An Outdoor Woodland Wedding in Deer Valley, Utah

deer valley woodland wedding


Happy international Saturday :-) This week we are headed to Utah for Amanda and Caleb’s outdoor woodland wedding in Deer Valley.

I so love the backdrop of the woodland, the rain, the outdoor ceremony, super bright flowers and rustic touches throughout. Just gorgeous.

Thanks so much to Pier23 Photography for sharing their photographs with us today.


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From the bride; “From the outset we knew that we wanted to celebrate our wedding nestled somewhere out-of-doors, among nature’s finest creations.  The idea to perform such life-altering promises seemed to fit so naturally among the solitude of the mountains.  And since both of us our transplants to Utah (I’m from Iowa and he’s from North Dakota), we decided on one of Utah’s top ski resorts, Deer Valley.  We felt very cared for by the staff at Deer Valley. Catherine and her staff made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The longevity and cheerfulness of the Deer Valley staff was one of many initial indicators that we were in great hands. I didn’t even know that they’d moved chairs in and out because of chances of rain. I was so confident with beautiful settings inside and outside, and such a helpful staff, that I knew we’d have a perfect day rain or shine.

The ceremony was just the right balance of seriousness and sportive, which looking back on it all, made for quite the roller coaster ride of emotions! There were tears one moment and deep, hearty laughs the next.  Immediately following the ceremony (and the avalanche of affection by our family and friends), we rode a ski lift up to the overlook atop the resort.  For us it was the time that everything really seemed to soak in.  Again, so beautiful to be able to contemplate our vows in company of no one but the passing pines.  Many of our guests and friends still talk about that lift ride. 

Even the pictures were a joy.  There’s nothing quite like the company of close friends.  And to have them all fancied up, looking great on a day like this was just sheer sweetness.  Our photographer, whom we’d gotten to know thanks to some dear friends of ours and during our engagement shoot, was like another part of the group.  He really seemed to bring out our true personalities and silliness.

The rest of the night was a whirlwind.  Many of the details are remembered only thanks to the photographs (thank you Mark!).  All in all, everything I had hoped for.”

Sooo wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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