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How to Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers // Part 1 // Sowing Seeds

Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


Growing flowers and having your own allotment is surging in popularity in the UK. With owning my first garden this summer I am experimenting with growing vegetables and I thought it would be fun to try and grow some cut flowers.

Over the coming months I will be sharing with you how I am planning my flower plot, what I plant, and what I learnt from the process to help those of you who are considering growing your own wedding flowers.

To begin with I am sharing the flowers I have chosen and how I sowed my seeds…


 What You Need


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY

/ Compost / Seed Trays / Somewhere light and warm / Water / Seeds / Tools / Gloves / Labels /


Step 1


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


Fill your trays/pots with compost up to approximately 25% full.


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY

Step 2


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY




Step 3


Grow Wedding Flowers DIY


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DIY Tutorials
Pretty Bridal Up Do Hair Style DIY Tutorial

This lunch time I have a simple yet super chic hair style tutorial to share with you. Inspired by an up do worn by Taylor Swift, this style is perfect for a bride, bridesmaids or just for a fab night out. I shall pass you over to BobbyGlam for the full instructions XOXO Lou


Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial 1


Taylor Swift’s hair is usually pinned up into a pretty up do or left down in natural, glossy waves, but this hairstyle is more intricate. Although it looks complicated to do, it’s actually really easy! All you need for the Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial is:

♥ A small hair elastic

♥ Bobby pins

♥ Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray


Taylor Swift Hair Tutorial 2


Step One


The first step is to plait a rope braid. Start by splitting the hair from the back into two sections. Pick up the top half of hair from one section and split into two, before plaiting a rope braid with these two sections. To do a rope braid, twist both sections the same way, going in a clockwise direction, and then twist them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction. Repeat until you reach the end of the sections, and tie off the rope braid with a small hair elastic. (more…)

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DIY Tutorials
DIY Bunting Tutorial

DIY Bunting Tutorial How To


I’ve been meaning to give crafting bunting a go for a while now. It’s a wedding trend that seems set to stay and so many of you are DIYing your own bunting too. Here’s how I got on…


What you need:


- Sewing machine or needle & thread

- Iron

- Template

- Fabric

- Binding Tape

- Scissors

- Pins

DIY Bunting Tutorial How To

How to:


Pin your template to your fabric and cut to shape.


DIY Bunting Tutorial How To


Sew together 2 triangles, leaving one edge un sewed.


DIY Bunting Tutorial How To (more…)

DIY Tutorials
DIY Ring Cushion Pillow Tutorial

DIY ring pillow cushion


I just love seeing little details that make those special moments even more personal. Ring cushions or pillows are pretty popular in the US and i’d love to see more in ceremonies in the UK. They are so easy to make if you have some basic sewing skills and totally customisable.

I added a rainbow heart to mine, but you could add your names, wedding date or a special saying personal to you.


What you need








Sewing Machine (optional)


DIY ring pillow cushion


Cut your fabric into 2 equal squares, I made mine approximately 12cm. Draw your embroidery design onto one piece of the fabric. Using a back stitch or running stitch trace your design in your chosen colour.


DIY ring pillow cushion


To make the tie for your ring, cut 2 equal lengths of wool. Tie a knot in one end and thread through the centre of your cushion. You could use ribbon or twine too. (more…)

DIY Tutorials
DIY Paper Flower Tutorial

paper flower heart


Afternoon lovelies :-) I am over the moon to have a beautiful DIY tutorial for you today.

Susie and Claire from Knot & Pop (who are the newest wedding stylists on the block) sent over this super sweet paper flower DIY. Use your flowers to create a mass installation such as the heart above, or pop them on sticks and into vases. Experiment with colour, pattern or even the texture to make your paper flowers work for your event.

Love it…

paper flower DIY tutorial


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