Christmas Tree Shopping on the Farm. Sunday Ramble.

Morning lovelies :-)

Getting into the festive spirit? If not I hope today’s feature gets you in the mood.

Yesterday we popped down to our local farm to choose our Christmas tree. I so love having a real tree, and down at the farm we got to choose our own one before it got chopped down. A had a ball running around choosing the perfect specimen. We were careful not to get too large of a tree other wise we tend to over do it and have no space left in our living room hehe :-)


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We then got to the decoration, A was very involved this year which was super lovely and of course had to pop the angel on the top of the tree. We havn’t brought any new decorations this year, and I am still pretty pleased with our gold baubles. I cannot wait to get wrapping presents and putting them under the tree now. Ekk our first Christmas in our new home :-)

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Now I am just hoping to crochet a garland for our fireplace and make a wreath. Christmas crafting is the best.

Are you making anything special to decorate your home over the festive season?

Happy Sunday XOXO Lou

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