My Latest Craft Projects. Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek




I have spoken before about my new craft projects i have undertaken. But i thought today i’d dedicate a proper post to it, especially as many of you are crafty DIY lovers like me ;-)

As i child i have always been creative, enjoying art lessons, learning to cross stitch and sew. I completed my art AS level, but didn’t move onto A2 as i didn’t enjoy being marked for my art work. I used to get frustrated i couldn’t paint to a certain ability, using screen printing instead. I forgot the joy of making things, from scratch.

When i was expecting A, i wanted to learn to knit and tried knitting a scarf, i did a little but gave up. Before Christmas i took it up again and finished it. I have been proudly wearing my cosy, wobbly raspberry scarf all winter. It’s the best feeling ever.


IMG_5433 IMG_5435


Thanks to my addiction to Mollie Makes Magazine i found a fab embroidery template, which i then completed onto a tea towel during the Olympics in the summer. I daren’t use it as a tea towel sadly, but am looking forward to framing it and hanging it in our new home when the time comes. I learnt so much about stitching from doing this, i really enjoyed it. I definetly want to do some more embroidery soon, quite possibly with my own illustration.



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Then i decided to teach myself to crochet. I tell you what it takes a little while to get the trick, and quite possibly i am still doing it wrong. But boy is it addictive. I love the feel of the fluffy wool between my fingers, the ability to only use one crochet hook. And of course getting to watch a gorgeous colour for hours on end… colour therapy :-) I have given myself the huge project of creating a crochet blanket that requires about 100 squares. I think i have around 12 so far… so it could take a while hehe. But the beauty of it is that i can do a square at a time and it’s really portable.


IMG_5441 IMG_5444 IMG_5449 IMG_5453


I am so happy to have found my inner crafty goddess again. It’s never to late to learn a new craft, and i am certainly proof of that. It may not be perfect or to a professional standard, but i like that. I think it has an endearing quality to it. If like me you have anxiety or mental health issues, crafting can be really therapeutic and a great distraction. Using your own fair hand to make something for yourself gives such pride and confidence.


Here’s a sneak look at a beautiful wedding headed your way this week…


102 Matt & Emma's Wedding

Image by Milkbottle Photography


Too cute!!

I am hoping to get my crochet on today, how about you?

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday XOXO Lou



2 thoughts on “My Latest Craft Projects. Sunday Ramble & Sneak Peek

Yay for being crafty, Mollie Makes and crochet. We are two peas from the same pod. Keep persevering with the crochet blanket- it will be sooo worth it when it’s finished. I love that my handmade blankets are always on the sofa waiting to be snuggled under! xxx

ah thank you Kim, we are indeed. I cannot wait to use my blanket when i finally complete it hehe :-) xxx

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