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WWW readers Alex and Scott are the sweetest;  “Alex: I am of course a WWW reader! I have read the blog (literally) for years – even before we were engaged *oops*. I love seeing so many real weddings and have taken so much inspiration from other bride’s on the blog! I am so excited to be seeing our own wedding on there too and hope other reader’s find it inspirational! PS: Sorry it is so long! Scott: I can’t say I am but Alex always shows me her favourites – even now after the wedding she has me looking at wedding flowers and weddings she loves on the site – I reckon it’s only a matter of months before she starts planning our vow renewal… Alex: I already have ha!” Don’t  you just love them already?! Their whole report is by them both and it’s just lovely.

Alex and Scott were married at St. Peter’s church in Walworth, Southwark followed by a reception in the church crypt beneath. Alex is a wedding planner at Postscript Events, so you can imagine their wedding was super cool. They wanted their wedding to be personal and filled with love. They Incorporated their love for books, 1950s music, movies, geekiness and good food with a pale pink, grey, cream and black colour scheme and a budget of £4500.

They crafted much of the day themselves, from the reception flowers to the sweetie table. I love Alex’s beautiful bridal look, with a fringe and statement glasses, a tea length dress and those amazing glitter shoes. While Scott went for a grey Burton suit with skinny tie, braces and a comic book badge. Amazing.

Thanks so much to the brilliant Foden Photography for sharing their images with us today.


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Names….Alex and Scott

Wedding Date….Saturday 1st September 2012

The Proposal….Alex: This is a bit of a long story! We had been together for three years when I found a receipt for a jeweller in Scott’s things. Being too nosy for my own good I popped in with a friend to have a look and see what he had bought. Unfortunately the most overly-friendly shop assistant in the world was so excited to present me with my engagement ring to take with me. She was saying that I must be so excited to finally get to wear it and gave it to me all gift wrapped. I was too embarrassed to tell her that I wasn’t meant to know about it so I had to take it home with me! That night I cooked Scott a lovely dinner and suggested we take a late night walk down to the London Southbank so we went down there and stopped by the Oxo tower. It’s such a beautiful place and at night all the trees are lit up with fairy lights. When we got there I asked Scott where he would propose to me, and my poor husband said ‘right here’. So I gave him the ring from my pocket, he got down on one knee (amidst shock and a couple of grumbles at ruining the surprise and my incurable nosiness) and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world.

Scott: The first time I proposed was actually a few months before I bought the ring – Alex had food poisoning and had spent all day being sick in the toilet. I asked her if it would make her feel better if I asked her to marry me but she wasn’t too impressed with that proposal. I would like to say I was surprised that Alex went to have a nosey at the ring but that would be a lie!

The Vision for the day….Alex: We wanted a really personal wedding filled with fun and love and which would really reflect us as a couple. As a wedding planner I am obsessed with details and think that it is so important to have a wedding that is meaningful to you as a couple. We wanted to incorporate all of the things we love from books, 1950s music, movies and good food. I decided on a colour scheme of pale pink, grey, cream and black and wanted to make our day unique and enjoyable for all our friends and family.

Scott: We ended up with a kind of ‘theme’  for our wedding of ‘Things that go better together’ –  that’s what we are.  Oh and we wanted to include comic books and a bit of geekiness too, although Alex doesn’t like to admit it we are BOTH geeks.

The Planning process….Alex: I found it really difficult to plan the wedding, which is surprising considering wedding planning is what I do! I see so many beautiful weddings that I love aspects of and so narrowing my own ideas down to a manageable size and budget was really difficult.

Scott: Not helped by the fact that she kept changing her mind about what she wanted! It was a headache. And Alex is a perfectionist, she doesn’t like delegating so was stressing out when she could have been getting help.

Alex: Well it is hard to hand things over when you’re petrified of it all going wrong! I am a control freak though and I do wish I had asked for more help, particularly with the DIY projects as I didn’t get time to do all of the things I had planned.

Budget…. Alex: Our budget was 4000 pounds and we would have stayed within that if we hadn’t had a few unexpected costs at the very last minute. In total it was closer to 4500.

The Venue…Alex: Our ceremony was at St. Peter’s church in Walworth, Southwark. Our reception was directly underneath the church in the church crypt which has been converted into an events space. We wanted a blank canvas venue and I spent so long trudging around London with two of my bridesmaids trying to find the perfect place only to go downstairs with my mum after church for a coffee and find the perfect place. It was budget friendly too.

Scott: The church is where Alex’s mum and dad got married and we had our daughter christened there too so it was nice to have the ceremony there.

The Dress + Accessories…..Alex: I wore a dress called Linda by Fancy New York which I got from Look Darling. My beautiful headpiece was from Glitzy Secrets and was my favourite buy! I keep getting it out of the box I am dying for another excuse to wear it. I wanted to do the tradition of something old; something new etc so wore a pair of antique diamond studs, a cute pair of knickers with blue bows but completely forgot about the something borrowed until the wedding morning! Luckily one of my bridesmaid’s Anna stepped in and lent me her necklace so I ended up wearing a Star of David necklace for our Christian wedding which was quite funny – I had to keep it tucked into my dress! My sparkly shoes were a complete bargain from the Kurt Gieger sale – I loved them but they were deadly uncomfortable for someone who hates heels like me so I ended up in my converse after the ceremony. The converse were part of my wedding present from Scott! My make-up and the make-up for my bridesmaids was done by Caneen (http://www.caneen.com/) she is amazing and made me feel like a princess!

Scott: They came in very handy on the day those converse even if they weren’t the most trad of wedding presents.

Finding the dress….Alex: I had my heart set on a 1950’s style dress, I love the fashion of that era and am quite short and curvy so preferred a style that didn’t drown me in fabric. I didn’t expect to go for something as plain as the dress I chose though! I had worked with Look Darling on a photo shoot before so knew that they had a large range of 1950s and tea length dresses and so went with my mum and maid of honour on an epic train journey to Liverpool to find my dress. It was a great day and I fell in love with a dress I had originally refused to even try so it was champagne all round on the train ride home!

Groom’s attire…Scott: I wanted to wear a grey suit and went out with my mum and my older brothers who were my best men to search for one. I tried on so many suits they all blurred into one so it was great  to finally find one in Burton that was the right slim cut and comfortable too. It didn’t cost that much either and they had an offer on where if you bought a suit from this particular range you got your shoes included so my plan to  wear my converse was changed to wearing shoes like a normal groom would, I think my mum was happier with that decision too! Alex wanted us in white shirts and I chose braces and a black skinny tie too.  We had badges made up by a seller on etsy from comic book pages so I had one of those on my lapel. The good thing is that I got a brand new suit for less than it would cost to hire a traditional morning suit and I can wear it again.

Alex: I thought he looked so good in his suit –  I’m so used to seeing him in bright t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and converse that it was a real surprise to see him in it! I am just gutted he couldn’t get a waistcoat to match as I got him a pocket watch for his wedding present and he didn’t have anywhere to put it on the day!

The Readings + Music….Alex: We don’t really listen to classical music and to be honest the bridal march just grates on me so I chose ‘Clair de Lune’ by Debussey to walk down the aisle to – it’s such a lovely piece of music and I needed quite a long piece as I had a big bridal party who all had to walk down the aisle to it.

Scott: We chose hymns that we thought everybody would know as we wanted people to actually sing along– ‘love divine all loves excelling’, ‘give me joy in my heart’ and ‘one more step along the world I go’ but it didn’t really work and it sounded horrendous with only a couple of people singing and everyone else just mumbling – it gave us a laugh at the front though as the only person we could hear was the priest!

Alex: It was really important to me to have readings that meant something to us. We asked Scott’s aunt Sarah to choose our first reading for us and she chose I Corinthians 13 which is a really nice biblical reading. My bridesmaid Anna did our second reading, she was so nervous about reading in front of everyone but I was so proud of her because she nailed it! She chose Ecclesiastes 4 (9-12) which has a really lovely sentiment – it’s all about two people being better together than one person alone. And one of my closest friends Carla read ‘This I promise you’ by Mark Twain.

‘I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; I cannot promise riches, wealth or gold; I cannot promise you an easy pathway That leads away from change or growing old.

But I can promise all my heart’s devotion A smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; A love that’s ever true and ever growing; A hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.’

It’s one of my favourite poems ever and I love how it is realistic but romantic at the same time. If we hadn’t had a religious ceremony and had written our own vows this would have been part of mine.

Scott: When we left the church after the ceremony we had ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles but we ran down the aisle so fast all we heard was the first couple of bars!

Beautiful bridesmaids…..Alex: We had a huge bridal party – I had 11 attendants in total which is a crazy big number but I am so close to the girls I chose and wouldn’t have had a wedding without them as part of it! My maid of honour was Kelly, she was a godsend and saved the day by finding me a hairdresser at the last minute after mine went into hospital! My older bridesmaids were Anna and Lauren, my two closest friends from my school days – I’ve known Lauren since primary school and Anna since secondary school and they are the best girls anybody could ask for – they organised a fantastic apartment for us to stay in the night before the wedding and for myself and Scott to have on our wedding night plus lots of lovely surprises too. I also had my gorgeous cousin Rhyanna and four beautiful girls who are like my sisters – Gulasiye, Gulseren, Gonul and Zehra. My flowergirls were scott’s two nieces and our little girl Lily-Rose.

My maid of honour wore a full length black fishtail dress which was really elegant, the older bridesmaids wore black or cream tulle prom dresses from Vera Moda and the flowergirls wore grey tutus and ballet wrap cardigans. I wanted them all to be comfortable and feel like themselves so they chose their own shoes, accessories, hairstyles etc which worked really well and they all looked amazing.

Scott: I had a big group of groomsmen too –  my older brothers who are twins Bobby and Grant were my best men, then for ushers I had my mates Tom, Jamie and Alfie, Alex’s brother Jack. Our pageboys were my younger cousin Joshua, Alex’s godson Bill and my nephew Bobby. They all wore grey suits from Burtons and the older ones had white shirts, pink ties and black braces and the younger ones were in pink shirts and grey ties from BHS.

The Flowers…Alex: The bouquets, buttonholes and main table decorations of flower filled birdcages were created by the amazing Gwenda at the Vintage Floral Design Company – they were absoloutely stunning.

Scott: So much so that they all disappeared at the end of the night!

Alex: Except my bouquet which we took on honeymoon with us and left on Calton Hill in Scotland with a prayer for our grandparents and great grandparents. The idea originally had been to put it on Scott’s grandad’s grave but we didn’t have time.

All of the other flowers we did ourselves. We went to Covent Garden flower market the day before the wedding and with the help of a huge group of family and friends we filled jam jars, mixed vases, teapots, teacups and all sorts of glassware with colourful wild flowers, ranunculus, chrysanthemums and roses.

The Cake…Scott: Where to start?! Alex’s mum and dad ordered us a four tier chocolate cake, a family friend called Michelle made a rich fruit cake and we won some amazing cupcakes and a cutting cake from Bliss Bespoke Cakes (http://www.greatlittlecupcakecompany.com/).

Alex: The cutting cake was an amazing ombre sponge cake in different shades of pink it looked stunning! We completely forgot to cut the cake until the very end of the night so we didn’t get any photos of us doing it.

Scott: we didn’t even get to eat it all afterwards! It all disappeared within about five minutes!

Alex: We had a sweet buffet too – I collect glassware and cake stands and every time I went shopping for the year before the wedding I would add some sweets to my trolley. The day before we went and bought more because I had a horrible feeling we wouldn’t have enough. It turned out when we were setting it up the night before that I had way overbought on the sweets and we ended up with the most epic sweet buffet imaginable – although not one sweet got leftover!

Your Photographer….Alex: Our photographers were Matt and Brenda Foden. We actually won them on a blog called fiftieswedding.com. I love our photos they did a really good job! We also had my friend Carla of Carla Thomas Photography (www.carlathomasphoto.com) who took some shots of the bridal prep as a wedding present for me. I am going to have a boudoir photo shoot with her soon too so I’ll be getting my wedding underwear back out for that!

The Details + Decor….Alex: I am obsessed with details at weddings and I love paper goods so one of the most important aspects of the day for me was our stationery. I found Michelle at Something Kinda Cute (www.somethingkindacute.com) and she designed us the most amazing bespoke stationery suite which was really personalised – from a bookmark shaped save the date, to scrabble pieces, bunting, and she really incorporated our idea of ‘some things are better together’. The stationery carried right through to our order of service which even had a word-search at the back and our table names which were all different things that go well together from ‘fish and chips’ to ‘danny and sandy’.

Scott: We spent the evening before with loads of helpers covering the hall with fairy lights, bunting that Alex and her mum made, tissue paper pom poms and wicker hearts.

Alex: The bunting was a complete labour of love –  there was over 150metres of the stuff! The wicker hearts were a real bargain – they were from Next and cost a few pounds each in the sale – they are now hanging in the house :-). Every night for months I punched heart shapes out of old book pages to use as table confetti, a family friend helped to collect all of the vintage plates and china which we used to serve dinner onto and I used my collection of teacups to hold tea light candles on the tables.

Scott: We met when we both worked at East Street Market in South East London and Alex would pop down the local café to get me teas so our wedding favours were tea bags with personalised labels thanking our guests for coming. And we had a photo-booth too from Booth Mania (http://www.boothmania.org/) it did double prints so people could take a copy away and we had a copy stuck in the guest book which was a great idea. Everybody had so much fun and the queue was huge!

Alex: I love the photobooth – I went in so many times! We also had an original 1950s jukebox which was fantastic. We had face-painting for the kids which proved to be very popular by the same lovely Caneen who did my make up (http://www.caneen.com/). My daughter loved getting a ‘tattoo’ just like what mummy and daddy have!

Scott: Oh and we had an ice cream van too! So everybody got an ice cream after the ceremony. And Alex arrived in a bright yellow VW campervan which her uncle Adam organised for us as a wedding present. They are her favourite vehicles ever so she was thrilled! We had some amazing food too – a really eclectic mix of carribean food with jerk chicken, curried goat, rice and peas and then Turkish food such as stuffed vine leaves and greek salad as well as a big buffet of different foods.

Alex: we specifically chose a venue that allowed us to cater ourselves – it really helped to keep the costs down and we go to share our favourite foods with everyone – although we didn’t get to eat anything!

The Honeymoon….Alex: Our guests were so generous and so many of them gave us contributions to our honeymoon so what started off as a mini-moon of three days in Edinburgh turned into over a week in Scotland. We found a gorgeous Georgian apartment right near Princes Street so we were really central. We visited the castle, climbed Calton Hill and had a great time just walking around enjoying a whole week in each other’s company.

Scott: The best bit was the night time ghost tours with Mercat tours and the tourist bus which took us all around the city with a great guide. It was cheesy and we would never go on one in London but it was actually great fun! We will definitely go back but next time we will be climbing Arthur’s Seat too.

Memorable moments…Alex: Dancing to the Grease medley with Scott –  I think I actually got down on my knees a la John Travolta in the movie! And that amazing feeling when the priest announced us husband and wife! Oh and doing tequila shots together right before the first dance to ‘give us some courage!’

Scott: Definitely our first dance – we danced to ‘Earth Angel’ by The Penguins which is from one of my favourite movies; Back to the Future. Although I do wish we had taken some dance lessons! When we got back to our apartment for the night we ordered a takeaway and sat drinking tea, eating pizza and opening all of our cards.

Alex: That was so nice, to sit reading all of the lovely messages people had left us and looking at our guestbook and the photo-booth images too :-)

Advice for other couples…Scott: If you aren’t a confident dancer get a couple of lessons – I wish we had! Make sure you take some time out with your new wife – we left the party and went for a walk around the church yard to just be alone together, it was one of my favourite parts of the day. Oh and don’t get too drunk – we only had a tequila shot and one other drink each so we were able to stay up talking all night and could remember the whole day!

Alex: Delegate Delegate Delegate! Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to take on too much alone and remember that your husband is there to help you and plan it with you – don’t be a bridezilla and remember that your family and friends all want you to have an amazing day and will be more than happy to help out! P.S: Hiring a wedding planner always helps hehe!


Just amazing, and what a fabulous wedding report too. Thanks so much to Scott and Alex for sharing their beautiful wedding with us today XOXO Lou


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