A Marmalade Making Engagement



Jenna and Nick met dancing and hit it off straight away, heading on holiday together after 2 months. After getting engaged in Thailand they decided to have their engagement shoot in their new home. Combining an important event in their life and making marmalade favours for their wedding guests. Genius.

I so love this fun, relaxed and vibrant shoot.

Thanks so much to the amazing Hannah Millard for sharing her photographs with us today.


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Jenna told me; “We met at a dance class in Clapham just over two years ago. I was there for the dancing, Nick was there to meet… people. We had our first date in Clapham as well, and then managed to fit the next ten dates into a fortnight and go on our first holiday together within two months! Nick proposed last December whilst we were on holiday in Thailand with an enormous plastic ‘diamond’ ring because he knew I wanted to choose one together.”



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“The engagement shoot was great fun. We’d just moved into our new house and thought it would be nice to capture this point of our lives in the shoot – hopefully we’ll still be living there, making marmalade, in twenty years! The marmalade-making was also completely real – we’re planning on having jars for our wedding favours so it seemed a good idea for Hannah to come and visit us whilst we were in the middle of making it. I was amazed that she made what I was sure was our rather grey and very messy kitchen look so vibrant and beautiful!”


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“We’re getting married at the end of April near Maidenhead, in a civil ceremony at Lillibrooke Manor. We’ve not really got a theme or any particularly exciting plans – just having everyone we love together, celebrating, eating, drinking and dancing!”


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Ahhh just perfect! I love this idea for an engagement shoot and how happy do these two look? Thanks so much for sharing guys.

Now i totally want a little family shoot for when we move house, any volunteers?! ;-) hehe XOXO Lou

7 thoughts on “A Marmalade Making Engagement

It’s mad, but I love it! They look so happy :)
I wish I could smell and taste the marmalade…
A fun shoot, and very creative!

What a lovely idea to do an engagement portrait in your home and to still tie it into your wedding day. Love it! Personalising the whole wedding experience, to my mind, is what makes it a really magical day and it’s great to start with the engagement. I’m sure they’ll have a fabulous wedding. Sarah x

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