Party Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek

How does time speed up as you get older?

My lovely little A turned 4 last week, and i cannot believe my little bundle of joy has turned into a proper little boy. I am so proud of A, he is full of happiness, curiosity and love. So of course we had to plan a special day for his birthday :-) Being a September baby he won’t be starting school for another year and i am grateful to keep my A at home a little longer yet :-)



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Balloons, presents, a scaletrix, a family party at my mum and dads, Gf food, poka dots and bowties. Not forgetting my mum made a summer pudding with foraged blackerries… mmmm :-) We had the best day and i hope that A did too. I must admit i am looking forward to a slightly more chilled weekend this week though hehe!

Have you had any birthday celebrations recently?

Here’s a look at a wonderful wedding hitting WWW tomorrow… eekk!

circus big top wedding

Image by CG Weddings

Yep, it’s a big top!

Happy Sunday lovelies XOXO Lou

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