Wedding Food Ideas. From Budget BBQ to Three Course Meal

Keeping your guests and yourselves fed and watered has a major impact on your wedding day. It can also take up a large chunk of your wedding budget especially if you go down a three course meal route. So I have some traditional, quirky, fun and budget wedding food ideas for you.


Three Course Meal


If you go for a ‘traditional’ wedding venue, most of them cater with a three course wedding meal option. If you want a formal sit down meal and good food this can be a great route to go down. Check with your venue or caterers that you can have a menu tasting before the day, to check you are happy with what you will be served.


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Image by Victoria Phipps, full wedding here.




The barbecue is a lovely and relaxed option especially for summer weddings. There are caterers out there that offer this option, with guests mingling with the sight and sound of the food cooking. It also can suit many a palette with plain or complex tastes possible. If you fancy DIYing your wedding BBQ that is totally possible too, with a little organisation you can save a fair sum.


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Buffets have an almost retro feel to them. With a community effort you can get all of your guests involved by asking them to bring a plate. You can also ask your wedding venue or caterers for a buffet option. Buffets can be great for family affairs or for fussy eaters as guests can pick and choose what they would like to eat.


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Image by James & Lianne Photography, full wedding here.


Hog Roast


Hog roasts have been increasingly popular at weddings in the UK and many wedding venues now offer a hog roast as a wedding meal alternative. A hog roast can be totally delicious and can be served with rolls, jacket potatoes and salad.


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Image by Kate Gray, full wedding here.


Food Truck


There are so many cool and quirky food trucks around the UK now offering fresh and tasty cuisine. There is a food style to suit every taste out there. Head to local events or markets, try out their food and ask them if they cater for events. A food truck can be a really cost effective option for wedding food.

Fish & Chips


Good old fish and chips can fill a hungry hole no problem. Contact your local and favourite fish and chip supplier. Many of them do mass catering and can also pre book them to cook and deliver on the day.


wedding food ideas

Image by India Hobson, full wedding here.


Afternoon Tea


Afternoon tea has seen a resurgence in the past couple of years and many couples have ditched the traditional wedding meal in favour of tea and cake. Pretty and delicious.


wedding food afternoon tea

Images by Navyblur, full wedding here.


Local. Organic. Allergies


Perhaps you have specific requirements? Want locally produced, perhaps organic produce? Check out your local caterers and pubs/cafes where you enjoy eating.  Why not source the ingredients your self and then find someone to cook them for you.

Don’t forget catering for allergies or dietary requirements. Check with your guests what they need to stay safe and happy at your wedding breakfast.


gluten free wedding food ideas

Image by Heline Bekker, full shoot here.




By 7pm your guests may start to get the munchies. So it’s a good idea to think about an evening snack to keep them partying into the small hours. Think about bacon butties, cheese board or ask your venue what they offer.


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Image by Anna Clarke, full wedding here.




Little morsels which are pretty yet scrummy. Get your guests in the party mood with canapés on arriving at your reception. There are so many endless canapé ideas to choose from.


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Image by Ali Paul, full wedding here.




Those with a sweet tooth will be eager to see what you have in store for dessert. Some venues offer multi desserts for something extra special. Why not consider serving your wedding cake as dessert or ask your guests to bring sweet treats along buffet style?


rustic wedding cake

Image by Miki Photography, full wedding here.


Ice Cream


Ice cream is a fun and popular snack. Children and adults alike will love being served 99s especially on a hot day.


wedding meal ideas

Image by HBA Photography, full wedding here.


Mmmmm. Is it dinner time yet? ;-)

What are your wedding food plans? Are you going down the budget/DIY route or leaving the food to your caterers?


3 thoughts on “Wedding Food Ideas. From Budget BBQ to Three Course Meal

Hi Lou! I’d love to have lots of food choice so maybe multiple food trucks with cake served as dessert. My problem when looking at venues is many say you must use their catering company and I’ve experienced inflexibility towards changing the set three course meal. Not being able to eat wheat I’d rather use a specialist company who I can trust won’t mess up and poison me on the day! I’ve had experiences of caterers at previous parties giving me random unsuitable food.

Hi H, ah yes this is an issue, it’s definitely worth looking for venues that allow flexibility. Your ideas sound scrummy :-) x

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