Groom Style Ideas. From Bow Ties to Mismatched Looks.

Gents, it’s all about you this afternoon. Looking dapper and feeling great on your wedding day is so important for your confidence and to make the right impression. Whether you are hoping to be a relaxed groom, smart or on trend groom I have many different style ideas to help you find the right look.

First and foremost, what do you wear on a day to day basis? What do you think makes you look and feel great about yourself? You want to look like you on your wedding day and feel comfortable. Take a look below at some real life grooms each of whom had their own individual styles who looked super dashing.




Tweed suits have been making a resurgence, with beautiful texture, pattern and a nod to the countryside many a stylish groom are opting for this fabric. An abundance of colours and styles are available on the high street and by bespoke tailors.


Grey Tweed Suit Groom Tweed Groom Outfit Tweed Groom Jacket Waistcoat Brown Tweed Suit Groom Green Tweed Groom Attire

Images | Jess Petrie, full wedding here |Lisa Devine, full wedding here | ifocus Photography, full wedding here | l On Love and Photography, full wedding here | Assassynation, full wedding here |


Bow Tie


The bow tie is bang on trend and looks really suave. You can go bold with pattern or colour, knitted or silk. You could make your own or buy fairly inexpensively to compliment your wedding day look.


Pink Print Bow Tie Groom Print Bow Tie Groom Grey Bow Tie Groom Bow Tie Groomsmen Pink Bow Tie Groom Pink Bow Tie Groom

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Bow Tie Groom Converse Dot Bow Tie Groom Burgandy Bow Tie Groom Wedding

Images |  Sarah Janes Photography, full wedding here |Lawson Photography, full wedding here |Cotton Candy Photography, full wedding here | Blush and Whimsy, full wedding here |Kathryn Edwards, full wedding here | HBA Photography, full wedding here |Hannah Millard Photography, full wedding here |Babb Photo, full wedding here | Amy Lewin Photography, full wedding here |




If dressing up smart just isn’t you, then go for a more relaxed look. Shorts, open shirt, waistcoats or braces can all look fantastic. Or ditch the dress shoes for your favourite pair of converse, dessert boots or sandals.


Casual Groom Look Relaxed Groom Style Braces Groomsmen Waistcoat Groom Style Relaxed Groom Braces Shorts Casual Groom Style Informal Groom Braces Boys Wedding

Images | Craig George, full wedding here |Babb Photo, full wedding here |Big Bouquet Photography, full wedding here |HBA Photography, full wedding here |Big Bouquet, full wedding here |Jenna Carpenter, full wedding here |Miki Photography, full wedding here |Ruby Roux Photography, full wedding here |




Gone are the days of having to coordinate the boys, mismatching can look amazing. Think about having a different colour trouser and jacket combination, mix up the colour of your ties or let the guys choose their own outfits.


Chino & Jackets Groomsmen Mismatched Groomsmen Stylish Groomsmen Mismatched Groom Style Groom Style Red Trousers Groom Mismatched Vintage Groomsmen

Images | Campbell Photography, full wedding here |CG Weddings, full wedding here |Sacco & Sacco Photography, full wedding here |Katherine Ashdown, full wedding here |Eliza Boo, full wedding here |We Heart Pictures, full wedding here |Georgi Mabee, full wedding here |


Black Tie


If you want to look sophisticated then why not opt for  black tie, sharp suit or tuxedo. Try different fabrics, textures or linings for a unique look.


Black Tie Groom Style Suit Ideas Smart Groom Ideas Tux Groom Style

Images | Jo Hastings, full wedding here | Joni Bilderback Photography, full wedding here | Jennifer Peel, full wedding here | Marshal Gray, full wedding here |




If you want to look traditional on your wedding day then go for it. You could opt for tails, a cravat, military uniform, kilt or an outfit that reflects your culture. Whether you hire or look for a bespoke outfit you will look fantastic.


Military Groom Groomsmen Groomsmen Style Groomsmen Suits Traditional Tails Groom Style Ideas Tie Groom Groom Waistcoat Kilt Groom Ideas

Images | Tierney Photography, full wedding here |Lisa Dawn Photography, full wedding here |Babb Photo, full wedding here |Pavone Photography, full wedding here |Georgi Mabee Photography, full wedding here |Shears Mockford Photography, full wedding here |Matt Brown, full wedding here |

So there we have it.

There are so many brilliant and stylish ideas for grooms to find the perfect attire. Do see my feature on buttonholes here for the perfect finishing touch.

What are you hoping to wear on your wedding day guys?

Happy shopping :-) XOXO Lou

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