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A Chic Modern Wedding in Sweden with a Pop of Yellow

sweden wedding


It’s international Saturday… woo!!

This week we head to Stockholm, Sweden for the super beautiful wedding of Helene and Martin.

Helene and Martin had a romantic day, filled with some gorgeous touches. I so love the sweet flower girls, the hydrangea bouquet and the flash of yellow thanks to Helen’s amazing wedding shoes.

Thanks so much to Lena Larsson Photography for sharing their images with me via Two Bright Lights, here is what they had to say about the day;

“Helene’s & Martin’s laid back September wedding was an absolute joy to shoot. I loved everything from the low key church ceremony to the heartfelt speeches. A true dream.”


Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0001_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0002_low yellow wedding shoes first look wedding Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0010_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0011_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0012_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0015_low flower girls here comes the bride sign Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0020_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0022_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0024_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0028_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0029_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0032_low bubbles wedding confetti Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0035_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0036_low red mustang wedding car Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0039_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0040_low animal mask wedding hydrangea bouquet grand modern wedding reception Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0057_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0061_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0064_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0067_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0068_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0069_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0070_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0075_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0083_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0085_low Ahlström_Fryxell_Lena_Larsson_Photography_HeleneMartin0095_low



How utterly beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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  1. 05.06.2013 at 12:04 pm
    Oskar Allerby says:
    Supa dupa lovely and all good looking!
  2. 05.06.2013 at 12:16 pm
    Jane Haglund says:
    Gorgeous wedding and photography!!
  3. 05.06.2013 at 1:07 pm
    Lou says:
    thanks so much :-) xx
  4. 05.06.2013 at 5:37 pm
    Hélène says:
    ...and what a day it was! All my love goes out to Lena Larsson, the best weddingphotografer ever!
  5. 07.06.2013 at 12:19 pm
    Jenny Blad says:
    Ohhh lovely lovely lovely!
  6. 07.06.2013 at 10:03 pm
    KARIN LINDÉN says:
    I LOVE this - Lena Larsson is great!!!


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