An Intimate Tea Room Wedding with a First Look

intimate small wedding

Tim and Vic married over the Easter weekend in March of this year. They wanted a small intimate wedding with 21 guests to share their union. They had the sweetest first look and lovely portraits before heading to Harrogate Registry Office for their ceremony followed by afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea Rooms.

Vic found her lovely twirly tea length dress in Coast and accessorised it with a green sash and pretty twisted hair style. Tim chose a light grey suit with brown shoes and pale green accessories. Beautiful.

I adore the sunshine, smiles, personalised tea spoons and the delightful pom poms in replacement to flowers. Such a heart felt day.

Thanks os much to the wonderful James & Lianne for sharing their photographs with us today.


first look wedding

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The Proposal… Tim and I met NY Eve 2010 at his local pub in Guildford & it went from there, within weeks we were talking about getting married, but sadly after only 3 months of knowing each other Tim was deployed to Afghanistan. Whilst home on R&R mid August we had planned a mini break to the Master Builders Arms in Beaulieu as it just looked lovely. We arrived and it was far better than we had expected, a lovely sunny sunday afternoon enjoying a drink down by the waterfront and the evening that we arrived we went for a walk, Tim had obviously been to suss out the location whilst I was getting ready, soon in to our walk, down near the waterfront Tim just came out with it and asked me to marry him, I said Yes and he presented me with my Gran’s engagement ring. We ate dinner that smiling like cheshirecats.

The Vision for the day… The vision at the beginning was unknown, all we knew was what we didn’t want and for us that meant nothing too big, or OTT. We decided to have something intimate with our parents, siblings, family and closest friends, 21people in total including the nieces and newphews. From this we started thinking on suitable venues and came up with 3 options,

The Planning process… On Dec 31st 2012, 2 years since we met we decided lets just crack on and get married, on that day we phoned the registrar and to our amazement our date was free, we made it all official 1 week later.

The Venue… Harrogate Registry Office. The Imperial Meeting Room, Betty’s Tea Rooms, Harrogate – Simply stunning!

Finding the dress… I firstly decided I wasn’t having a regular dress as being true to form I like to be different, however last Autumn I was in a shop and I fell in love with a dress, The “Darling” dress by Coast, it was me in every sense of the word, I tried it on and felt girly, but it felt fun too. My brain was already ticking as too how I could adapt it, make it my own. WIth a simple sage green dupion silk sash it added that splash of colour and brought it to life. Teamed with a pair of Ivory peeptoes by Rainbow I was all set!

Groom’s attire… Tim wanted to be married in a regular suit, not in uniform which was perfect as he always looks quite dapper in a suit. He chose a soft light grey for which I helped him pick out a tie to co-ordinate with everything else.

The Readings + Music… We picked one simple reading by A.A.Milne, Tim & I spent a few nights scouring the net for potential ideas but this one was the winner by far   – The House at Pooh Corner, A.A.Milne. We gave it to my eldest brother Russ 5 minutes before the ceremony as we hadnt thought in advance about who would actually do the reading, but luckily he obliged.

As for the music it was a mixed bag, Whilst the guests assembled – Nothing Else Matters by Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Tim & I walking down the aisle together – Everything by Helen Jane Long. Signing the register – Always a woman by Fyfe Dangerfield. Walking out – Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Beautiful bridesmaids… Being a small wedding I decided not to have bridesmaids, primarily because the one person I would have chosen was working away and couldn’t make it back.

The Flowers… The flowers where the one thing I battled against, I’m not the biggest fan so I wasn’t really bothered however to keep Mum happy 4 weeks before the wedding we decided to visit a florist to pick something but my heart wasn’t in it. The two flowers I like (Penoies &Hydrenga’s) weren’t in season so I thought why compramise. Two weeks later I found my “flowers” well as close to real flowers as we were going to have. I had discovered Sarah from Pom Pom Studio on the internet and fell in love with everything she did, the order was placed that day from my bouquet, button holes for everyone & table pom poms and decorations. Sarah’s product are amazing and the best part I get to keep the bouquet.

The Cake… Betty’s! we choose to take afternoon tea instead of the more formal wedding breakfast and it certainly went down well with all of our guests with choice of lots of dainty, elegant cakes.

Your Photographer… Once we’d decided on getting married in Harrogate we spent an afternoon looking at different photographers style’s but knew hands down that the relaxed informal style and amazing use of light that James & Lianne capture meant they were the ones for us. We phoned James, both worried that only 12 weeks until the big day they would already be booked for another wedding, it was Easter weekend after all. But our prayers were answered when James said he was free, as it was as small intimate wedding we only needed one photographer, we booked him straight away!

You cant fault him in anyway he made us and our guests feel so relaxed and more importantly he captured the essence of the day in every picture he took – from the portrait photos done walking around Harrogate, to saying the I do’s during the ceremony and finally to Betty’s seeing everyone with smiles on their faces (although im sure that was because of the cake and not the happy couple!)

The Details + Decor… Tim & I can be quiet creative and a had in our heads ideas of styles we liked but ultimately wanted to come up with something of our own and I think that we did. Our wedding invites were ivory luggage tags stamped with Mr & Mrs on them to which 2 vintage teaspoons (made by my friend Sarah and her Fiance Stuart at Bumble & Cosmos) were attached with green ribbon hammered with the words “Always”  “& Forever”, choosing an afternoon tea wedding this started to make sense and come together nicely so we kept the theme going and each guests’ wedding favour was another teaspoon which read” Tim & Vic 30.3.13″ as there own little keep sake.

Alongside the teaspoon was a sage green pompom napkin tie and the guests names were on mini luggage tags placed inside the teacup. On each table were 3  jam jars each decorated with lace and green ribbons and filled with larger pom pom flowers.

The Honeymoon… The honeymoon is still to be planned, with sorting out the wedding and moving house we havent yet decided but we began married life by spending 4 days at the Black Swan in Helmsley, North Yorkshire. It is one of the best hotels we’ve stayed in, the location is perfect, the atmosphere  but the food is jut to die for. The 4 days were perfect from start to finsh.

Memorable moments… the nerves at breakfast, the laughs and giggles during the ceremony, very us!

Advice for other couples… In 12 weeks we planned what turned out to be our perfect wedding without even knowing it! A lot of the day was unplanned from getting lost en route to registry office through to asking my brother to do the reading adhoc, but it all worked. Don’t get bogged down in the detail, don’t over plan, be yourselves and it will all work out fine.

Credit where credit is due…

Pompom flowers, bouquest, button holes and napkin ties

For the best afternoon tea by far

That place to escape to

The customeised teaspoons

And the perfect photographers


Just glorious. Thanks so much to Tim and Vic for sharing their beautiful wedding with us today XOXO Lou

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