The Pre-Wedding Experience at The Ginger Bread Wedding Boutique: Bridal Shoot


Morning lovelies, you never guess what? WWW only turned 3 yesterday!! It has flown i tell you :-) And i did my favourite thing, preparing blog features, including this delightful post.

These images were sent over to me by the fabulous Charlotte at Wilden Bride London, who wanted to recreate a playful pre wedding experience as an inspiration shoot. The whole shoot has the sweetest story which Charlotte tells us about below;

“I first got to thinking, that as a small business, it’s such a shame that I can’t afford the funky shop space that I would love to exhibit, and how strange it is that when planning a wedding, everything is often done online, that you rarely meet a person on your journey, unless you book that person. But even then, everything is widely based upon an online persona. Even coming to your blog for ideas and advice, where brides may once have gone out to buy a magazine and browsed with friends.

My business is absolutely about the experience – having a bespoke frock is a pretty awesome experience!! A pre-wedding experience which will last long after the wedding!! My Grandma remembers almost every detail of her wedding dress being made despite that being 60 years ago!

With my shoot, I wanted to bring a sense of ‘wedding shopping’ back, and create a little bit of a community. Aside from the Big day of course, planning and shopping for your wedding should be a huge amount of fun, discovering new people and products and inspirations and ideas. Blogs can make a wedding planning fun, but when you’re directed to the online shops, you’re in a world of scrolling and non-interaction.

While the shoot does not act as a shop for all those involved, I wanted to inspire some exploration and fun into some new and exciting ideas which can be a part of your planning, as well as ideas for on the day, like a boudoir shoot to present as a gift to your lover. . .with a little Hansel and Gretel twist.

Our shoot is all about the planning experience, the pre-wedding experience, which, if you get it right prepares you for the post-wedding experience. Making sure you’re having fun being in love!!

First of all, I found a huge Ginger Bread talent, Ellie Davies, who makes the most amazing Ginger Bread designs for Fortnum and Mason. You would never imagine how beautifully artistic a ginger bread biscuit could be!!

Ellie designed, rather architecturally, a 5 sided Wedding Boutique which was so delicately decorated, it is untrue. Hand-piped flowers of all kinds, and patterned window shutters. Words cannot even describe!

As well as a bride and several mannequins each with pretty dresses upon them to match my designs, all beautifully hand-painted. It took several hours to construct into a 3D form too!

Not content with just a ginger bread boutique, I wanted a real one too! But the people who helped me had to be people who offer something a little bit more special than a product – an experience!!

Perfect was the Champagne Yurt from Wedding yurts, with a pink interior and pretty fairy lights, it inspired something very funky and playful without being silly and childish.

Our setting was Coppins Farm, which is a beautiful conservation farm in Suffolk. John, the owner has restored two beautiful vintage railway carriages into holiday homes, and they are just adoreable, and unbelievably cosy (and spacious too).

With beautiful flowers from Fearless Florals and Vintage Style Hire with her array of – everything you could possibly want!! the Yurt looked great as our pop-up Wedding boutique. (popping up in the middle of the farm!)

Kate Ruth Romey thought up brilliant ways in which stationery can become more than just a piece of paper, Kite invitations with streamers, hand-painted posters, and specially designed headed paper.

The bride in our story is in love, in love with her man (she writes him love letters), she’s in love with her wedding, and she’s in love with her suppliers.”

I love this concept, not to mention the incredible styling, photography and details. You will be in pure wedded heaven… swoon. Thanks so much to Charlotte and to Heline Bekker andCocoon Photography for sharing their images with us today. Amazing.


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w i s h l i st


The perfect dress from Wilden Bride

The wonderful Heline Bekker to photograph our wedding day

Carla Thomas Photography

A boudoir shoot to share with my groom from Cocoon Photography

Sabrina Lily to make me look beautiful

Gorgeous flowers from The Vintage Floral Design Co

Sumptuous cakes from Delicieux Cakes

Gingerbread goodies from Ellie Davies

Bespoke wedding stationery from Kate Ruth Romey

A glorious pink yurt from Wedding Yurts

Vintage props to decorate from Vintage Style Hire

Pretty jewels from Rose and Aster

Doris Designs Petticoats

Amazing shoes from Hetty Rose

A show stopping head piece from Madrugar London

A glitter love sign from Vicki at Pocketful of Dreams

A sweet post box from Pretty Post-box

And to top it off our honeymoon at Coppins Farm Railway Carriages



Wow wee!! I am totally jealous of this wish list, it’s pretty epic isn’t it?! I am sure this shoot must have you feeling pretty excited about wedding shopping now :-) squeal!

Thanks so so much to everyone involved for letting me share this amazing shoot with us today XOXO Lou


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