The Bride Diaries
The Bride Diaries: Kim’s Hen Do & Catch Up

Kim is here this week checking in with us and giving us a catch up. Kim has had some ups and downs which i will leave to her to chat with you about. Thank you Kim, sending love XOXO Lou



Image by Georgi Mabee


It’s been a real rollercoaster since I last blogged about my wedding. The highs have been sky high, and the lows have been more than difficult to cope with. May saw my Hen-Do (early, yes, but that’s how it panned out with getting everyone together) we went for a weekend in Cambridge that involved punting, afternoon tea, Pimms in the park (with obligatory penis straws) and rounded off with a trip to the theatre to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Highly recommended, I must say.


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Unfortunately, upon my return home, the news wasn’t so great. My Grandad had taken a turn for the worst and a couple of days later he passed away. Obviously, this is never something that is easy to deal with, but when planning a wedding everything was heightened; emotions, stress and tears. Now I am more able to come to terms with the fact he won’t be there on the day, but I’m hoping he will be there in spirit, and we can certainly raise a glass or two in his name!



Now we are under the 7 week mark til the big day. We have begun making final preparations and getting things organised. We have been attending Marriage Prep classes for the past 2 weeks, which have actually been really interesting. We were both sceptical, but the lure of a few free dinners drew us in. It’s encouraged us to talk about things that are usually only brought up in the fiery aggression of an argument. I would really recommend these classes to my fellow brides, they have given us a good talking point, both in the sessions and when we get home. We also went to Church this weekend to hear our Banns read. As non-religious people it was a new experience for us, but we wanted to show our faces as it seemed like ‘the right thing to do’.



I’m now eagerly awaiting my RSVPs, why do people take so long to return them? It really is a mystery to me!




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  1. 20.06.2013 at 10:02 pm
    Charmaine// All in a Soiree says:
    Wow, sounds like its been a roller coaster of planning a wedding. Sorry to hear about your loss but he will definitely be their in spirit. Hopefully these next 7 weeks are joyful! Happy planning
  2. 20.06.2013 at 11:39 pm
    Johanna says:
    I have deep sympathies with your loss, it must be heart-breaking. I got engaged nearly 3 weeks ago and since then my Dad has passed away and today, we buried him. It's heart-breaking but he is no longer suffering or in pain. Life is so bittersweet, but if he is happy for your marriage then you are blessed indeed. My Dad loved my fiancé to pieces and was excited about our engagement, what more can I ask ...
  3. 24.06.2013 at 12:47 pm
    Lou says:
    thanks so much for supporting Kim girls x