A Fun Bedtime Seaside Engagement

Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1004


John and Kate were so happy about their engagement they jumped up and down on a bed, on the beach. Amazing.

John and Kate met at university and 10 years later they became an item. While planning their wedding they had an engagement shoot with their photographer. They put a twist on a seaside stroll by creating a bed and having a pillow fight. It really helped them to relax and the result is a beautiful set of images.

Thanks so much to the brilliant Philippa James Photography for sharing her photography with us today.


Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1001


Kate told me; “Myself and John met at university but it took us over 10 years to get together. We’d had a few cheeky snogs but it was only when he moved down to London (and he became my flatmate!) that we realised that it was meant to be! A cold flat, one drunken evening and an episode of Family Guy later and the rest as they say is history.”


Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1003 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1006


“As part of our wedding photography package with the lovely Philippa, we had a pre wedding shoot. We discussed a few options but a beach down the Gower was the obvious choice – that’s where John proposed and where myself and Philippa are both from. Plus it’s gorgeous. Philippa came up with a mad idea of taking a head board and props to the beach and making a bed scene. It sounded awesome, I was in! We had brilliant fun coming up with ideas in the lead up and planning outfits. John even got on board although he did think we were both a bit mad.”

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Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1009 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1015 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1017


“On the day we both turned up with loads of props and outfits ready to hit Oxwich beach. Thankfully the weather was kind and the rain held off. Philippa had already found a spot and made a bed complete with pillows, blankets, side table, lamp, books and even a doll. After some much needed style advice and a few changes we got going.”


Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1019 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1024 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1035 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1038 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1051


“Bearing in mind it was 10am in the morning, we were lying on (and in) a bed on a beach, and there was loads of dog walkers passing by, I couldn’t have been more relaxed or had more fun. And this is coming from someone who hates having her photograph taken. Philippa really puts you at ease but also makes you feel like a film star. We felt like we were some new funky band on an album shoot!”


Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1064 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1066 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1074 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1082 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1085 Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1091


“I thought the point of the shoot was to get used to the camera, which of course it was, but I think the surprise outcome for both of us was how much we loved the photos. They are a lovely, quirky reminder of a brilliantly fun day at quite a poignant time in our lives and they’ll definitely be featured proudly in our (new) house.”


Kate & John Pre-Wedding Shoot-1112


So much fun.

Just you wait for their wedding feature :-) Thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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A seaside engagement is a very unique and romantic setting. I think the pillow fight shoot was the most enjoyable for the happy couple. I was wondering if the idea for the engagement will be used to influence the theme of the wedding? I’m looking forward to seeing more beautiful images of the couples at their wedding

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