A Sweet Vintage Feel Destination Wedding at Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Wedding

London based couple Jonathan and Sarah headed to Yosemite National Park, California for their wedding. They held their ceremony outdoors with their reception being held at Yosemite Bug Lodge.

This couple have serious style, they bridesmaids wore the loveliest Vivien of Holloway frocks, while all the guys looked super dapper in their vintage look suits and shades.

Sarah wore the most beautiful Joanne Fleming dress with a lace edged veil and clutched pretty plastic wedding flowers. Jonathan wanted a 1960s look and opted for a slim suit from Marks & Spencer teamed with Wayfarers. So cool.

Thanks so much to the brilliant Laura Debourde Photography for sharing her images with us today, here is what she had to say about the day;

“When I heard that Sarah and Jon were getting married in Yosemite National Park, it’s safe to say I was bouncing with excitement! What could be more scenic and beautiful than that? Knowing Sarah and Jon, I knew the Wedding would have a quirky and creative feel, making it very personal and individualistic. The whole day was fantastic all the way through, very relaxed and intimate at times and you definitely had a sense that what you was witnessing was pretty damn special! A lot of details were crafted and very individual, and it was really lovely to see how everyone contributed and was involved with bringing their own touches to the wedding decorations. It was such a pleasure to be part of the day, I will never forget it!”


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The Proposal… At the Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles in 2010.  The observatory was closed but the security guards gave us a round of applause just after the proposal – we had no idea they were there!

The Vision for the day… Homemade, laid back.

The Planning process… Originally looked in England as the father of the bride was a nervous flyer – who overcame it to allow us to have our dream wedding.  Struggled to find anything that we loved in the UK and so went back to our dream idea of Yosemite Park, California.  We wanted to go to the same place we’d stayed when we’d visited in 2008 – a youth hostel which had great food and allowed all of our guests to stay in accommodation to suit their budget – from tents to chalets.

Budget… Budget is difficult to know, as our entire budget included flights and accommodation for a week, plus our honeymoon. Our total budget for all of that was £10,000

The Venue… Ceremony – Yosemite National Park, California. Reception – Yosemite Bug Lodge.

The Dress + Accessories… I wanted a tea length 50’s style dress (but didn’t quite have the budget for Candy Anthony, nor did I want the typical halter neck style) and so found Joanne Fleming by googling short wedding dresses.  Joanne offers a made to order or bespoke service which didn’t seem that expensive compared to some of the off the rack places I’d been to.  It was great to go to Brighton every couple of months and see the dress come together before my eyes.  It meant I had complete input into the material used and the style, as it was being made.

Groom’s attire… Whilst I wanted to be 50’s, Jonathan’s style is more early 60’s – think Michael Caine in Alfie.  His suit was from Marks and Spencers.

The Readings + Music… We had two readings read by our siblings.  The first was “Oh, the Places you’ll go” by Dr Seuss and the second was the lyrics to “This must be the place” by Talking Heads.

Our friend played his own version of “California” by Dr Dog which has the perfect lyrics for our wedding in the States as I walked up and then another  friend played “Love Minus Zero” by Bob Dylan after the ceremony.

Beautiful bridesmaids… I had five bridesmaids wearing 2 different styles of Vivien of Holloway dresses in hot pink and floral design.  As with flowers and cakes I tried to keep the budget down when it came to hair and make-up (and wasn’t sure how best to organise a hairdresser abroad without having a practice first) and so me and my bridesmaids had a buddy system – with a hairdresser friend in the UK we had a practice day where each bridesmaid was “buddied” with another and responsible for that person’s hair.  It seemed to work well as everyone was happy with their hair!

The Flowers… We managed to find great plastic flowers in IKEA which we were able to take with us.  It means I also still have my bridal bouquet in a vase at home.  I’m not very knowledgeable about flowers but wanted a wild flower look – my bridesmaids had daisies as their bouquets.

The Cake… My mum made a delicious sponge cake when we arrived in California which was simple and only single layered.  I didn’t actually have any, but I heard it was great!  As a Christmas gift the year before my mum had gotten us individual tree decorations which we chose to use as the cake toppers.

Your Photographer… We were very lucky to have Laura Debourde as our photographer.  A family friend who was able to help us out (and attend) our wedding in California.  I knew I’d find it difficult to pose in typical wedding style – gazing into each others eyes or walking in trees –  and I didn’t want photos of my shoes or rings etc.  It was far more important to us to capture all our friends and family who had made such a long trip to celebrate with us.  Laura was so great at capturing the mood of the day and genuine moments between guests and us.

The Details + Decor… We are lucky to have some very talented friends and took advantage of their skills!  Our wedding invites were 7 inch records of a song Jon’s bandmates had recorded, inviting people to the wedding – an idea I’d gotten from an invite I’d seen online (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiyegMUKNPs) – which we also put onto a tumblr page for people who didn’t have a record player – http://yosemite2012.tumblr.com – and our brother in law designed a cartoon version of us which lead into our colour scheme sort of being orange and yellow (our hair colours).  I wasn’t too bothered about colour schemes and really, it only went as far as the STD’s, invites and printed information sheets for guests.

On the evening before the wedding we asked our guests to decorate some plain paper bunting with messages or pictures which was used to decorate the gazebo’s and, unbeknownst to us, Jon’s sister had made some felt bunting with the date, location and our names.

The Honeymoon… We wanted to go to Puerto Rico as Jon is a huge fan of Hunter S Thompson who worked there in the 50’s but couldn’t fly direct so we had 2 nights in Miami before hand which was wonderful!

Memorable moments… Arriving on a Harley Davidson. A duck turned up after the ceremony to check out what was happening
Some of our guests (and the bride) went for a paddle in the water to cool down and pan for gold!

Advice for other couples… Try and enjoy the day and don’t be stressed.  I’d love to redo my day just to savour every moment again – I was a bit stressed and shouldn’t have been as everything went to plan and was already organised.

Credit where credit is due…

Joanne Fleming – www.joanneflemingdesign.com

Yosemite Bug Lodge – www.yosemitebug.com

 Laura Debourde Photography – http://www.lauradebourdephotography.com/

Oh wow, aren’t they just the coolest couple ever?! Thanks so much to Jonathan and Sarah for sharing their beautiful wedding with us today XOXO Lou

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