodils, Tulips, Grape Hyacinths and Bluebells)

Jug filled with Water (add flower food to keep them longer)



Spring Easter Wedding Flowers DIY Jug


Step 1


Be sure to cut stems at an angle to ensure the flowers can soak up as much water as possible.


Spring Easter Wedding Flowers DIY Jug


Step 2


I began by arranging my foliage in the background. I went with the natural curve in the stem and let the leaves sway over the side of the jug for a natural feel.


Spring Easter Wedding Flowers DIY Jug Spring Easter Wedding Flowers DIY Jug


Step 3


I then started by arranging the flowers in the middle with the tallest flower, in this case the tulips. (more…)

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How to Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers // Part 1 // Sowing Seeds

Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


Growing flowers and having your own allotment is surging in popularity in the UK. With owning my first garden this summer I am experimenting with growing vegetables and I thought it would be fun to try and grow some cut flowers.

Over the coming months I will be sharing with you how I am planning my flower plot, what I plant, and what I learnt from the process to help those of you who are considering growing your own wedding flowers.

To begin with I am sharing the flowers I have chosen and how I sowed my seeds…


 What You Need


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY

/ Compost / Seed Trays / Somewhere light and warm / Water / Seeds / Tools / Gloves / Labels /


Step 1


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


Fill your trays/pots with compost up to approximately 25% full.


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY

Step 2


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY




Step 3


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


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Pretty Bridal Up Do Hair Style DIY Tutorial

This lunch time I have a simple yet super chic hair style tutorial to share with you. Inspired by an up do worn by Taylor Swift, this style is perfect for a bride, bridesmaids or just for a fab night out. I shall pass you over to BobbyGlam for the full instructions XOXO Lou


Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial 1


Taylor Swift’s hair is usually pinned up into a pretty up do or left down in natural, glossy waves, but this hairstyle is more intricate. Although it looks complicated to do, it’s actually really easy! All you need for the Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial is:

♥ A small hair elastic

♥ Bobby pins

♥ Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray


Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial 2


Step One


The first step is to plait a rope braid. Start by splitting the hair from the back into two sections. Pick up the top half of hair from one section and split into two, before plaiting a rope braid with these two sections. To do a rope braid, twist both sections the same way, going in a clockwise direction, and then twist them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat until you reach the end of the sections, and tie off the rope braid with a small hair elastic. (more…)

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