Kitchen Dreams. Sunday Ramble

The building work went smoothly, although we have been left in a dusty mess, cue lots of cleaning this week hehe. We had a super lovely Easter weekend and today is my birthday so I shall be relaxing with the boys. I am hoping for a spot of sunshine and a day out :-)

This week we have been dreaming of kitchens. We couldn’t decide whether to wait and save for an extension/upstairs bathroom or to do the kitchen. But the kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and with bump due in the Autumn it would be nice to have a major room in the house checked off.

We are on a teeny budget, and so are looking to fit it ourselves. Well I say us, it will more than likely be G who fits the units hehe! We have been to Ikea and Wickes so far. I really love the matt handle less range by Ikea, although G is swinging towards the gloss look.

Ikea Kitchen

Our house was built in the 1930s and we want a retro kind of feel which is sleek and minimal, although I adore the country cottage kitchen I don’t think it would sit right in our space. We’re thinking handle less cabinets, wooden tops, lino mock tile floor and metro tiles. We haven’t embarked on a kitchen renovation before so it is pretty daunting, I just hope we can get it right.

kitchen plans

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There is some great planning software out there to help work out your perfect space. We have been playing and tinkering with it non stop hehe! As you can see we have a kitchen diner space and are looking to have a peninsula/island to separate the two. I also need to combine my work space into the kitchen as baby is taking my office :-) Storage, layout and looks are all so important with such a large investment.  I hope we can get it right.

Anyone with any kitchen planning or fitting tips? I’d love to hear from you :-) XOXO Lou

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Dreams. Sunday Ramble

Ah, this brings back memories!
I used to be a kitchen designer. Man, such a long time ago now.
Only thing I could helpfully say is to watch how you hinge the door for the corner/carousel unit between the oven and sink. Remember to hinge on the right so you don’t get an issue with the oven handles getting in the way or damaging the front to the unit door.
Other than that it looks good :)
The work top can make a massive difference – have you thought about what kind of texture you want? If you can get some reclaimed slate it can look AWESOME and a brilliant contrast to modern units.

Too much kitchen geekery? Sorry. I’ll go away now x

Hi Lou
I have been looking myself recently (doing an extension on a teeny budget) if you know anyone in a ‘trade’ I can recommend Selco for kitchens really nice styles of kitchen and worktops.
Best of luck

Thank you so so much girls, this is so helpful :-) Hopefully putting in our order today ekk!! xx

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