Summer Wedding Flower Ideas

If you are planning the perfect summer soiree, you need the right floral display to represent you as a couple. I have rounded up some of the most popular and seasonal summer wedding flowers featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings to help you decide on your floral displays.



Peonies are one of my favourite blooms, open and fluffy or closed and neat. They come in white and pink and are mainly in season late spring/early summer in the UK.


peony bouquet

Images: Babb Photo: wedding here. |Jen Marino Photography: wedding here.




Stocks are great at adding height to floral arrangements and come in a variety of shades. I love them in hand tied natural bouquets.


IMG_4151stocks wedding flowers

Images: Feature here. | Marianne Taylor Photography: wedding here.




Daisies are having a resurgence at the moment, on their own or mixed with other flowers they add a delicate pretty element to wedding bouquets.


daisy bouquet

Images: James and Lianne Photography: wedding here. | Jay Rowden Photography: wedding here. | Caro Hutchings Photography: wedding here.



Lavender is usually around in the later summer months and obviously adds a divine scent to your event, they can be dried and kept fairly easily too. Find your local lavender farm to pick swathes at great value before your wedding day.


lavender bouquetlavender flowers

Image: James Melia: wedding here. | Billingham Photography, feature here.



Hydrangeas give lovely volume and a single head can create a gorgeous bouquet, or spilt them up to add to natural bottle arrangements for example.


hydrangea bouquet

Images: Claire Penn Photography: wedding here | Martins Kikulis: wedding here.



Carnations are great value for money and are available throughout the year. There are also many shades and colours available making them a really versatile wedding flower.

carnation bouquets

Images: Shell De Mar: wedding here. | Lee Scullion: wedding here.

Sweet Peas


Sweet peas are delicate and smell heavenly. Perfect for a summer wedding, or a fragrant aisle to walk down.


sweet peas bouquet

Images: FO Photography, feature here. | Helen Cawte Photography, wedding here. | Tino & Pip Photography, wedding here.



I love a spikey voluminous Dahlia, they look great in mixed arrangements or standing alone.


dahlia wedding

Images: Ellie Gillard, wedding here. |Feature here.



Chrysanthemum’s are perfect to bulk out your wedding bouquet, such as the green stem below.


chrysanthemum bouquet

Image: Campbell Photography, wedding here.



I adore the bold colour of the Iris and the usual shape. Perfect for something a little different at a wedding.


iris bouquet

Image: Viva Photography, wedding here.



Gerberas were huge in the 90s, but i think they will be back with a vengeance soon. Big bold heads, available in many colours. They can be used in a variety of different arrangements.


gerbera bouquet

Images: Emma Kenny Photography & Design, wedding here. |David J Perkins, wedding here. | Esmé Ducker Photography, wedding here.




Succulents are fairly new on the wedding scene, but they sure do pack a punch. I love these unusual eco friendly blooms in earthy green tones.


succulent weddingsucculent bouquet

Images: Marianne Taylor Photography, wedding here. | Deborah Huber Photography, wedding here. | Billingham Photography, feature here.



Gypsophila will be here to stay for a little while, fantastic value for money, versatile, pretty and in neutral white you cannot go wrong with fluffy bouquets of them.


gypsophila flowers

Images: Philippa James Photography, wedding here. | Hayley Savage Photography, wedding here. | Emma Lucy, wedding here. | Stacy Paul Photography, wedding here.




Roses are a classic, chic, stylish and timeless.


rose bouquet wedding

Images: Foden Photography, wedding here. | Sally T Photography, wedding here. | Kat Forsyth Photography, wedding here. |Marshal Gray, wedding here.



Ohh i really do love flowers. Have you decided on your summer wedding flowers? What are you having? XOXO Lou

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I had ranunculus and hydrangea’s(among others), they looked amazing together. I was so pleased with my flowers.

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