June Instagram Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek 23/06/2013


Hair in plaits & mini crochet project.


Hey there WWWers. Are you having a good weekend?

So this week has been filled with blogging away here behind the scenes. I had a blood test as part of my coeliac check up, had a family filled weekend with buffets and BBQs and i took the boys for GF lunch at Zizzi’s… yum. What have you been up to?

It’s time already to share my instagram feed for June.

Its been a great month, i think we spent most of it in the woods hehe! We also hit the seaside and a friends wedding. Perfect.



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1. Sandy toes. 2. Sandcastle. 3. View from the pier. 4. Clacton pier. 5. 2p machine. 6. Seaside. 7. A & I in a combine harvester. 8. Beautiful trees. 9. Grass. 10. Woodland walk. 11. Photobooth. 12. Blue sky. 13. Coca Cola. 14. Views. 15. Beachhuts. 16. Walk with the boys. 17. Knot & Pop goodies. 18. Barefaced. 19. Wedding cake. 20. Sweets! 21. Cute card box.



Nude nails.


Tall tall trees.

What have you been up to this month?

Let me share with you a peek of a beautiful wedding day gracing these blog pages in the morning…

Image by Hannah Millard

Just. You. Wait.

Squeal. Happy Sunday XOXO Lou

2 thoughts on “June Instagram Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek 23/06/2013

The shoes! The Victory Roll! The Dress! LOVE.
Also…Clacton pier…I grew up in Clacton when it was still a quiet little seaside resort!xoxo

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