A Vintage Rockabilly Wedding in Canada



It’s international Saturday, yipppee! This week we are in Toronto, Canada for the fabulous wedding of Alder and Meiron.

Alder and Meiron had an outdoor wedding ceremony, with Alder wearing her grandmother’s beautiful lace dress and had their favourite rockabilly band play at their reception.

I so love the glamour and fun of this wedding, doesn’t Alder look so stunning with her vintage inspired hair and make up… wow.

Thanks so much to Phillipa C. Photography for sharing her images with me via Two Bright Lights, here is what she had to say about the day;

“I had never been so intimidated by a woman’s presence, yet I knew I just had to jump in headlong and do whatever it takes to get her!”-Meiron. Alder & Meiron met through mutual friends at a swing dancing club in Toronto. Once Meiron struck up the courage to ask Alder to ‘go steady’, he played guitar and sang ‘One Woman Man’ by Johnny Horton. Meiron is a guitar builder and hand carves his guitar bodies out of his favourite wood; Alder! On their first anniversary Meiron was playing upright bass in his band, he switched to guitar and sang ‘One Woman Man’ to Alder, then asked her on stage and proposed. On August 12, 2012 the couple were married on Toronto Island at a The Wards Island Clubhouse, built in 1937. For the ceremony they were married under a traditional chuppah and Meiron’s mother made the ketubah, a traditional Jewish wedding document. Alder wore her grandmothers wedding dress, handmade by her great grandmother in Venezuela in 1957. The families came to Toronto from Israel, Texas, and California to be there. They had The Royal Crows, their favourite local rockabilly band play, and husband and wife friends, Ken and Rachel played Elvis’ ‘Blue Moon’ as they walked down the aisle. They have been taking swing dance lessons together since Meiron first asked Alder to dance and she realized she didn’t know how. Music is a huge part of how they met so it was an important part of the wedding as well.”


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Credit where credit is due…

Photographer: Phillipa C. Photography

Caterer: Wards Island Cafe

Event Planner: Nathalie Lavergne

Event Designer: Russet & Empire

Floral Designer: Kay & Young Florist

Musicians: The Royal Crowns

Makeup Artist: Jen Wright Makeup

Officiant: Debbie Gilbert

Event Venue: Wards Island Clubhouse


Oh just amazing, and to finish off the day where their relationship first started? Perfect :-)

Thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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